Saturday, November 16, 2013

DOW at new high 15 960

DOW closed at new high but KLCI still below 1800, will be re-testing 1800 soon.

TNLogis : Our group bought into her, some still holding from RM4.50 level, some traded a few times, and the latest late-comers bought at RM5.40 level, which was given again in my stock-watch last Monday. It closed RM5.60, a new high. We believe it will go up higher ... so, buy high and sell higher.

It is overbought, and we should not be chasing it up next week ... as I m selling soon. It is going for a split ... and if it is at RM6, it will be divided by 5 ... becoming RM1.20(cheaper?). The last time I bought a splitting stock was TDM(before split of 5 too).

PChem : Bought into her yesterday, average at RM6.69. Oversold. This was given in my stock-watch as a technical-rebound counter. Watch if it could rebound? Why is it diving in the first place?

Chart-Nexus : I am attending the talk this morning(later) at Mid-valley. I did not have the time to attend any of their meetings but I hope to find some time(since I am 'free' now) to attend one or two. Well, I hope to apply to be part-time trainer or 'speaker' there. Will write in.

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Ok, time to go ... have a nice weekend.


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