Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Buying AT or TA?

AT closed at 0.195, down 18% in a day ... the black candle shown above.  Without any LOGIC, it went doubled ... shot to 40cents high ... where many greedy retailers(newbies-novices or old-timer who never learnt not to gamble-punt) trapped. No way out at 20cents now ... unless some invisible hands want to push it up again. Such get-rich-quick counters will not be in my list and I never want my groups to punt/gamble. Gamblers will not win ... in long run. That is for sure.

Take a look at TA, instead. Well, written in Focus weeks back about it being the only stand-alone broker-house ... and Tony been buying into her, some news on in MGO ... how much would that be? It is everyone guess now, but many are chasing ... I will not chase, missed the breakout of 72cents. by the way, TA does not stands for Technical Analysis here ... but it is Tony-Alicia. Nice name?


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