Friday, December 06, 2013

Brahims and TM

I am extremely tired after classes since 8am ... then tuition classes till 6.30pm, then went to M+ talk with some of my tratles ... and home here, updating my stock-watch groups with my daily trades.

Today ... due to my busy-day, I parked to SELL few in the morning.

TM : Many followed this one ... and I written to the group to SELL at RM5.42. I sold at RM5.38 as I entered at RM5.17-RM5.18 yesterday. Why do I grab TM yesterday morning? Because ... a day before, TM's call-warrants were grabbed at HIGH level, up 100% gap-up Strange ... something fishy ... so, I alerted the group to BUY TM in the morning. SELL today if hit RM5.42. Great.

Brahims : I sold half yesterday at RM1.58 and sold all at RM1.70. So many in my stock-watch bought into her and sold for good profits. Many sold today at RM1.68-RM1.70 ... guess what if you do not sell BUT buying today? Someone in my group 'missed' the trade and asked me in the chat-box if he could buy at RM1.66 today? ouch ... I could only say ... let it go, too sharp, too late. We could buy it back ... and when I am home, I am surprised that it was a very good call to sell at RM1.70. It closed at RM1.64 ... with such a loooong tail doji, it should be down in few days to come ... I will watch to buy back.

TNLogis : I bought at RM1.03 average yesterday, sold RM1.08 and RM1.10. Some of them followed and profit for a short-quick trade.

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