Sunday, December 15, 2013

Stock Watch : SKPetrol

SKPetrol : Breakout RM4.50 last Friday, as KLCI moving in different direction of other markets. Malaysia-boleh!! So ... I was glad as I bought into her call-warrants on Wed. Well, I was in Sepang's beach for holiday!!

We shall check on Friday if SKPetrol could continue to move higher, and take profits when it reversing.

17th Dec : SKPetrol continues to move up ... I am still keeping my call-warrant, SK-cp which closed at new high of 37cents. I grabbed at 32 cents. Some in my stock-watch group sold at 36-37 cents as they bought at 32cents too. Good trade in the making as I bought before SKPetrol breakout last Friday!!

Trade at your own risk.


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