Friday, December 20, 2013

Going south

Good morning ... it is Friday ... the weekend is here. As for me, I am officially on holiday today, and my mom-in-law will be flying in from KK today.

Going south ... Mantin on Sat and Sun. My mom-in-law is an Hakka. So, she will love this one. I am bringing my family there tmr. It is for 'charity' too ... so that will be my first holiday destination. It has always been not important where I go ... but with whom I am going with, as long as people around me, whom I loved ... happy, I will be very glad.

Sunday night is my colleague's wedding. So, I shall be back for that ... I seldom(very) attend wedding dinners as I dislike crowds. But the bride and groom are my good colleague friends(I do not have many colleague-friends, tho). So ... I will be there.

Back to work on Monday, will be having two-three tuition classes.

Going south trip on Tues ... moving to Kulai and staying a night there before spending Xmas day and Boxing day in JB(Legoland, maybe) ... but won't be able to go to Spore(no passport). So, I will plan to meet some of members from JB.

Malacca will be next stop on 27th Dec ... and then, will see if we are staying for two nights.

Will update ... and see if any readers from JB or Malacca to meet up, have a drink and talk about market outlook for 2014?

Some of the stocks that going south ...

AirAsia : Going lower each day ... broken 2.28, next support to check will be 2.12. Could go for technical-rebound but not advisable to buy-hold.

Parkson : Oversold ... at new low everyday ... wat's up?

3A-resource : New low too ...

So, as KLCI moving to new high, many counters are going south. One may check on more counters ... and they are depressing.

So ... making trend our friends, we should be going for strong uptrend counters such as TSH ... for example. It is making a new high now.  Or perhaps Presbhd which I mentioned many of time. How about Hapseng, with strong share buyback to support the counter? What about SKPetrol which I placed so many times here?

Think about it ... cutting losses to those losers ... moving into good counters with strong uptrend is only ... logical?

MyEg : One of the counter which my group been trading few times ... anticipating breakout of RM2.65 ...BUY. Now ... this is a very nice chart ... a waiting for volume to push it above RM2.70 ... soon?

OCK : This was given 2-3 weeks ago before breakout and I hv forgotten about her. Yesterday, one of an experienced(she is good too, many following her call too. haha) bought her around 80cents, some jumped in 81cents ... and it breakout. Some sold 86 cents .... wow. Wat a good catch. I didnt manage to catch her ... but glad that some members profited.

Stock-watch : Those interested to know what my group is trading, do join me before next year as there will be a small increase in fees.

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Ok ... have a nice holiday ...

I am off ... and going south!! Yeah


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