Monday, December 02, 2013

Stock Watch : Airport

KLCI up today ... but the OSK-RHB platform went coo-coo today, and today I was busy.

Airport : Breakout of the RM8.77 today, hitting RM9.20 ... closed at RM9. I have given this about 2 weeks ago to my stock-watch group. It will be good to keep this counter ... breakout, buy?

Now, I like this counter as it is not a retailer counter. Retailer counters are those popular, small counters that either they heard of or those speculative counters where they punt/gamble. This is one of the reason I chosen Airport for those lower risk investors in my group, who have the holding power and liking the uptrend, theme play.

So, as many retailers talking about those XOX or the popular Inari ... we should look out of that. Reminder ... 80% retailers losing money, what are the chances of us winning the punt if we follow the herd?

Do look for strong uptrending counters with strong fundamental to support the trend, and not those riding on hot-balloon which might burst anytime at all ... !! Sustainable up-trend is needed.

Stock-watch : It is first of DEC ... one may join me for a month before decide if one which to continue next year for my stock-watch group. It is to see my trades ... winning and losing trades too.

Cohort-11 : I will be having a short break for X'mas with family, before coming back to plan for my new trading class. Yes, I will resume my trading class for readers ... newbies and novices who wish to learn basic technical-charting and indicators. And how to apply the fundamentals for stock-picking ... with a hope that the newbies-novices have the idea to be an independent trader!! I do still like teaching ... so, I will continue to teach!! Planning in the mid of Jan 2014.

New-year resolution : To share more pointers for learning purposes with my blog readers and also reaching out for more to join my tratles group. Also, I will wish to be trained as a trading-trainer ... so, I need to move ahead.

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