Monday, October 07, 2013

SERSOL : Down the drain

SERSOL : What is the hot-stock to discuss ... none other than ... SERSOL. Err ... dont really know the biz(if any), just know that they allowed goreng-ing in KLSE, otherwise it will be 'boring'. I wrote about Sersol at yesterday ... well, anticipating more selling but I do not expect it to close at 0.395 ... though 0.42 will be severe enough .... ouch, for many punters(newbies getting burnt is OK ... learnt the lesson and promise NOT to punt or listen to noises ... but old-punters getting burnt into this must be ... err ... desperately greedy). INI KALI-la ... yelled someone who bought into her. ouch.

KLCI did rebound ... but not much of strength to sustain and we are seeing jittery all over global markets as US's shutdown hitting into days now ... the DOW future pointing to 100 plus points lower, which should do well for my short-positioning. We shall see how long KLCI could maintain at 1770 levels ....before giving way.

UMW : Glad that it closed in green ... 11.88 now. I hv written in my that I bought into her last week. By the way, they are only giving 1000units for the O&G. Hmm ... will sell her off for profits. Well, I will not apply its IPO but I do think it is worth a try.

GHLSys : Went crazy today ... as we in stock-watch bought around 0.45, selling at 0.52 this morning was ... err ... supposed to be good. We bought last week ... then suddenly, it was suspended(wonder why?) ... it closed at 60cents. ouch.

HuaYang : Going to give bonus again ... mid-month ex-bonus, 1 for 3. BUY.

ok ... time to rest.


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