Monday, December 23, 2013

Getting Rich by R.Kiyosaki

As year-end approaching ... more reasons to get motivated, to do better next year ... and to reflect on our 2013 year.

I have been listening to this clip many times ... few times THIS morning. So, I thought of sharing it with my readers here as ... it is VERY important to have the RIGHT mindset if we wish to reach our financial goals.

I read RDPD about 8-9 years ago ... I was a lowly paid lecturer, back in Sabah ... without many tuition, getting married and totally broke. I took those words in his book seriously ... and decided to 'goreng keropok' as that was the nearest I could get into biz ... thru my bro-in-law, selling cooking/baking ingredients. That is how I dared myself to ... FAIL. I knew from day one I will fail ...

selling keropok to shops? Serious? I do everything from the bottom ... goreng, packing, looking for customers ... and selling. I do not even have experiences in speaking to others, but I dedicated ALL my time into the biz ... yes, those words I read ... and buying into more books(financial) changed my .... MINDSET.

How can I afford it? Not thinking of 'I cant afford it'. Yes, our minds open to possibilities ... and our brain will constantly thinking of how to do things better ... and work hard from there.

Watch what I said ... and who I am with.

CHOICE : Be rich, middle-class or be poor.

1. Money is an IDEA

2. Money does not make you rich.



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