Tuesday, December 10, 2013

KLCI at another NEW high

KLCI going for new height these few days. We are hitting high of 1847 today. Overbought and time for correction.

PChem : This is given in RM6.60-RM6.70 levels. Today it is reaching RM7, high at RM715 ... SELL. Thank you.

TM : Broken the resistance RM5.45, which I sold my TM-cy yesterday. ouch. One of my member who bought TM-cy too, sold today at 10cents ... profitting RM4k plus. wow. It is overbought, ok? Chasing today is like .... err ... that is how retailers losing money. TM was given last month at RM5.15 levels. I am glad many bought into her.

So, even heavyweights like PChem or TM could profit so well ... do we need those speculative counters? What ...?? Short-term for high profits? Up to you ...

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