Monday, December 09, 2013

Youtube's clips to watch for holiday

DOW shot up 200 points on Friday ... rebounded sharply after short correction. So, we do expect KLCI to move higher and firmer this week.

Theme-play : When CPO broken 2500 levels, I bought into plantation counters. I am still buying into them as CPO is moving to 2700 soon. BUY.

Saturday was a nice day ... I organised a gathering with some of my stock-watch members. About 13 of them came and it is nice to meet them in person. We were talking about FKLI/FCPO and Warrant-trading.

Then, some of us had dinner together, sharing experiences. Great time.

Stock-watch group : Some e-mail me(at and I have replied. It is NOT free(small charges only per month). So, I do hope more will join my group to profit well. Newbies and novices are most welcomed.

1. The Deal

2. Inside Job

3. Wolves of Wall Street

4. Lehman Brothers

5. Global Financial Meltdown

6. London Real

7. Rogue Trader

8. The Next Financial Crisis

9. Million Dollar Traders

10. The Pursuit of Happyness

I do have the disc. I will be watching WALL STREET and WALL STREET 2 too.

Will like to collect movies related to stock-markets, trading and more. Those I could not buy the discs, I will burn them ... for keeping purposes.



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