Sunday, November 10, 2013

A good productive weekend ...

Just came back from Ipoh ...

Friday night ... we had our monthly tratle's meeting ... and coming out with a review of our last month meeting which we stated to members to buy Pensonic around 70cents(to sell at 77-78) and to buy TNLogis around RM4.40 ... both given to my stock-watch group and many who bought into it were very glad with the profits. There are some still holding to TNLogis ... at RM5.25 now. After teh-tarik session, I was back late ... slept around 1am.

It was not a usual Saturday for me ... I was at Putrajaya(PICC) early in the morning for my girl's performance(kinder -5 yr-old) ... then, received a confirmation sms ... from Mr Koon, personally. Excited ... I rushed home to get ready and to drive up to Ipoh ... it was my wife's b-day too.

The meeting was scheduled at 5pm at Ipoh, and I was still at home around 1pm plus ... and I need to go to fetch my son!! Then, I received an SMS from my e-tratle(SH), wanting to car-pool ... up to Ipoh. He is going back to Kampar every weekend, anyway. Well ... a nice man(mid-30s) ... who have just joined my e-learning and my stock-watch group. He is very glad to join me ... only he knew me earlier? haha. Will be posting testimonials by my stock-watch group as many doing very well.

We reached Jelapang around 5pm ... phew ... not late for the meeting. After whole day of rushing and driving, it was a relief for me to be able to stretch my legs. I brought my wife(plus kids) along as I m supposed to celebrate my wife's day ... well, she is very understanding when it comes to my stock-market ... as I always given priority to learning to be a better trader-investor. I have even postponed my tuition for this talk.

And it worth every minutes spent ... no market-talk could be more open and honest as Mr Koon.

I recorded his talk for my keeping and will re-listen to it few times, before I summerise and write what he said about being a good investor!! And I will take heed.

Day-trading : Say NO to day-trading and contra-trade as 90% of those losers doing that.

Fund managers : 76% of them under-perform markets.

Plantation : Buy into plantation counters as their profit margin is very high even CPO at 2,500 level

Constructions : Avoid construction counters as their profit-margins is very low(around 5%)

GLC : Avoid those GLC-linked companies as they have bad managements, inefficient and heavily relying on contracts given by Gov.

Book : Value-growth investing. Do buy it from Amazon.

I will write more about what he mentioned on how to be a good investor. Thanks for such invaluable advices.

Charity : Once you have some extra money, always remember to give-away your 'extras'.

Well, I have high respect on what he is doing ... and I am, in my small scale, been donating some money into some charity-houses. Will be passing the hats around for my Christmas-charity fund ... from my tratles and stock-watch group.

Wife : Behind every successful man, there is a supportive woman.

Quote : Ultimately, in life ... be happy.

It was raining heavily around 7pm as we are ready to go for dinner. Very nice dinner!!

Anyway ... I am very glad to be able to meet Mr Koon in person. I am planning another trip up to meet him personally, getting some advises from such a nice and wise person. Yes, learn from those successful ones.



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mrbullocks said...

Thank you for sharing. You are always honest, frank and straight to the point.
Can roughly only guess which one in the photo was you - since you mentioned you brought your wife along :)
God bless