Sunday, September 01, 2013

Friends and Happiness

It is 4.30am ... what a Merdeka day for me and few of my old-friends as we gathered to meet ... with some I did not meet for more than ... 25 years?! Wow ... what a feeling!!

There are many events happened ... going-on ... as we rushed through our busy daily lives. People we met, people we used to know ... some, we may never meet anymore, some given us good lessons ... teaching us to grow wiser ... maturing and adding experiences into our lives. We all are more or else the same ... as we write the chapters in our lives.

Being in mid-40, and since I have changed so-so much ... I have grown to be stronger than I ever thought I could, doing things I never imagine I could do. I have only taken charge of my own life merely 5 years back ... a strong determination to change myself, financially.

We have known many of so-called friends and many more in our social-networks which we could not actually place them in our hearts, as good friends. They are not real friends ... they come and go ... they wont help us when we are down, when we lost ... when we feel that we need someone to her us out. Those are superficial friends .... friends of convenience and friends with mutual benefits? Whatever we called them, we knew it well that ... they are not real friends. They will smile or laugh(artificially) with us, tell good things about us in-front of us but at the back, they will say different things ... and might even be the persons to attack us. These are 'bad' humans that we should get ourselves away.

Anyway, the few hours gathering with many of my old-friends were simply amazing. They were your childhood friends, people who teased you, whom hurt you when you were young, called each other names ... and as we grew older, we could laughed at each other of our silliness ... haha ... confirmed that we have grown together!! That is amazing emotion ...

I read a simple article days ago about being HAPPY. Here is the link to share.

25 Things That Make You Happier

1. Draw pictures of unhealthy food.

2. Be both an optimist and a realist.

3.Get your hands dirty.

4.Become a florist or a gardener.

5.Have sex — with one partner.

6.Spend money on many small pleasures rather than a few big ones.

7.Eat lunch on the beach.

8.Make your bed.

9.Focus on what you're doing right now.

10.Move to Australia.

11.Eat seven servings of fruit and vegetables each day.

12.Maintain a position of power.

13.Master a skill.

14.Seal your worries in an envelope, literally.

15.Surround yourself with happy people.


17.Play with puppies.

18.Smile more (even if it's fake).

19.Live in relatively cool temperatures.

20.List three good things that happened today.

21.Spend money to free up more time.

22.Stop comparing yourself to others.

23.Shorten your commute to work.


25.Listen to upbeat music.

Nice to share.



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