Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

Good morning ... it is Friday the 13th ... very scary-leh ... DOW dropped another 100 points. Do expect KLCI to drop further ... perhaps to 1822 support level. Need to sell those non-performing counters, and ride on those strong up-trending counters.

Making decisions

Everyday, we have to make decisions. Every moments, our brain-heart have to decide what to do next.

When I woke up in the morning today, I have to decide to jog this morning or not. It was tiring after the holiday-trips, and I slept off like a log last night. So, today ... my body giving me so many excuses NOT to jog, and I decided not to jog this morning. May be tmr morning, I told myself.

Then, breakfast ... time to decide again. If you have been having bread(bought from the shops) everyday in the morning, applying the usual butter-jam, then making that normal decision is easier ... take those bread and butter!! But, if you are one who take breakfast on the way to office before work, then ... more choices and making decisions may not that 'norm' ...

So, in lives ... we have to make decisions in daily basis ... hourly basis ... or even every minute.

Where to go ... what to do ... and what is next?

SO ... you are in stock markets?? Oh boy ... if you are short-term traders, many more decisions to make. Should I buy-hold or sell? What should I look into? What should I collect more? How much should I buy this-that counters?

All these decisions and more should be PLANNED. Yup, we do not simply buy-sell without planning. In trading, we called it trading plan.

I do find making decisions in stock-market is VERY difficult. We could never really tell which one is a buy today or to sell tmr. It is a matter of choice ... and the more choices we have, I will find it difficult to trigger the shot ... it is a must to plan.Then, we make decisions based on our set-ups ... the criteria/conditions ... and many more of our rules. But, we MUST take decisions.

Never regret with the choices we have made ... remember to reflect back on our plans, and original motives in the trade. Regretting of selling too early(and it shot up much higher) or selling too late(and it dived much lower) ... will not help us in our coming trades. I will rather use my energy-time to plan for next trades rather than regretting.

Make you decisions today. It one is to decide to be in stock-markets, 80% out there are losing money. To think that you are NOT one of them if you are new in markets is ridiculous. Yes, we not always be lucky in trading, right? So ... do decide to LEARN first ... learn for 1-2 years ... market one day will crash down, then that is the moment to be in the markets.

That discipline and decisions is crucially important. It is the best advice I could offer to those new ones. You need someone sincere to guide you. NOT those salesmen selling their software. That few thousands could be saved and use it to LEARN.

I will be conducting a workshop in mid-Jan for those who wish to learn trading using basic charting and LOTS of common sense. Remember, only 20% of those in markets make senses of markets, the rest 80% losers certainly dont know what they are doing. Learn what to do ...

Decide today ... this year. If you wish to be in markets, you can join my group to learn as it is still 'cheap'. Yes, it will not be cheap when 6% GST in and inflation and such in future.

e-mail me at to join my trading-course or my stock-watch group.

Your decision could change your trading results.

The ball is in your court.



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