Tuesday, November 19, 2013

True Grit

It is listening time ... on how 'talents' is over-rated.


As in trading, they called it 'luck' simply because they are lazy enough to look into possibilities to increase their 'luck'. That is another reason why many going into technical-analysis and hoping to get a system which could catch those huge profits in days.

Without PASSION, many could not last ... without passion in teaching, I would not last to teach Math for 25 years. Without PASSION, I do not think so I could be waking up 4.30am daily to learn from ground-zero, by myself ... a loong winding journey being a newbie in markets, and now a novice(advanced level... whatever, it doesn't matter to me). I do still have about 5years or more for me to reach my 10,000 hours of learning about trading.

No one is interested how we get the skills or struggle to learn at initial stage ... they want results. No one will ask a student how he/she obtained the straight-A ... but the result itself is becoming the ULTIMATE destination. It is a waste that the journey or in my case, my trading adventure is being forgotten ... as I am still venturing into a path where ... I m still struggling to understand about trading/investing.

Now I have my whole groups with me ... many experienced traders, many more are newbies-novices, trying to learn some skills in trading markets. It is simply too huge to learn many aspects about trading in shortest of time? So ... one need to be REALISTIC. Noting that majority of those in markets are losing or lost due to their UNREALISTIC expectations ... of profits. It is out-of-the-world kinda logic ... where a well-educated person could throw out their common sense when it comes to trading or learning to trade better. They want instant results, not realising that it took us at least 4 yrs of Uni to graduate?

Listen to the clip above .. listen to more of such clips to understand HOW we human learn ... and how some are more successful than the majority? It takes time to digest some terms ... it takes us lot of painful time, failures ... to be experienced. It takes tears ... and joy ... hours of monitoring ... days of analysis of our trades, months of reflection for us to grow ...

Growth mindset ... means, we believe we could improve if we hold-on there. Especially when things do not go our way or up to our expectation, and continue to learn.

Grit ... and deliberate practice ... two words sticking in my mind now, reminding me that I have been complacent and need to push myself to achieve my 10, 000 hours. Doing it alone ... focus in things in hand. Making it a reality ... and continue to focus in my own trading adventure.

Hope I could inspire or motivate those newbies ... who are struggling in markets. It is my 6th year now it markets and this blog is more than 5yrs old.

Mix with right people ... positive ones, those who want to see u learning or improving.

THINK (use brain and time)


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