Friday, December 06, 2013

Dare to DREAM

I do dream to be a good trader, to be known as one of the best around and to coach people about real-trading. This Trading Adventure is my adventure ... where I started from ground-zero, without money ... without knowledge ... without nothing to lose ... as I had NOTHING at all merely 5 years ago.

I dare to dream ... I worked extremely hard to reach my novice level now, a person who are still learning about trading and investing. Everyday is a learning day for me. So, I am going to continue this Trading Adventure ... to show to MYSELF that I dare to face failures, mistakes ... blunders ... bruises ... wounds ... being criticized ... being in fear of being different.

For I ... am ME. I am what I want to be ... a good trader. And, believing in another 3-5 years to come ... another few thousands hours of reading, experiencing ... attending talks, learn from anyone and everyone ...

I will be a great trader, one day.

Cause ... I dare to dream. Push me down, and you will see me shooting higher.

If I ever pause ... feeling defeated ... I know, I just need to slow-down ... rest if I could. Take those criticism as as a steeping stone, for me to be a mature trader ... while all wish to be a good trader, I am moving my dream ... and growing my dream ... pushing myself to limits.

Cause ... I have a dream. I dream to be a trader ... and to teach trading. I am passionate about education and trading. That is my greatest dream ever ... and I know only ME and MYSELF could realise the dream ...

I wont quit ... I wont give up ... for I know, if I dare to dream ... I must push through .. the pains, disappointment ... and obstacles. I am breathing it. I am going to tell the whole world ... that I existed in KLSE ... and being ME ... I will be one of the top around.

I will tell myself everyday ... I will live my dream!!



ck5354 said...

Your dream will come true. Hope that I can be one of those million to give you support.

CP said...

Thanks CK. Appreciate your support.