Tuesday, December 31, 2013

KLCI hits NEW high 1882

KLCI incredibly hit a NEW high 1882.2 today ... before closed lower at 1867.



Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Blues

Back to back lost to the blues ... Monday blues today. It is 2am ... and I need to rest. Tho I am not working, I do still have two tuition classes scheduled ... and I will be monitoring markets after few days on holiday.

DynaQuest : Went through those ratings given by the publisher. The highest rank(fundamentally) is 10 ... and it is AEON.

AEON : Currently at RM14 ... I have posted this for my stock-watch group to buy. Trade at your own risk.

Time to zzzz


Sunday, December 29, 2013

RM12k per month ... not enough?

When even RM12,000 a month isn’t enough to get by in M'sia

by MI Team

How much does it take to have a decent life in Malaysia? That has been the top question in the country in the past few years and a greater concern in 2014 as electricity rates and transport costs go up and subsidies go down.

While Putrajaya talks up proposals to help the people mitigate rising prices with cost of living labs and possibly even more targeted subsidies, most Malaysians are looking at the prospect of expenditure exceeding their monthly salaries.

One of them is Caroline Wong, who believes her combined household income of RM12,000 is not enough to sustain a living in Penang, famed for its beaches as much as it electronics manufacturing sector.

TEH : Enlighten me please ... how many percent of MALAYSIANS earning more than RM10k again?

The 34-year-old clerk lives with her husband, a sales manager and their young daughter are starting to feel the pinch despite earning an income that was once sufficient to live comfortably.

“We are always eating in at home now and we can no longer afford to buy goods like branded clothing,” Wong told The Malaysian Insider in Penang's capital city George Town.

TEH : Food is in our main expenses list. Eating at home is part of our lives. It is healthier than way too. But, I do spend some money into dining and nice food ... so, my main expenses is on FOOD. Branded clothing? Hmm ... this is too much for normal wage-earners like me. We could not afford any so-called branded items. Yes, I am doing quite good now(financially) ... but still way below that RM12k earners, so I do not see the logic in buying into branded items. I have changed my very frugal-living(they called it 'kiam-siap') ... and allowed some buying into some 'branded' shoes ... during 'cheap-sales'. I bought a 50% slashed Adidas jogging shoe(for me and wife) ... few more items, but with 50-70% discount.

According to Wong, every month the couple have to fork out RM4,000 for the house and car, RM1,500 on food and another RM1,500 on daycare, baby food and milk for their child.

TEH : Houses and car costing me RM2,200 monthly. For my girl's kiddie ... they have increased the fees to RM350 next year. Food, toys and etc for kids should be around another RM250 easily. Food should be around RM1.5k too.

On top of that, there is RM750 on insurance and a family medical card, RM700 on petrol, RM600 on phone bills, WiFi and broadband, RM120 on Astro, RM140 on water and electricity bills and RM110 on a weekly housekeeper.

TEH : I am under-insured. Costing me about RM500 per month on these, I will cover my family more when I am not so financially-tight. Petrol is RM250, RM350 for unifi, broadband and phones. No Astro for me ... RM150 for water-electricity bills, RM200 for weekly housekeeper. I do spend on newspaper/magz /book ....around RM150. That is mine.

“We put aside RM500 every month for road tax and car insurance. Come May next year, we will have to spend another RM1,500 a month on our second child when it arrives,” Wong said.

TEH : Road tax and car insurance is around RM1k per year, for my Proton. So, I shall say around RM100 per month then. I have two young kids, will not have third one as I could not afford. 

Her tale is just one of many who are living in Penang, the country’s most expensive city.

TEH : Perhaps ... move out of Penang City ... to smaller place in "pak-hai'?

Time for me to trim more of my expenses ... remain as frugal as I could.

A good article to remind me ... that even if I ever earn RM12k, it will not be enough if I do not remain content and humble.

Time to nap zzz


The Magic of Thinking Big

Good morning ... glad to be home after days of driving from KL to JB and back.

Back to goal setting ... reflection of the year 2013 and what I need to do further in 2014, some continuation ... improvement ...





3. AGE

Spend some time to listen to this clip.

Happy New Year ahead.


Friday, December 27, 2013

KLCI at new high 1861

It is holiday-mood .... but KLCI in bullish mood.

I didnt check much on market these few days as I am travelling ... and at Malacca tonight.

KLCI at 1860 level now ... 1900 is within reach? Thought they are saying 2014, markets will collapse? Or ... is it a bull-running year?

Still ... happy new year ahead.


Monday, December 23, 2013

Getting Rich by R.Kiyosaki

As year-end approaching ... more reasons to get motivated, to do better next year ... and to reflect on our 2013 year.

I have been listening to this clip many times ... few times THIS morning. So, I thought of sharing it with my readers here as ... it is VERY important to have the RIGHT mindset if we wish to reach our financial goals.

I read RDPD about 8-9 years ago ... I was a lowly paid lecturer, back in Sabah ... without many tuition, getting married and totally broke. I took those words in his book seriously ... and decided to 'goreng keropok' as that was the nearest I could get into biz ... thru my bro-in-law, selling cooking/baking ingredients. That is how I dared myself to ... FAIL. I knew from day one I will fail ...

selling keropok to shops? Serious? I do everything from the bottom ... goreng, packing, looking for customers ... and selling. I do not even have experiences in speaking to others, but I dedicated ALL my time into the biz ... yes, those words I read ... and buying into more books(financial) changed my .... MINDSET.

How can I afford it? Not thinking of 'I cant afford it'. Yes, our minds open to possibilities ... and our brain will constantly thinking of how to do things better ... and work hard from there.

Watch what I said ... and who I am with.

CHOICE : Be rich, middle-class or be poor.

1. Money is an IDEA

2. Money does not make you rich.



10 things rich people do

Taken from :

ARE rich people just good with money or is there something a little deeper underpinning their success?

Most people would agree that certain lifestyle choices and daily habits are as valuable in the quest for wealth as a sound understanding of finances.

On the flipside, there's a bunch of stuff you should never, ever do if financial security is one of your main goals.

Two American wealth gurus have combined these two ideas into an excellent list this week.

What happened was, wealth guru Tom Corley wrote a list of 10 rich habits that will make you rich, followed by 18 poverty habits that are keeping you poor. You can read it here.

Then along came another wealth guru, Dave Ramsey, who helpfully condensed Corley's ideas into a 20-point list of his own. You can read that list here.

For your sake, we've boiled this thing down even further. Here are 10 things which rich people do and poor people don't. And as we've already said, these things have nothing to do with money.


Corley undertook his own research on the habits of rich people and poor people - by interviewing real people - and he found that 70 per cent of wealthy people eat less than 300 junk food calories each day. By contrast, 97 per cent of poor people eat more than 300 junk food calories per day.


Are you the sort of person who blurts out every thought on their mind? Stop it. It's not making you seem bold or cool or visionary or anything, but is in fact labelling you as dangerous, potentially treasonous and definitely not the sort of person who will ear promotions. Corley found that 11.6 per cent of wealthy people say what's on their mind, compared to a whopping 69 per cent of poor people.


Eighty per cent of wealthy people are focused on accomplishing some single goal, compared to just 12 per cent of poor people. And wealthy people are four times as likely to write down their goals as poor people. Corley has some great stuff on his blog about the difference between a wish and a goal.


Well, you know what they say about healthy body, healthy mind. According to our American friends, 76 per cent of wealthy people exercise aerobically at least four days a week. Only 23 per cent of poor people do this.


It's almost too simple to be true, but 81 per cent of wealthy people keep a to-do list. Just 19 per cent of poor people do this. Want a good tip? Try an old-fashioned bit of paper. Crossing stuff off with a pen just feels good.


A massive 88 per cent of wealthy people read material which relates to their education or career for at least 30 minutes each day, while just 2 per cent of poor people do likewise. Want to swim in an Olympic Pool of $100 bills? Then stop playing Angry Birds and pick up a book.


Corley found that 80 of rich people make Happy Birthday calls compared to just 11 per cent of poor people. And while we're not suggesting that ringing Grandma will MAKE you rich, this stat does speak to the old adage: "if you want something done, give it to a busy person".


We all know that watching reality TV will turn your brain to eggplant or possibly mashed zucchini. Either way, you are indulging in the number one activity which keeps nobodies from becoming somebodies. Corley found that 67 per cent of wealthy people watch an hour or less of TV each day - and that just 6 per cent watch reality TV. Yes, just 6 per cent, compared to 78 per cent of poor people.


Only 23 per cent of wealthy people gamble, compared to 52 per cent of poor people. Bear in mind these stats pertain to Americans, so the number of gamblers is likely significantly higher here in Australia.


The advice to run your own race isn't contained anywhere in the material published by the American wealth guys this week. But the irony of lists like these is that you'll never get anywhere in life if you follow everything word for word. Take the bits that apply to you, but remember to be a little flexible and do things your way. …


The author of this piece is firmly of the belief that a lot of poor people are simply too busy or disadvantaged one way or another to change their situation. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to pick themselves up. That said, there's a great comment on Dave Ramsey's blog which offers hope to all.

Writes "Poornomore": "I was born poor, raised in poverty and watched my parents die that way. I worked hard, eliminated my bad habits, started doing what the wealthy did. Mostly I stopped blaming others for my lack of wealth. Now I am wealthy, and help others who want to be helped."

will like to add my comment later.

will reflect on these words and see if i m into that direction ...


Merry Christmas

Morning ... market will be quiet ... going for Christmas off ...

Wishing many a merry Christmas as I might not be able to post anything for these few days. I will be travelling south ..

24th : Will be at Kulai

25th-26th : Will be in JB and Iskandar

27th : Malacca

28th : yet to be planned.

Those who wish to meet, do contact me at

I am planning to meet to discuss on some trading-idea for next year, at least 1H2014.

Have nice holiday.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Going south

Good morning ... it is Friday ... the weekend is here. As for me, I am officially on holiday today, and my mom-in-law will be flying in from KK today.

Going south ... Mantin on Sat and Sun. My mom-in-law is an Hakka. So, she will love this one. I am bringing my family there tmr. It is for 'charity' too ... so that will be my first holiday destination. It has always been not important where I go ... but with whom I am going with, as long as people around me, whom I loved ... happy, I will be very glad.

Sunday night is my colleague's wedding. So, I shall be back for that ... I seldom(very) attend wedding dinners as I dislike crowds. But the bride and groom are my good colleague friends(I do not have many colleague-friends, tho). So ... I will be there.

Back to work on Monday, will be having two-three tuition classes.

Going south trip on Tues ... moving to Kulai and staying a night there before spending Xmas day and Boxing day in JB(Legoland, maybe) ... but won't be able to go to Spore(no passport). So, I will plan to meet some of members from JB.

Malacca will be next stop on 27th Dec ... and then, will see if we are staying for two nights.

Will update ... and see if any readers from JB or Malacca to meet up, have a drink and talk about market outlook for 2014?

Some of the stocks that going south ...

AirAsia : Going lower each day ... broken 2.28, next support to check will be 2.12. Could go for technical-rebound but not advisable to buy-hold.

Parkson : Oversold ... at new low everyday ... wat's up?

3A-resource : New low too ...

So, as KLCI moving to new high, many counters are going south. One may check on more counters ... and they are depressing.

So ... making trend our friends, we should be going for strong uptrend counters such as TSH ... for example. It is making a new high now.  Or perhaps Presbhd which I mentioned many of time. How about Hapseng, with strong share buyback to support the counter? What about SKPetrol which I placed so many times here?

Think about it ... cutting losses to those losers ... moving into good counters with strong uptrend is only ... logical?

MyEg : One of the counter which my group been trading few times ... anticipating breakout of RM2.65 ...BUY. Now ... this is a very nice chart ... a waiting for volume to push it above RM2.70 ... soon?

OCK : This was given 2-3 weeks ago before breakout and I hv forgotten about her. Yesterday, one of an experienced(she is good too, many following her call too. haha) bought her around 80cents, some jumped in 81cents ... and it breakout. Some sold 86 cents .... wow. Wat a good catch. I didnt manage to catch her ... but glad that some members profited.

Stock-watch : Those interested to know what my group is trading, do join me before next year as there will be a small increase in fees.

e-mail :

Ok ... have a nice holiday ...

I am off ... and going south!! Yeah


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stock Watch : AirAsia and AAX

AirAsia : Closed 2.29 ... this is one stock to avoid due to many reasons. One of the main reason could be due to the migrating to Indon ... but again, after a short stint there, they are moving back to ... boleh-land. And even with the news that Tony is back into biz(he has been busy with QPR too) did not help the confidence of investors. The fact that it was taken out of KLCI-index and high-foreign holding ... giving her the 'high risk' tag. Will VMY2014 ... giving  hope, that the sales will increase?

Back to last Dec low level at RM2.25 ... time to get interested?

AAX ; Seeing the big sister dropping, this is one of the bad-performing IPO ... IPO-ed at RM1.25, currently sitting at a dollar support, hitting low 0.985 today. I have been collecting at support, averaging RM1.025 ... but just need to let her go today. Wait for rebound ... see if I could move in again ...

VMY2014 theme play? MAS is not doing any good either.

Perhaps, Airport and Brahims sound better ... uptrend?


Gold and Silver

Gold has lost its glitter ... those precious metals investment-gurus or salesmen no longer trying hard to sell those products to many.

One of the product our local banks are selling is those gold-investment book. Some even came out with silver-investment book. Maybank and Public Bank are two major banks having this product for MANY un-informed investors. Many of my colleagues bought into her too ... hmm ... I was asking many why they will open such accounts? Because it is 'safe' and guaranteed by banks? Really ... where are the money gone leh? The banks buying real gold to store OR buying the ETFs?

Check the clip, to understand the pro-con of buying the Silver-account book.

This is gold ETF(traded in US) ... the popular GLD. Now, support at USD118 ... Chinese may like it at this level (118 = yat-yat fatt = prosperous everyday)

As for the silver, one of the ETF is SLV ... support at 18.18, another nice number to buy.

ETFs could be traded online.

Jim Rogers said gold/silver prices will continue to go lower next year. What is your take?

Gold could drop 50% from the peak, 1800 ... so, the level to watch is 900. I will say ... we check 888 ... as that is another nice number.

Market is opening ... we are at new high.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

KLCI closed at NEW high above 1850

KLCI at high 1850.90

DOW up 130 points, yet HSI i red today.

CNOOC : At 14.20 ... good.

HapSeng : At 2.70, new high too.

HapSeng-wa : Hitting RM1 today.

YTLPower : Closed at 1.87, after the huge selldown. I bought at 1.79, and sold today 1.87. I sold YTLPower-ck yesterday and still keeping her wb.

SKPetrol inched higher to RM4.70.

FKLI at 1842, trailing KLCI.

time to rest ... zzz ...


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Stock Watch : SKPetrol

SKPetrol : Breakout RM4.50 last Friday, as KLCI moving in different direction of other markets. Malaysia-boleh!! So ... I was glad as I bought into her call-warrants on Wed. Well, I was in Sepang's beach for holiday!!

We shall check on Friday if SKPetrol could continue to move higher, and take profits when it reversing.

17th Dec : SKPetrol continues to move up ... I am still keeping my call-warrant, SK-cp which closed at new high of 37cents. I grabbed at 32 cents. Some in my stock-watch group sold at 36-37 cents as they bought at 32cents too. Good trade in the making as I bought before SKPetrol breakout last Friday!!

Trade at your own risk.


Reflections of 2013

505-rally : This is one significant event this year ... I taken this photo with my ipad, sitting in the middle of the stadium ... it was drizzling but many of us braced the rain, and emotionally charged to attend this very important gathering. In GE ... Malaysians lost. From the controversial ink ... to the blackout ... and many more dirty tactics of distributions of MONEY ... to many poor un-educated ones, making them to believe BRIM will help them? Well ... one of the main reason WHY our education system is failing our country, because ... we want those LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN kind of society. We want to 'donate' money and beras/gula to them ... before elections.

It is sickening ... we all realised how bad our country's financial situations and also we all are facing the increase/hike now ... petrol, sugar, electricity ... toll? Anything that gov could get their RAKYAT to pay ... it is a pay-back time. 2015 ... a good April Fool's joke ... we will be slapped with 6% GST. 

Gathering : This is another very significant event ... Merdeka day, I met with some of my old-friends ... some whom I didn't meet for 10-20 years. Wow ... we all are 'grown up'. haha.

Charity-drive : This year ... I am doing it alone, and in smaller scales. Many from my groups donated to my cause ... and I bought three trolleys of these items ... so, I am moving slightly nearer to my goal. Yes, I want to be involve in the charity-network ... and help those helpless. 

There are many events happened to me ... but in July, I took a new step, pulled myself up again from the down-emotion ... to do better than what I am doing ... and focus in things!!

2014 is nearing ... more plans to better what I am doing this year. I will want to improve in my trading, grow the stock-watch group ... the tratles-group and also, back to blogging ... perhaps, activate

contact :

Time for Liverpool's game ... a must win against Spurs.


Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

Good morning ... it is Friday the 13th ... very scary-leh ... DOW dropped another 100 points. Do expect KLCI to drop further ... perhaps to 1822 support level. Need to sell those non-performing counters, and ride on those strong up-trending counters.

Making decisions

Everyday, we have to make decisions. Every moments, our brain-heart have to decide what to do next.

When I woke up in the morning today, I have to decide to jog this morning or not. It was tiring after the holiday-trips, and I slept off like a log last night. So, today ... my body giving me so many excuses NOT to jog, and I decided not to jog this morning. May be tmr morning, I told myself.

Then, breakfast ... time to decide again. If you have been having bread(bought from the shops) everyday in the morning, applying the usual butter-jam, then making that normal decision is easier ... take those bread and butter!! But, if you are one who take breakfast on the way to office before work, then ... more choices and making decisions may not that 'norm' ...

So, in lives ... we have to make decisions in daily basis ... hourly basis ... or even every minute.

Where to go ... what to do ... and what is next?

SO ... you are in stock markets?? Oh boy ... if you are short-term traders, many more decisions to make. Should I buy-hold or sell? What should I look into? What should I collect more? How much should I buy this-that counters?

All these decisions and more should be PLANNED. Yup, we do not simply buy-sell without planning. In trading, we called it trading plan.

I do find making decisions in stock-market is VERY difficult. We could never really tell which one is a buy today or to sell tmr. It is a matter of choice ... and the more choices we have, I will find it difficult to trigger the shot ... it is a must to plan.Then, we make decisions based on our set-ups ... the criteria/conditions ... and many more of our rules. But, we MUST take decisions.

Never regret with the choices we have made ... remember to reflect back on our plans, and original motives in the trade. Regretting of selling too early(and it shot up much higher) or selling too late(and it dived much lower) ... will not help us in our coming trades. I will rather use my energy-time to plan for next trades rather than regretting.

Make you decisions today. It one is to decide to be in stock-markets, 80% out there are losing money. To think that you are NOT one of them if you are new in markets is ridiculous. Yes, we not always be lucky in trading, right? So ... do decide to LEARN first ... learn for 1-2 years ... market one day will crash down, then that is the moment to be in the markets.

That discipline and decisions is crucially important. It is the best advice I could offer to those new ones. You need someone sincere to guide you. NOT those salesmen selling their software. That few thousands could be saved and use it to LEARN.

I will be conducting a workshop in mid-Jan for those who wish to learn trading using basic charting and LOTS of common sense. Remember, only 20% of those in markets make senses of markets, the rest 80% losers certainly dont know what they are doing. Learn what to do ...

Decide today ... this year. If you wish to be in markets, you can join my group to learn as it is still 'cheap'. Yes, it will not be cheap when 6% GST in and inflation and such in future.

e-mail me at to join my trading-course or my stock-watch group.

Your decision could change your trading results.

The ball is in your court.



Thursday, December 12, 2013

KLCI down after new high

Yesterday I was in holiday ... just came back to see KLCI down 8points. Good. KLCI is expected to retrace 2-3 days ago ... I short FKLI yesterday at 1840 ... lucky?

TM : Given to all ... SELL 2 days ago ... today can buy back cheaper. Well, i wont grab yet. Wait.

PChem : Also asked my group to SELL 2 days ago ... hope they are discipline enough. Down today. Wait.

SKPetrol : Moving to resistance RM4.50 ... breakout soon?

Brahims : Sky is the limit ...

Hibiscus : Found oil? No limits now ... RM4?

SPSetia : Sharp reversal ... back above RM3 again.

TNLogis : New high ... hurray ...

BIMB : Listing of warrant ... doji-formed. Time to consider?

Time to rest ... back to market tmr.

join me soon at



Tuesday, December 10, 2013

KLCI at another NEW high

KLCI going for new height these few days. We are hitting high of 1847 today. Overbought and time for correction.

PChem : This is given in RM6.60-RM6.70 levels. Today it is reaching RM7, high at RM715 ... SELL. Thank you.

TM : Broken the resistance RM5.45, which I sold my TM-cy yesterday. ouch. One of my member who bought TM-cy too, sold today at 10cents ... profitting RM4k plus. wow. It is overbought, ok? Chasing today is like .... err ... that is how retailers losing money. TM was given last month at RM5.15 levels. I am glad many bought into her.

So, even heavyweights like PChem or TM could profit so well ... do we need those speculative counters? What ...?? Short-term for high profits? Up to you ...

stock-watch group : Do register before Dec 15th.

contact me at :


Monday, December 09, 2013

KLCI reaching new high 1840

KLCI closed at NEW HIGH 1841.87

This is a historical day for KLCI ... lets celebrate Malaysia Boleh.

Hibiscus : I was urgently selling off her in the morning ... but it flew off another 10% or more. ouch. Well, I bought last Monday ... and it is a week trade, what else can I asked for?

Hibiscus-wa : Sold far too early at 1.71-1.74 this morning too. At 1.94 plus now ... and I did not chase back. Never chase up a moving wagon ... but, I bought last week Monday before it breakout, ok? Still a very good trade ... after Brahims ... and more.

BStead : Bought last Friday and also the call-warrants BStead-ci(0.18-0.19) ... sold all too early too 0.195-0.200. It went to touched 0.215. One day contra trade ... nice.

SELL : It is time to take profits in my call-warrants and warrant. Yes, tmr ... shooting higher, sell more ... when it is HOT and many retailers moving back into market, SELL.

So many trades done so well in past 1 month .. thanks to the bull-rally. We need to buy into those moving higher if we are trading short-term.

to be continued

Youtube's clips to watch for holiday

DOW shot up 200 points on Friday ... rebounded sharply after short correction. So, we do expect KLCI to move higher and firmer this week.

Theme-play : When CPO broken 2500 levels, I bought into plantation counters. I am still buying into them as CPO is moving to 2700 soon. BUY.

Saturday was a nice day ... I organised a gathering with some of my stock-watch members. About 13 of them came and it is nice to meet them in person. We were talking about FKLI/FCPO and Warrant-trading.

Then, some of us had dinner together, sharing experiences. Great time.

Stock-watch group : Some e-mail me(at and I have replied. It is NOT free(small charges only per month). So, I do hope more will join my group to profit well. Newbies and novices are most welcomed.

1. The Deal

2. Inside Job

3. Wolves of Wall Street

4. Lehman Brothers

5. Global Financial Meltdown

6. London Real

7. Rogue Trader

8. The Next Financial Crisis

9. Million Dollar Traders

10. The Pursuit of Happyness

I do have the disc. I will be watching WALL STREET and WALL STREET 2 too.

Will like to collect movies related to stock-markets, trading and more. Those I could not buy the discs, I will burn them ... for keeping purposes.



Saturday, December 07, 2013

KLCI at NEW high 1827

It is 4.20am ... I slept early just now ...around 11pm+ ... and woke-up to see DOW up at 170 points at the moment. Wow ... we are in another bull-run ahead ...

KLCI closed at NEW high ... 1826.95.

Yesterday, our group had another good trade in Hibiscus and its warrant. Great.

Hibiscus : I bought this one around RM2.08 days ago ... and many followed as it shown ascending triangle. This is a SPAC(just like Sona or Cliq) ... and when suddenly a good news is out, it jumped. To me, good news is a SELL ... and I sold some portions at RM2.15 and RM2.18.

We want to buy before these counters breakout. But, we need to sell ... unless, one trust that they will find some oil? Hmm ... what is the target-price for these kinda counters?

I read that they are going to have F&B kinda SPAC. Hmm ... more and more interesting new items for KLSE-kaki to shop.

I had a very nice dinner(Japanese) with my three aunties today. I am very glad that I could be so proud to be able to treat them nice dinner ... and as my aunt came from Spore, it is a nice time having my 'mothers' around. Yeah ... I was brought up by my aunts.

Why am I so proud and glad? Because I have been financial-tight and poor for most of entire life!! I never could afford to treat them dinners, and also 'shy' away from them. It is kinda embarrassing to be a teacher, as we do not earn much.

Since 7 years ago, the decision to change my financial-mindset has helped me to be where I am today.


Always live below my means. Frugally. Simple. Humble.

Today is Saturday ... I will be meeting some of my stock-watch members. Some travelling from Penang and Johore. Great ... we have been in chat-room for months, it will be great to meet in persons. Hope to remember to take a picture and post it here. Haha.

Perhaps I am too excited about the meeting ... I can't sleep. Haha ... I will be sharing some 'tips' for next year ... my trading ideas and on a topic 'how to trade warrants'. Yes, it is a bull-run ... warrants will be a good leverage play.

Will like to donate few sets to the charity.

Christmas is nearing ...

Back to sleep ... zzz ...


Friday, December 06, 2013

Dare to DREAM

I do dream to be a good trader, to be known as one of the best around and to coach people about real-trading. This Trading Adventure is my adventure ... where I started from ground-zero, without money ... without knowledge ... without nothing to lose ... as I had NOTHING at all merely 5 years ago.

I dare to dream ... I worked extremely hard to reach my novice level now, a person who are still learning about trading and investing. Everyday is a learning day for me. So, I am going to continue this Trading Adventure ... to show to MYSELF that I dare to face failures, mistakes ... blunders ... bruises ... wounds ... being criticized ... being in fear of being different.

For I ... am ME. I am what I want to be ... a good trader. And, believing in another 3-5 years to come ... another few thousands hours of reading, experiencing ... attending talks, learn from anyone and everyone ...

I will be a great trader, one day.

Cause ... I dare to dream. Push me down, and you will see me shooting higher.

If I ever pause ... feeling defeated ... I know, I just need to slow-down ... rest if I could. Take those criticism as as a steeping stone, for me to be a mature trader ... while all wish to be a good trader, I am moving my dream ... and growing my dream ... pushing myself to limits.

Cause ... I have a dream. I dream to be a trader ... and to teach trading. I am passionate about education and trading. That is my greatest dream ever ... and I know only ME and MYSELF could realise the dream ...

I wont quit ... I wont give up ... for I know, if I dare to dream ... I must push through .. the pains, disappointment ... and obstacles. I am breathing it. I am going to tell the whole world ... that I existed in KLSE ... and being ME ... I will be one of the top around.

I will tell myself everyday ... I will live my dream!!


Brahims and TM

I am extremely tired after classes since 8am ... then tuition classes till 6.30pm, then went to M+ talk with some of my tratles ... and home here, updating my stock-watch groups with my daily trades.

Today ... due to my busy-day, I parked to SELL few in the morning.

TM : Many followed this one ... and I written to the group to SELL at RM5.42. I sold at RM5.38 as I entered at RM5.17-RM5.18 yesterday. Why do I grab TM yesterday morning? Because ... a day before, TM's call-warrants were grabbed at HIGH level, up 100% gap-up Strange ... something fishy ... so, I alerted the group to BUY TM in the morning. SELL today if hit RM5.42. Great.

Brahims : I sold half yesterday at RM1.58 and sold all at RM1.70. So many in my stock-watch bought into her and sold for good profits. Many sold today at RM1.68-RM1.70 ... guess what if you do not sell BUT buying today? Someone in my group 'missed' the trade and asked me in the chat-box if he could buy at RM1.66 today? ouch ... I could only say ... let it go, too sharp, too late. We could buy it back ... and when I am home, I am surprised that it was a very good call to sell at RM1.70. It closed at RM1.64 ... with such a loooong tail doji, it should be down in few days to come ... I will watch to buy back.

TNLogis : I bought at RM1.03 average yesterday, sold RM1.08 and RM1.10. Some of them followed and profit for a short-quick trade.

To know what I am trading ... do join my stock-watch group.

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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Breakout : Brahims

With DOW down 90plus points, KLCI was in green in the morning?? But, it closed 2.39 points lower, not even Tenaga or my TM could support it. Hmm ...

TM : Of all the telcos, I like TM the most ... yesterday, after market closing ... TM shown signs of going to move up ... so, I placed an alert to buy during opening. I grabbed at market price RM5.17. It went to shoot RM5.34, and closed at RM5.30 ... above RM5.28 resistance. I will like to see it at RM5.40+ to sell. The group awaken as many bought TM around RM5.15-RM5.20 ... and many bought the call-warrants too. ouch.

Brahims : This was written yesterday ... and my stock-watch group bought into it at 1.49-1.50 ... it shown strong breakout. Closed at 1.64 ... time to sell to retailers if it jumps again tmr. Why is it breakout? News news news ... read all you wish. Technically, the ascending triangle forming ... I posted Brahim to watch about 1-2 months ago, but waited till two days ago to buy. Being patient is something I am learning ..

TNLogis-wr : The warrant-rights is trading today, close at 17.5cents. One needs to add 20cents to it, and the wa needs to trade above 37.5cents for us to profit. TNLogis-wa will be trading at the beginning of next year. I hope to get it around 10cents?

Benalec : Back to RM1 ... great ... what a technical rebound if we are buying around 90cents. Thought that when everyone in FEAR, it is a BUY?

JTiasa : Closed at RM2.19 ... and it is very low since I met Mr Koon's last month. Time to buy? Will update here or 

Talk : Tomorrow I will be attending a market-talk. Whenever I am 'free' and possible, I will be attending some talks organised by IBs.

stock-watch : It is DEC now ... one more month to new-year. One may join my stock-watch and try for a month(not free). Then, to decide if one wish to join for next year? Next year will be another great year ... I believe.

trading-class : Those who wish to learn basic charting and trading, do contact me too as I am planning to conduct a class in mid-Jan. I hv created a KIV list. Thanks

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Alessio Rastani Predicts A 'Devastating' Financial Crash In 2014

When is stock-market going to crash again? 2014 or 2015? ... or will not?


Tuesday, December 03, 2013

KLCI closed at NEW HIGH 1824

KLCI closed at new high, gapped up ... hit 1840. wow ... the effect of TENAGA. Yes, TENAGA ... after announcing they will hike 15% in our electricity bills ... as if that will translate to 15% gain in its stock-price, it jumped too. I shorted FKLI today as it is crazy. Shooting star shown and we shall watch 1818 as support.

TENAGA closed at RM10.72 ... now, I need to say that those chasing up above RM12 are kinda newbies-ignorants. Only some ignorants aunty-uncle-newbie will rush in the morning to buy above RM12 ... so, now what?? Hold ... buy more at RM11 ... RM 10 ... or wait for gap to be filled at RM9.80??

Note : I taught my group simple common sense technical-charting ... gap-up, loong shooting star with HIGH volume is a SELL. Distributions going on. Never to chase up a counter, even the counter is Tenaga.

But ... Tenaga will always be good in an investor's portfolio. They are one of the heaviest blue-chip.

Visit Malaysia Year 2014(VMY) theme

Malaysian Business (Nov 16-30) : This is a good copy as it speaks about TNB and DRB.

Airport : Well, as I accidentally sold Airport at RM8.75 yesterday(RM8.77 was the new high, so technically ... sell at resistance). Then, I rushed home yesterday to buyback Airport at closing price at RM9 ... due to the breakout. So, today ... it gapped up ... I saw it coming, I queued RM9.49 ... too ambitious? I told that 'live' to my stock-watch group. If they are selling or not, up to them. They got it below RM9, anyway. It hit RM9.45 in the morning ... then I went for lunch ... bank ... back home around 3pm ... it was done. It was done at RM9.58 ... great!! Yes, for newbie info ... we may queue at RM9.49 ... we could be able to sell higher if the buyer 'offering' us higher prices! Great??!!

I will be buying back Airport as they are still talking about VMY 2014 theme. So, shall we check AirAsia or buying AAX? MAS ...?? Avoid MAS la ...

AirAsia : Now ... it was oversold. Can you see the huge volume on 25thNov, down 7cents? Then, selling stops ... consolidating ... inverted-hammer shown ... and now, 2.45 is a resistance and it is back above RM2.45? Great. Time to move in AirAsia.

AAX : This is her sister ... target-prices by most IBs are very high ... 20-30% upside and BUY call. Well ... most of the time we should NOT trust those broker reports, ok? We read the contents, analyse their reasonings ... and try to use our common-sense. Then, use simple charting ... it says ... BUY if AAX going above 1.06, use that as support. Otherwise, if one is buying at current level, we need to cut-loss if it breakdown below RM1. Can?

The choice is ours ... I prefer Airport, and dislike Airlines. Too many factors affecting AirAsia's profits ... and also they are taking huge debt to purchase air-planes. The VERY HIGH foreign-funds holding on AirAsia is another risk. But, we can always trade AirAsia because it is very liquid. Everyday ... someone buying or selling her. Many aunties-uncles like her too. It is a household name, voted the best low-cost airline. blah-blah ... read on.

But, I will consider to trade as AirAsia and AAX are a good tradable counters. Airport is heavier ... and funds buying.

Brahims : Ascending triangle formed ... given in RHB top-30picks with target RM1.41. It is trading at RM1.50 level now. BUY if it breakout the resistance.

Biz : A leading halal in-flight catering company.

So, if we are expecting more tourists flying in to Malaysia ... we may expect the biz to do well, with the VMY2014 theme-play, right?

So ... I have used my precious 1 hour plus to blog. Giving a little info, for my new readers ... and why education in trading is VERY important.

stock-watch : Do join my stock-watch group.

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Monday, December 02, 2013

Stock Watch : Airport

KLCI up today ... but the OSK-RHB platform went coo-coo today, and today I was busy.

Airport : Breakout of the RM8.77 today, hitting RM9.20 ... closed at RM9. I have given this about 2 weeks ago to my stock-watch group. It will be good to keep this counter ... breakout, buy?

Now, I like this counter as it is not a retailer counter. Retailer counters are those popular, small counters that either they heard of or those speculative counters where they punt/gamble. This is one of the reason I chosen Airport for those lower risk investors in my group, who have the holding power and liking the uptrend, theme play.

So, as many retailers talking about those XOX or the popular Inari ... we should look out of that. Reminder ... 80% retailers losing money, what are the chances of us winning the punt if we follow the herd?

Do look for strong uptrending counters with strong fundamental to support the trend, and not those riding on hot-balloon which might burst anytime at all ... !! Sustainable up-trend is needed.

Stock-watch : It is first of DEC ... one may join me for a month before decide if one which to continue next year for my stock-watch group. It is to see my trades ... winning and losing trades too.

Cohort-11 : I will be having a short break for X'mas with family, before coming back to plan for my new trading class. Yes, I will resume my trading class for readers ... newbies and novices who wish to learn basic technical-charting and indicators. And how to apply the fundamentals for stock-picking ... with a hope that the newbies-novices have the idea to be an independent trader!! I do still like teaching ... so, I will continue to teach!! Planning in the mid of Jan 2014.

New-year resolution : To share more pointers for learning purposes with my blog readers and also reaching out for more to join my tratles group. Also, I will wish to be trained as a trading-trainer ... so, I need to move ahead.

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