Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stock Watch : AirAsia and AAX

AirAsia : Closed 2.29 ... this is one stock to avoid due to many reasons. One of the main reason could be due to the migrating to Indon ... but again, after a short stint there, they are moving back to ... boleh-land. And even with the news that Tony is back into biz(he has been busy with QPR too) did not help the confidence of investors. The fact that it was taken out of KLCI-index and high-foreign holding ... giving her the 'high risk' tag. Will VMY2014 ... giving  hope, that the sales will increase?

Back to last Dec low level at RM2.25 ... time to get interested?

AAX ; Seeing the big sister dropping, this is one of the bad-performing IPO ... IPO-ed at RM1.25, currently sitting at a dollar support, hitting low 0.985 today. I have been collecting at support, averaging RM1.025 ... but just need to let her go today. Wait for rebound ... see if I could move in again ...

VMY2014 theme play? MAS is not doing any good either.

Perhaps, Airport and Brahims sound better ... uptrend?


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