Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Market talks

I will be attending more market-talks this week onwards as I will be 'free' till DEC. Will also attend chart-nexus member meetings next week. 

You need 3 things to happen all at the same time, in order to have a financial crisis. Last week I mentioned to you what one of these elements are: margin debt going sky high. But there are 2 more... 

In tonight's LIVE Webinar I will show you why I am expecting all 3 elements to come together in 2014 and how you can profit from the financial crisis that will occur:

Date: Wednesday 16th October

Time: 7:00 PM UK Time (2:00 PM Eastern) --- around 4am Malaysian Time

In this live training webinar you will learn:

The 3 elements of a financial crisis
How to spot the crash before everyone else
A major mistake in the way people look at the markets
Ways to profit from the crisis
The top 5 gold stocks I am waiting to buy.

 Talk soon,


The above is a webinar from US ... by Alessio. He made his name by being controversially 'exposed' how Goldman Sach controlled the financial world(FED too).

Gold-future : This Saturday, I will be free for a gold-future seminar. It will be interesting to learn and to know how to trade gold. We could go long-short on the directions of Gold.


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