Monday, December 09, 2013

KLCI reaching new high 1840

KLCI closed at NEW HIGH 1841.87

This is a historical day for KLCI ... lets celebrate Malaysia Boleh.

Hibiscus : I was urgently selling off her in the morning ... but it flew off another 10% or more. ouch. Well, I bought last Monday ... and it is a week trade, what else can I asked for?

Hibiscus-wa : Sold far too early at 1.71-1.74 this morning too. At 1.94 plus now ... and I did not chase back. Never chase up a moving wagon ... but, I bought last week Monday before it breakout, ok? Still a very good trade ... after Brahims ... and more.

BStead : Bought last Friday and also the call-warrants BStead-ci(0.18-0.19) ... sold all too early too 0.195-0.200. It went to touched 0.215. One day contra trade ... nice.

SELL : It is time to take profits in my call-warrants and warrant. Yes, tmr ... shooting higher, sell more ... when it is HOT and many retailers moving back into market, SELL.

So many trades done so well in past 1 month .. thanks to the bull-rally. We need to buy into those moving higher if we are trading short-term.

to be continued

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