Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

It is Friday 13th ... scary-day ... with KLCI drops about 6 points. KLCI was testing 1774 and if didnt recover later after lunch, we expect it to retrace next week.

I hardly could find the time to slowdown a little ... to enjoy writing my blog ... my thoughts on anything, especially related to markets overall and financial news that I am reading. Seriously, to blog regularly ... I do need time to read, to reflect on the readings ... to think and have my own opinions on the subjects I am interested to write. It is not easy to blog ... it is never easy to get back the momentum once we 'lost' it ... yeah ... I hv lost my FIVE years momentum of blogging ... each single day, without miss ... I will type lines of my thoughts ... sharing some clips I m listening too ... or perhaps, just copied few articles I am reading, for sharing purposes.

Yeah ... I dont know WHEN exactly I lost the 'momentum' in writing ... begin of this year? As I am getting myself too busy ... to even sit still for awhile ... to enjoy some quiet time reading, or listening to songs. I am seeing myself, online ... chatting with my stock-watch-group or tratles-group ... perhaps some watsapps groups, many e-mails(office n personal) ... etc etc ... so many distractions when you turn online!!

Anyway ... my mind and daily-lives is not organised ... but I know I still enjoy blogging, penning my thoughts ... and I seldom re-read what I wrote, yet ... I do enjoy that, at times!! Haha ... wish I could find some time ... and even writing these lines now, I m in a rush ... with another few hours of tuition-classes to start.

Have a nice holiday.

Happy Malaysia Day


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