Thursday, August 08, 2013

My blog is 5 today

It has been 5 years since I last created this BlogSpot ... in 2008, 8th Aug. That was Beijing's Olympic day too ... how could I forget, right?

So, after 5 years of blah-blah ... from a total market novice, to the so-called market 'guru', I am doing well now(thanks). I survived the first 5 years, at least. It is never easy .. in fact, the amount of loads of work needed to be informed and experienced taken huge toll in many newbies/novices. Until they realise that a lot more to be done, they could not understand the difficulties of real trading ... it is not those software or few computers to trade well. It takes much more than tools ... it needs HUMAN brain, our focus and most importantly, our positive outlook in our trading system.

Anyway ... as I crawled out of novices level, I would not place myself as novices anyway. Yes, that was my goal ... 5 years ago.  To be able to get-out-of novice level in 5 years time!! And, finally ... I am no longer a ... novice? Those less than 5 years, less than 5hours per day understanding markets ... I will place them as 'novices'. But ... what is next?

I could teach novices about trading ... and able to engage with those experienced traders about sharing of knowledge!! Yes, sharing of knowledge and experiences is VERY important. The right mindset ... and I created the tratles-group for that purposes. Those who still stay around to benefit the learning ... and trading together to profits, growing from strength to strength. I do not believe in jumping from a group to another ... so, creating my own trading group is definitely right for me.

We do still have many active tratles around .. and with that, we are stronger this year around. I do believe I could only IMPROVE ... and grow from here. I could only improve in my teaching of trading too ... tho I still stick to old-cheap rate. Well, I will increase that too next year or so ... not to be seen as 'cheap is not good'. Somehow, many in markets prefer to pay thousands to learn trading as they have lost more than that!!

Next week workshop ... I will be sharing about 'technical rebound' and 'breakout'. It is open to those interested ... plus few of my cohort-10 tratles. Yes, I will open it to 'public' but one need to contact me( and register first. It will be about what do we see ... FA + TA for technical rebound and how do we check breakout in the making. Interested?

Today ... it is HARI RAYA ... it is 8th Aug 2013. It is my blog's 5th anniversary. Yeah!! I am glad I have made it so far ... and for the coming 5 years, I will grow my another blog ... shifting from this one to .... currently it is a free site, but it wont be free(open for subscriptions) in near future. I will use my time to explain some of my trades I have taken ... and it is very educational. It is certainly better than buying a book ... as I m trading 'live' and recording the trades, with pointers there. So, do pay me a visit there ... while it is still free. Support me by subscribing to it, if it beneficial to you(readers).

It is August ... there is some additions to my stock-watch group. Hope they are benefitting from the stock-pick there, the trading plans placed and take the trades to profit well. The most recent one were Scable and LiiHen ... given before breakout.

By the way, do you believe in dreams? I do ... I dreamt of LiiHen ... it was 3am morning, I woke up, typed in my facebook for my stock-watch group to see. LiiHen was at RM1.61 then ... I followed closely ... waiting for breakout of RM1.75 ... and it did. Wow ... grabbed at RM1.75, sold 1.84 ... and will trade her again.

Another also in my dream-list is not moving ... yet!! If u don't believe, you may join my group to check. haha ... dreams do come true? instinct? intuition? foresight?

I do still have 3 classes today ... and will be working tmr too. Saturday I will be travelling down to Melaka ... hope to see some of members there!!

Have a nice weekend.



travis said...

your blog is simply entertaining. im glad i found your blog while browsing through i3 portal. your use of language is simple yet attentive enough to make me read the entire post. KUDOS and keep up the good work Teh! may you find much prosperity and wealth in trading!

travis said...

i really love your blog. im glad that i stumbled upon your blog while browsing through i3 portal. your post on your trades are informative and simple enough for newbies to understand. but what i love most is your personal experiences when you were in financial distress. your stories are uplifting and motivational. kudos and keep up the good work! please continue blogging :)