Sunday, November 24, 2013

Stock Analysis : Karyon

Karyon : This stock was asked by a good friend of mine. I am not sure if she bought into it(most likely, otherwise why would anyone ask?).

Resistance at 39cents ... breaking this level, we shall see breakout. Profits been down over recent 3-quarters. It is an ACE market, proposing to be transferred into main market. Well, perhaps that explain why it is uptrending and many retailers talking about it? That reminds me of AMedia ... with similar story.

HIstorical PER, averagely around 7.76 but it is trading around 16.7 PER ... so, I deemed that as over-valued, using PER.

Note : I do understand that we should not use PER as the only valuation indicator for a listed company.

Trade at your own risk. I prefer bigger market-cap counters.


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