Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Edge #984 : Highlights

It is Sunday night ... time to stay in my home-office, to read some news related to markets. As I am rather 'free', let me share about The Edge(it cost RM5, weekly magz). I dislike reading it thru online, so I m still glad to have the hard-copy.

Newbies-novices are advised to buy The Edge or the new addition, Focus(by HCK's group). Recently, I have shifted to Focus. Does'nt matter much, both are almost the same. Just BUY one ... for reading and learning purposes. Do not be those losers who will flip thru the who magz in Popular or MPH. I do see many of such cheap-uncles ... who are not willing to spend a RM5 for reading pleasure, and want it free. Such attitudes and characters won't do well in markets. Pay for what worth it ...

Headlines : Front page "The Malaysian Connection", still a hot topic about how the three companies' stock-price tanked. Also, "K&N Kenanga eyeing Indonesia broker" ... thought they are with ECM now? The hot-topic is about those stand-alone broker houses and TA(Tony-Alicia) is becoming the main hot-speculated news ... well, markets need NEWS to speculate ... afterall, OSK-RHB and Affin-Hwang having that marriage in place, right? Who will marry TA? Hmm ...

"Kulim sees opportunity in O&G with Indonesia re-entry". Hmm ... is that a good news for Kulim?

Oriental mulling expansion amidst CPO downturn ... turn to page20 ... read a little about a counter called "Orient"  ... a good FA counter that I do like and traded before. Automotive and related products 45.58%, Property developments and others 15.87%, Plantation 15.1%, Plastic products 11.19%, Hotel and Resorts 7.91% and Financial-Investment 4.36%. It is interesting to know that 43% of the group's net profit derived from plantation division!! They have cash-pile of RM2bil.

A full four-pages of advertisement by I&P Group ... wonder if it will be injected in SPSetia? That was written some time ago?

Page 11 : Frankly Speaking ... talking about the dismissal of two of directors of Benalec. It is the best to avoid Benalec for the time being as such uncertainties might be seeing some sell-down.

XiDeLang ... rights-issue? Cash call for what?? They have such huge cash-pile(most of those China-listed stocks are!!) ... might as well take it private la ... sigh ... these China-counters are big NO-NO to me ... recently written about CSL again ... are these counters under-valued? Heck ... I won't bother to care ... we could not use logic and fundamentals to analyse such counters, but due they are penny-cheap, many goreng-punters like such counters. I do remember I traded MSports and XinQuan before ...  and I will NOT touch any of them anymore.

Caely ... recently shooting so high up ... with the headline "Caely to focus on property sector" ... it is like WOW ... anything related to property the counters will be favoured?? The recent news I read was Salcon. How about Jaks ... they are venturing into property too, right? Another sector investors like is O&G ... and more companies want to be part to the big pie. Hmm ...

PetOne ... ouch ... one lousy counter, political linked and abandoned. So, former Kencana director to take over PetOne?

Uchitech keeps dividend policy of at least 70% of its profits after tax ... a good dividend counter to hold. Good uptrend too.

Another headline (page 28) : "Carlsberg more vulnerable to downtrading than GAB" ... errr ... have not read the page(I am interested with both) ... but guess it is the fear of higher tax and upcoming budget announcement. Avoid.

Lead Story : Unexpected boost for Asean markets ... that is a good news for equity-markets!!

Share buybacks : HapSeng, YTLPower, Parkson continue to buy back their shares ... Insas and MyEg, IGB and P&O too.

Hunza-porperty being highlighted in the warrant page ... if one knows how to trade warrants, it is a good instruments to trade ...

This is a continuation of what I have written yesterday ... and hope I m still motivated to share more. Just as everyone else, I started a total newbie ... and now an advanced-novice, I still have lots to learn from many 'masters' ... and continue to do what I deemed as right.

Hope it will guide a little as I m planning to write more about the 'Learning Corner' in the

Have a nice week ahead.


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