Tuesday, December 03, 2013

KLCI closed at NEW HIGH 1824

KLCI closed at new high, gapped up ... hit 1840. wow ... the effect of TENAGA. Yes, TENAGA ... after announcing they will hike 15% in our electricity bills ... as if that will translate to 15% gain in its stock-price, it jumped too. I shorted FKLI today as it is crazy. Shooting star shown and we shall watch 1818 as support.

TENAGA closed at RM10.72 ... now, I need to say that those chasing up above RM12 are kinda newbies-ignorants. Only some ignorants aunty-uncle-newbie will rush in the morning to buy above RM12 ... so, now what?? Hold ... buy more at RM11 ... RM 10 ... or wait for gap to be filled at RM9.80??

Note : I taught my group simple common sense technical-charting ... gap-up, loong shooting star with HIGH volume is a SELL. Distributions going on. Never to chase up a counter, even the counter is Tenaga.

But ... Tenaga will always be good in an investor's portfolio. They are one of the heaviest blue-chip.

Visit Malaysia Year 2014(VMY) theme

Malaysian Business (Nov 16-30) : This is a good copy as it speaks about TNB and DRB.

Airport : Well, as I accidentally sold Airport at RM8.75 yesterday(RM8.77 was the new high, so technically ... sell at resistance). Then, I rushed home yesterday to buyback Airport at closing price at RM9 ... due to the breakout. So, today ... it gapped up ... I saw it coming, I queued RM9.49 ... too ambitious? I told that 'live' to my stock-watch group. If they are selling or not, up to them. They got it below RM9, anyway. It hit RM9.45 in the morning ... then I went for lunch ... bank ... back home around 3pm ... it was done. It was done at RM9.58 ... great!! Yes, for newbie info ... we may queue at RM9.49 ... we could be able to sell higher if the buyer 'offering' us higher prices! Great??!!

I will be buying back Airport as they are still talking about VMY 2014 theme. So, shall we check AirAsia or buying AAX? MAS ...?? Avoid MAS la ...

AirAsia : Now ... it was oversold. Can you see the huge volume on 25thNov, down 7cents? Then, selling stops ... consolidating ... inverted-hammer shown ... and now, 2.45 is a resistance and it is back above RM2.45? Great. Time to move in AirAsia.

AAX : This is her sister ... target-prices by most IBs are very high ... 20-30% upside and BUY call. Well ... most of the time we should NOT trust those broker reports, ok? We read the contents, analyse their reasonings ... and try to use our common-sense. Then, use simple charting ... it says ... BUY if AAX going above 1.06, use that as support. Otherwise, if one is buying at current level, we need to cut-loss if it breakdown below RM1. Can?

The choice is ours ... I prefer Airport, and dislike Airlines. Too many factors affecting AirAsia's profits ... and also they are taking huge debt to purchase air-planes. The VERY HIGH foreign-funds holding on AirAsia is another risk. But, we can always trade AirAsia because it is very liquid. Everyday ... someone buying or selling her. Many aunties-uncles like her too. It is a household name, voted the best low-cost airline. blah-blah ... read on.

But, I will consider to trade as AirAsia and AAX are a good tradable counters. Airport is heavier ... and funds buying.

Brahims : Ascending triangle formed ... given in RHB top-30picks with target RM1.41. It is trading at RM1.50 level now. BUY if it breakout the resistance.

Biz : A leading halal in-flight catering company.

So, if we are expecting more tourists flying in to Malaysia ... we may expect the biz to do well, with the VMY2014 theme-play, right?

So ... I have used my precious 1 hour plus to blog. Giving a little info, for my new readers ... and why education in trading is VERY important.

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