Saturday, December 07, 2013

KLCI at NEW high 1827

It is 4.20am ... I slept early just now ...around 11pm+ ... and woke-up to see DOW up at 170 points at the moment. Wow ... we are in another bull-run ahead ...

KLCI closed at NEW high ... 1826.95.

Yesterday, our group had another good trade in Hibiscus and its warrant. Great.

Hibiscus : I bought this one around RM2.08 days ago ... and many followed as it shown ascending triangle. This is a SPAC(just like Sona or Cliq) ... and when suddenly a good news is out, it jumped. To me, good news is a SELL ... and I sold some portions at RM2.15 and RM2.18.

We want to buy before these counters breakout. But, we need to sell ... unless, one trust that they will find some oil? Hmm ... what is the target-price for these kinda counters?

I read that they are going to have F&B kinda SPAC. Hmm ... more and more interesting new items for KLSE-kaki to shop.

I had a very nice dinner(Japanese) with my three aunties today. I am very glad that I could be so proud to be able to treat them nice dinner ... and as my aunt came from Spore, it is a nice time having my 'mothers' around. Yeah ... I was brought up by my aunts.

Why am I so proud and glad? Because I have been financial-tight and poor for most of entire life!! I never could afford to treat them dinners, and also 'shy' away from them. It is kinda embarrassing to be a teacher, as we do not earn much.

Since 7 years ago, the decision to change my financial-mindset has helped me to be where I am today.


Always live below my means. Frugally. Simple. Humble.

Today is Saturday ... I will be meeting some of my stock-watch members. Some travelling from Penang and Johore. Great ... we have been in chat-room for months, it will be great to meet in persons. Hope to remember to take a picture and post it here. Haha.

Perhaps I am too excited about the meeting ... I can't sleep. Haha ... I will be sharing some 'tips' for next year ... my trading ideas and on a topic 'how to trade warrants'. Yes, it is a bull-run ... warrants will be a good leverage play.

Will like to donate few sets to the charity.

Christmas is nearing ...

Back to sleep ... zzz ...


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