Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Merdeka Day

Jalur Gemilang ... our flag. I used to be proud to display the flag(s) on my bike ... or my working desk. It has been few years I did not do such ... the feeling is no longer there. We are NOT free ... not MERDEKA ... to sincerely place our emotions ... of patriotism!!

Tanah tumpahnya darahku,
Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju,
 Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita selamat bertakhta,
 Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan.
Raja kita selamat bertakhta

We used to be so proud, standing still singing aloud this simple song, but built in our heart. Yes, the love of our beloved country ... but after 30-years of murdering our patriotism spirit by our leaders, we are all down. They will not step down, and will continue to hold-on to the power .... to control the RAKYAT, the citizens ... adding more immigrants, and in order to win elections, our Malaysia's leaders will DO ANYTHING at all cost. Sigh ... reminding me of recent May election.

Anyway, I am still very proud to be a Malaysian. I am Malaysian first, then Chinese. My Malay is better than my Chinese, you see. I will be seeing 14 of my old-friends ... some I have not met for about 30 years?! Wow ... a great way to celebrate MERDEKA day


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Final-ultimate selldown?


KLCI was at critical level, 200MA and pyscho level 1700 yesterday ... great fall ... in less than 2 weeks ... 100 points ... great ... and if we think that is the last-leg ... check this morning diving ... another 40 points down. Anyone buying?

It managed to rebound and I will write more at later ...


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Final sell-down leg?

I am too tired to write ... but cheap sales is everywhere. AirAsia down 8% today.

buy at your own risk.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another sell-down day ...

KLCI down 25 points at the moment ... what a great sell-down, with Maybank and CIMB lead the way ... down by more than 3% each. HongLeong is following too. Will write more in my (no registrations needed, as I have not polished it well enough to charge subscription yet ... so, it will be free for sharing. No worry).

KLCI down 9.88 points yesterday!!

MyEg back to 1.98, glad to sell it yesterday. E&O ... hitting resistance RM2.25, asking a person to sell his E&O last Saturday ... don't know if he done that, to take profits. Otherwise, now going lower than cost price?

MAS : Being gorenged ... one moment old-man TDM said take-private MAS la(like this is HIS country, MAS belongs to him .. bailed-out few times, still losing money ... our money ... and still want it 'saved') but the Najib came out to say ... No la ... MAS will be in profit position next year, you give her some time to recover la. LOL ... what a joke, bluffing the whole ignorant Malaysians. We shall pretend to be stupid, leaders. Yes sir.

Ok ... nothing just yet ... when u r in cash positions or buying into boring stocks(which wont go down much even market is diving), nothing to do ... except listening more to LP's songs ...

CIMB ... yeah ... RM7.52


Monday, August 19, 2013

KLCI recovering from morning sell-down

KLCI dived this morning ... I was busy queue-ing to buy ... but most of my queues are too low and nothing done. It recovered all the way up, still down only 2-3 points. wow ... KLSE-boleh syndrome.

3-M counters

MyEg : This morning ... it shot up and my queue at RM2.09 done. Again, I do not know if I sold too early as I bought at RM1.97(many followed too). If they wish to keep, up to them.

MAS : Crazy fella ... jumped to 40cents due to Dr M statement in The Star. I bought at 31cents, before the 'jump' and happy to sell at 34cents. Sold too early again ... MAS boleh, Dr M ... sure boleh.

Malton : Moving up to 0.93 now ... nice. Will sell when others chasing.

Got to go for a class.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

REITS : Recovering?

For IGBReits : do go to

AxReit : Recently, performed an amazing technical rebound of RM3.35 to Rm3.75 ... wow ... now, moving back lower? Do check the candle-stick I have highlighted. DO SELL when you see such candlestick at the top.

Who said candlesticks not important?

haha ... saw this map of ASIA ... haha ...


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday blah-blah

It is Saturday ... I do have two classes in the morning, then ... a short break for lunch, before seeing my new tratles of cohort-10, for the last trading session. I have been with them for a month now. Will check later if any of them taking any good trades.

Many have came to join my simple tratles-trading classes ... many have left the group for another groups, or be at their own ... some may not trade anymore, but many old-timers still with the group where we discuss stock-trading in weekly basis, with a monthly meeting for members.

Anyway ... I do have intention to continue teaching trading as long as I am still needed, the demand is still there ... with my un-conventional ways of teaching trading, using basic charting. Yeah ... I am not those strong believer in charts but charts help in our planning of trades.

Anyway, I will continue to learn trading as there are many other ways of trading in KLSE. Investing is another idea ... for longer time frame, accumulating bullets while we can .... waiting for the sharp dives in stocks or markets. It will come ...

Actually, I have wanted to post in but it is down. Will get that up again, and will continue with some posts on some 'hot' stocks such as KPJ or Instaco? A total different chart.

KSL : There is a write up on her in The Star(by the way, Star is no longer shining as the boycott works, somehow ... the profits down substantially). KSL moving to Klang ... ? Worth checking on her ...

Property counters have been doing well after election ... and many have moved with strong uptrend. Recently, many are retracing ... the fear of property-bubble bursting? Is there a bubble in the first place? Well ... you see, a person earning RM5k could not afford a RM500k house, ok? But, the prices of houses has escalated tremendously ... it is like there are so many rich/well-to-do family in our country!! How could that be? So ... underlying the hike in property prices, many start to believe that there is a bubble in the making. Read The Edge(last week edition) ... one of a good write up about how a person with salary RM5k(majority of us are below that level, ok? Have mercy on us!!), owning a RM500k house is NOT easy ... with RM2200+ going for the housing loans ... and driving a MyVi?

Err ... Malaysian ... staying in RM500k house, with salary RM5k driving a MyVi? C'mon ... give me a break ... our young lecturers earning less than RM3k are driving Toyota, Nissan, Honda and such!! Even if those buying Proton ... they will be driving Persona? So ... please understand that majority of Malaysians salary is BELOW RM5k ... but they are driving a car MORE expensive than MyVi? Hmm ... MyVi will be my next car ... in 5-years time if my Saga fails me, one day.

Car Loans

Well, thanks to our generous governments ... and kind financial institutions, we could afford a car more than 25% of our salary!! Just take 9 years loan ... and low(or no) down-payment ... now, everyone can drive!!

When I first came back to KL, thinking of buying a car is a difficult issue ... financially speaking. But it is a MUST due to terrible transportation systems in our country. And it is not cheap to drive a car ... besides the RM600 per month instalments, the petrol ... tolls ... wear-n-tear maintenance ... parking ... saman ... it is certainly a large expenses in our monthly budget. How many percent are you paying for your car instalments ... of your income?

Assuming I am having RM5k salary(less than that ... and after EPF and tax, it is only around RM4k, ok?) ... RM600 car loans(for 7 years) sounds A LOT. That is around 15% of my salary ... and I remembered it was about 12% of my income back then. Today, I still have 4years to service my car-loan ... tho the fixed RM600 is a small percentage of my current income as our income increases.

I think our car-loan should be below 8% of our income. That is ... if we are earning RM5k per month, we could only afford a RM400 car instalment. Nothing more than that ... a fancy car is a no-no. A car to be used for transportation purposes. Well ... again, thanks to our lenient loan-systems, everyone could afford to take more loans!!

While those financial savvy individuals(living frugally) understand that car is just a vehicle to bring us from point A to B, there are still many(especially those young ones) willingly stretch their loans into 9 years ... and paying about 20% of their salary/income into car-loans.

EPL starting tonight, with Liverpool vs Stock ... I mean, Stoke. Well, will watch the game after so long didn't watch a game, but if they even lose to Stoke tonight, I will not waste my time watching the whole EPL.

Waiting for my tratles now ... resting.

Have a nice weekend.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

KLCI up 10.52 points

Today is a busy selling day for me ... as KLCI up so much ...

Tebrau : This was given at RM1.35-1.37, as I bought into her last week. Today, I managed to sell at 1.45 and some followed to sell too.

Besides Tebrau, I sold few more ... it is a profit-taking day to me. I missed the strong rebound of GenM, was watching at RM4.25 levels.

The three asses

SKPetrol : Dropping further to RM3.70 ... watch. Heavy volumes of selling.

Supermax : Closed at 2.42 ... wow ... what a breakout. So, I punted into a call-warrant.

Sunway : One of the top loser in bullish market. Time to collect?

Got to go ... and happy profit-taking week ahead, as more funds back into KLSE after Raya.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Investor : Cold Eye( 冷眼)

5 Yardsticks to find value

1. ROE
2. Cash Flow & Free Cash Flow
3. PER
4. D/Y
5. NTA

6 steps to Wealth

1. Winning Habits if Successful Investing
2. Back to basic
3. Be Patient
4. A contrarian mind
5. Confident & trust

Note : He is one of the best investors in Malaysia.


Back to norm ...

Monday ... Raya holiday is off ... many itchy hands, coming back to buy into some stocks. KLCI up 5-6points ... to close before lunch.

12th Aug ... mid-of month soon and I have yet to profit much. It is a slow month, may be by month end I could have a few more good trades.

Besides LiiHen breakout, many more breakouts ... BIMB was so strong, Takaful is at sky-limit ... Boilerm going into new high ... GenM too reached RM4.50 before retracing now.

How about those Sona ... and many more punting counters like the popular Instaco, Daya ... Eastland ... Salcon joining the game today. MAS is still actively traded ... some emas there, I guess.

MSC : Dropping 6%, one of the top loser ... to support RM3 now. Buying?


Friday, August 09, 2013

Compound Interest

If you have RM10,000 to invest, where should we place them 'safely'?

Compound interest

1% : it takes 70 times to double. So, if we put it in an investment at 1% interest, it will takes us 70years to double. Inflation is higher than that. So, it is very unwise. But, if it is 70months, that is we are able to increase it by 1% per month, that is great. 70months is about 6years.

2% : it takes 35 times to double. No one will like to place their money in FD if they are giving us 2% per annum, it will takes us 35 years. Placing it per monthly, 35months is a very fast pace of doubling our capitals, about 3years time.

3% : slightly less than 24 times to double our capital. So, this will be my realistic target per month in trading, it will takes me 2 years to double the capital.

4% : slightly less than 18times. Our FD rate is still below 4%, so placing our money safely here will takes us 18years!!

5% : less than 15 times now. Bonds paying 5%?

6% : slightly less than 12 times. So, we could double our EPF around 12 years?

7% : slightly more than 10 years to double. This is where my 10% of my income goes to ... Saving in ASB.

10% : do the math ...

RM10,000 flip two times becoming RM20,000 and that another round of flipping becoming RM40,000.

2^10 is 1024. That is RM10,000 into RM1.024mil.

Dream on, but compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.


RHB's pick

Good morning ... i am free today!!

RHB's pick (taken from Kelvin. thanks)

So, I will do some homework on these ... and since the list being shared, many retailers will be rushing to buy into some of these old-time retailer's fav ... and they will move!! As traders, we want to move with them ... and sell when it is too hot.

The charts will be shared in 

Happy holiday ... I am off.


Thursday, August 08, 2013

My blog is 5 today

It has been 5 years since I last created this BlogSpot ... in 2008, 8th Aug. That was Beijing's Olympic day too ... how could I forget, right?

So, after 5 years of blah-blah ... from a total market novice, to the so-called market 'guru', I am doing well now(thanks). I survived the first 5 years, at least. It is never easy .. in fact, the amount of loads of work needed to be informed and experienced taken huge toll in many newbies/novices. Until they realise that a lot more to be done, they could not understand the difficulties of real trading ... it is not those software or few computers to trade well. It takes much more than tools ... it needs HUMAN brain, our focus and most importantly, our positive outlook in our trading system.

Anyway ... as I crawled out of novices level, I would not place myself as novices anyway. Yes, that was my goal ... 5 years ago.  To be able to get-out-of novice level in 5 years time!! And, finally ... I am no longer a ... novice? Those less than 5 years, less than 5hours per day understanding markets ... I will place them as 'novices'. But ... what is next?

I could teach novices about trading ... and able to engage with those experienced traders about sharing of knowledge!! Yes, sharing of knowledge and experiences is VERY important. The right mindset ... and I created the tratles-group for that purposes. Those who still stay around to benefit the learning ... and trading together to profits, growing from strength to strength. I do not believe in jumping from a group to another ... so, creating my own trading group is definitely right for me.

We do still have many active tratles around .. and with that, we are stronger this year around. I do believe I could only IMPROVE ... and grow from here. I could only improve in my teaching of trading too ... tho I still stick to old-cheap rate. Well, I will increase that too next year or so ... not to be seen as 'cheap is not good'. Somehow, many in markets prefer to pay thousands to learn trading as they have lost more than that!!

Next week workshop ... I will be sharing about 'technical rebound' and 'breakout'. It is open to those interested ... plus few of my cohort-10 tratles. Yes, I will open it to 'public' but one need to contact me( and register first. It will be about what do we see ... FA + TA for technical rebound and how do we check breakout in the making. Interested?

Today ... it is HARI RAYA ... it is 8th Aug 2013. It is my blog's 5th anniversary. Yeah!! I am glad I have made it so far ... and for the coming 5 years, I will grow my another blog ... shifting from this one to .... currently it is a free site, but it wont be free(open for subscriptions) in near future. I will use my time to explain some of my trades I have taken ... and it is very educational. It is certainly better than buying a book ... as I m trading 'live' and recording the trades, with pointers there. So, do pay me a visit there ... while it is still free. Support me by subscribing to it, if it beneficial to you(readers).

It is August ... there is some additions to my stock-watch group. Hope they are benefitting from the stock-pick there, the trading plans placed and take the trades to profit well. The most recent one were Scable and LiiHen ... given before breakout.

By the way, do you believe in dreams? I do ... I dreamt of LiiHen ... it was 3am morning, I woke up, typed in my facebook for my stock-watch group to see. LiiHen was at RM1.61 then ... I followed closely ... waiting for breakout of RM1.75 ... and it did. Wow ... grabbed at RM1.75, sold 1.84 ... and will trade her again.

Another also in my dream-list is not moving ... yet!! If u don't believe, you may join my group to check. haha ... dreams do come true? instinct? intuition? foresight?

I do still have 3 classes today ... and will be working tmr too. Saturday I will be travelling down to Melaka ... hope to see some of members there!!

Have a nice weekend.


Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Nice clips by Samsung


Thanks. At times, advertisements could be meaningful, touching too.

Remind me to check on Petronas's festival-ads.


Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Top 100 companies

by market capitalisation

Taken from The Star --- 5th August 2013


1. Maybank/14.2/6.3
2. PBBank/15.7/2.9
3. CIMB/13.4/3.0

The top three banks --- currently MayBank having a new CEO, and expecting to move higher. CIMB has been sold-down a lot recently and worth a look.

4. Axiata/22.8/5.1
5. Sime/13.8/3.7
6. Maxis/28.7/5.6

The telcos trading at PER 20+, deemed as expensive but the DY is good, for keeping. I do not look into Sime, unless they are listing their plantation arms, which many investors will be interested.

7. PChem /5.1/3.3
8. Tenaga/11.7/2.2
9. PetGas/29.1/2.4
10. Genting/9.2/0.8

To be continued at

Have a nice hari-raya ahead. Wishing all Muslims friends/readers Selamat Hari Raya.

Maaf zahir dan batin.


Sunday, August 04, 2013

Delayed Gratification ...

... shouldn't be forever!

I was reading MyFinance and found this week article is very interestingly written.

Three financial practices mentioned were :

1. exercising delayed gratification
2. committing to intense client education
3. buying low and selling high

So "delayed gratification" often means giving up what is good today for something great in future. His site is at

I first read about this 'delayed gratification' word from a financial-page ... years ago when I was still financially-idiot(still am ... but trying to move out of the crowd). Then, when I started my personal 'financial' journey, I read more financial-related books ... most of them putting it rightly ... many rich people lived frugally and before they were rich/well-to-do, they always practice 'delayed gratification'. So, I have been wanting to be in-control of my emotion of "buying items I do not need, to impress people I dont like" kinda situation. I was very broke ... and slowly realised how 'financially idiotic' I was. Facing to these facts is PAINFUL ...

It has been a good 8 years of delayed gratification!! And, he(the author) sounds the approval bell for me to start spending!! Yeah ... so, i do allow myself simple pleasure ...

1. A Klipsch pc-speaker
2. A 'final' earphone
3. An AKG headphone
4. Ear/head phone amplifier
5. An Panasonic home theater system

So, all the items I bought for the past one year are related to listening to songs/music!! I do allow myself to buy some books which not related to financial. These simple pleasure ... could motivate me to work harder. I do not need anything much else ... except the TIME to enjoy my simple interests : Listening to songs and reading.

What does delayed gratification means to me?

It just means that ... if you longed to have an item --- somehow, humans have the attachments to items/gadgets ... and luckily, I am still believe in non-attachment living ... you PLAN to purchase it much later --- opposing to instant gratification ... buy it using our bonus, our salary or recent extras ... worst point could be buy with a borrowed money --- we are still in debt, but we used the credit-cards to purchase the item!!

So, when we are in debt --- credit-card(s) or personal loans --- we SHOULD refrain from buying ANY items at all ... certainly not those latest gadgets. That is called delayed gratifications to me!! A total NO-NO to buying anything at all till ALL debts are cleared!! Earn extra, work harder ... do something to increase our income while live frugally. PAY off the debt first ... PAY ourselves first(10% of our income should go to SAVING) ... then, say after we have 'successfully' paid off all our debt, our income has increased and our saving grows ... we SHOULD delay further ... say, about 2-3 years .. to check if we are STILL a very discipline person when it comes to money!!

4 years ago ... I came back to KL ... and managed to clear off my credit-card debt ... the first and foremost debt we all SHOULD clear. It is a legalised tai-yee-long(loan shark) where they are charging 15-18%. So, if you still have credit-card balance ... make sure it is cleared(fully) by end of month. So, I m making sure that balance is zero in all my credit-cards. I do still use credit-cards for convenience purposes and for recording our expenses. All these could be found in those financial books, teaching us how to GET OUT OF DEBT.

Delayed gratification ... easier than done. Unless we are determined to be financially free one day ... we will drag it. We will give excuses and excuses why we should be buying or having some items we illed afford.

Delayed Gratification

On the other hand, all millionaires adopt the habit of ‘delayed gratification.’ They have the patience to wait for greater abundance in the future. Whether in business or in investments, you must delay gratification in order to create massive wealth.

People with delayed gratification invest a lot more than they spend. Again, they know that by spending a dollar, they may feel good for an instant, but their future wealth will be destroyed. When it comes to spending money, they are extremely frugal. However when it comes to investing, they do not think twice about writing a check for a few thousands dollars. They know that through patience, that money will multiply into a future fortune.

Millionaires never take shortcuts in business. They always look at giving the best value to their customers, even if it means earning less at present. They know that by building their reputation, it will lead to huge profit streams in the future. I cannot emphasize this value enough because I feel that it is what has really set me apart from all my peers. It is why I earn many more times than most people my age. You see, when I was in college and university, most of my friends spent their holidays partying and having fun. They experienced instant gratification.

Instead of partying, I would spend all my holidays taking up speaking engagements to hone my presentation skills, reading investment books, analyzing company reports and writing chapters of my first book. I knew that by ‘sacrificing’ my immediate enjoyment, the rewards in the future would be tremendous! Sure enough by the time I graduated from University I had streams of passive income from my best-selling book and two businesses that I had set up. I was earning more money than many of my lecturers while many of my friends were struggling to get their first job with their first paycheck.

Frankly, I never felt deprived. I had so much passion for what I was doing that indulging in drinking and idle lounge-lizard chatter just seemed like a huge waste of time. Nor did I miss social companionship. I had a steady, supportive girlfriend (now my wife), and a core of close buddies in these businesses we ran (and had so much fun and profit), while still studying. In fact a couple of them are still working with me today.

Let me give you another example. When it comes to spending money, I am extremely hesitant. Once I saw a mobile phone that I really liked. It was priced at $800. I kept staring at that phone over and over again but eventually walked away. I found it just too painful to part with $800 for a phone. My friends thought I was crazy as I was earning over $1,000 an hour at the time, whenever I spoke. But then again, I knew that the moment I spent that $800, it would be gone!

On the other hand, whenever I go to a bookstore, I think nothing of spending $800 buying a whole series of marketing, business and investment books. In fact, I once spent $12,000 attending an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) training course in the United States, without even thinking twice. Why?

Because I know that if I spend that $12,000, the ideas that I get from those books and seminars, when applied, will generate me millions and so they have! But most people do the exact opposite. They think nothing of squandering $3,000 on a ring but think twice before buying a good book for $30! No wonder they are poor! So, develop the habit of delayed gratification – and spend wisely – and you will see your money multiply.


Enough said. Time for me to look at some charts. Raya around the corner, expecting thin volumes. I will not be trading either (packed my holidays with classes).

Malacca trip : I will be drive down to Malacca and stay a night in the city, on coming Saturday. It will be a holiday trip for my family ...



Thursday, August 01, 2013


KLCI up 6 points ... another very busy morning with classes, resting now ... checking facebook-email while waiting for another 4 hours of classes!!

I was talking to 3 colleagues(R, P and V) while having lunch with them. It is a rare occasion that I took lunch with my colleagues as I am always in the rush. But ... a change is nice. So, our basic topic is our SALARY. Of coz I initiated the conversation ... into financial, rather than wasting time talking about movies or such?

Anyway, we are in the topic of 'coping' with lives with our 'small' salary ... yes, we have to do part-time. We have to give tuitions after working hours. Not all teachers/lecturers giving tuition .. some of them want 'free time', some more well-to-do, some of them not good enough(new and inexperienced).

It is not easy to have family these days ... R is a married Indian lady, sending her only girl to a private school, costing around RM12k per year. The kinder is around RM6k per year. I am sending my girl to the current kinder, costing R4.5k per year. So, we were telling P, who is just married and young at 30. If we are to be "happy enough" with our meagre salary, then ... when we have kid(s), the burden will be too much for us to take. I do not spend money on myself much ... it is for the kids!!

Anyway, the messages we gave the two young ones, P and V, are to SAVE and INVEST when you are young. Do not wait till we have kids ... into late 30s. I am a living example of a 'financially-idiot' lecturer ... just about 7yrs back. If one starts late, expect to work extremely hard to survive ... like me, working from morning till evenings, even during weekends.

Start young ... increase our income. Live as frugal and below our means as possible. Save the extras. And then ... be realistic ... learn to invest.