Monday, November 18, 2013

Waking up early

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

I was never be able to wake up early ... as a normal lazy human, I will have to drag myself out of the comfy of the bed ... to go to school, uni ...and work. Just a few more minutes extra being in bed, escape from facing the grueling punishing world... i will try to give excuses why I should allow myself that extra minutes.

That all changed merely 6 years ago ... when I decided to go into markets : KLSE.

As I knew NOTHING at all about financial-markets, economic-accounting ... starting from ground-zero is difficult. VERY difficult.

So, to find TIME ... I have to force myself to wake up around 4.30am ... listening to some biz-channels while mugging the 'Dynaquest'. As a normal people around, I may know companies such as Astro, AirAsia, MAS ... Maxis, Digi ... and such. Household names .... but I do not know anything else about the financial-part of these companies ... which company giving good dividends, which is highly geared ... who owned the companies ... which are GLC(I don't even know what GLC means back then ... I was really from ground-zero, know what I mean?) etc etc ...

So, the article above is about Waking Up an hour earlier than normally we do. I admit that I no longer wake up at 4.30am ... but around 5.30am now. Not so much to read anymore, yet still much to study or learn.

Do read that(for newbies) ... get motivated and wake up. Do your homework.

Good morning ... it is Monday.


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