Friday, November 22, 2013

Recent warrants-trading

These are currently my few good trading in warrants.

PJdev-wc : Bought 2-3 days ago 0.33-0.335 levels, asking the group to sell 0.355-0.36. Good reports out today, 0.36 is resistance. Sell?

Kulim-wc : One of the good plantation counter with warrants. When it broken RM3.70, many in my stock-watch group followed to buy. I bought at 0.78, but sold 0.84 .. it went down to 0.805 but I was waiting at 0.78 again ... it shot back up ... and I grabbed 0.85 this morning. At 0.86-0.87 now, I think I will whole a while and check if mommy clearing RM3.80 today. It is at 3.83 now, I grabbed mommy at RM3.73 this morning.

IJMPlant-wa : Well ... this is not liquid ... so, not for trading but the warrant is in discount. Take a look. Even the mommy IJMPlant showing ZERO volume ... after it shot up very high that day. I bought at 0.71 .... sold her of at 0.80 ... and now buying back ... cannot trade as no sellers.

HapSeng-wa : In money too ... HapSeng mommy supported by share buyback, been one of my good warrant to trade. Sold partial of it yesterday at 0.85-0.86 but someone in my group sold higher than me today.

Hibicus-wa : A one day trade ... bought 1.47 and lucky to sell her next day at 1.59(the AUZ news out? sell la ... 1.59 is the resistance). It came back down to 1.45, but I missed her as I was focusing in plantation counters ... it shoots up to 1.52 now.

YTLPower-wb : A good warrant, in money(low premium) with expiry 2018? wow ... riding on the recovery of YTLPower, the mommy ... the mommy above RM1.90 now ... and the share buyback continues. YTL-group really going to privatise YTLPower meh?

Of all the warrants given, Hibiscus-wa is the most volatile and risky one. But ... it is in money too.

Note : Trading warrants carry HIGH RISK. Do ask those who know-how.


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