Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reflections of 2013

505-rally : This is one significant event this year ... I taken this photo with my ipad, sitting in the middle of the stadium ... it was drizzling but many of us braced the rain, and emotionally charged to attend this very important gathering. In GE ... Malaysians lost. From the controversial ink ... to the blackout ... and many more dirty tactics of distributions of MONEY ... to many poor un-educated ones, making them to believe BRIM will help them? Well ... one of the main reason WHY our education system is failing our country, because ... we want those LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN kind of society. We want to 'donate' money and beras/gula to them ... before elections.

It is sickening ... we all realised how bad our country's financial situations and also we all are facing the increase/hike now ... petrol, sugar, electricity ... toll? Anything that gov could get their RAKYAT to pay ... it is a pay-back time. 2015 ... a good April Fool's joke ... we will be slapped with 6% GST. 

Gathering : This is another very significant event ... Merdeka day, I met with some of my old-friends ... some whom I didn't meet for 10-20 years. Wow ... we all are 'grown up'. haha.

Charity-drive : This year ... I am doing it alone, and in smaller scales. Many from my groups donated to my cause ... and I bought three trolleys of these items ... so, I am moving slightly nearer to my goal. Yes, I want to be involve in the charity-network ... and help those helpless. 

There are many events happened to me ... but in July, I took a new step, pulled myself up again from the down-emotion ... to do better than what I am doing ... and focus in things!!

2014 is nearing ... more plans to better what I am doing this year. I will want to improve in my trading, grow the stock-watch group ... the tratles-group and also, back to blogging ... perhaps, activate

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Time for Liverpool's game ... a must win against Spurs.


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