Monday, August 19, 2013

KLCI recovering from morning sell-down

KLCI dived this morning ... I was busy queue-ing to buy ... but most of my queues are too low and nothing done. It recovered all the way up, still down only 2-3 points. wow ... KLSE-boleh syndrome.

3-M counters

MyEg : This morning ... it shot up and my queue at RM2.09 done. Again, I do not know if I sold too early as I bought at RM1.97(many followed too). If they wish to keep, up to them.

MAS : Crazy fella ... jumped to 40cents due to Dr M statement in The Star. I bought at 31cents, before the 'jump' and happy to sell at 34cents. Sold too early again ... MAS boleh, Dr M ... sure boleh.

Malton : Moving up to 0.93 now ... nice. Will sell when others chasing.

Got to go for a class.


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