Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Stock Analysis : UOADev and HuaYang

I bought into these two last Thursday when signals are there ... so, I posted in my stock-watch ... just informing the group I am buying hugely into them. Hope some of them taken positions and profit from that. A good trade is enough to pay for more than half-year fees. Great.

UOADev : Bought on Thu at RM2.26 and RM2.30. Sold hallf last Friday at RM2.39 but the resistance at RM2.45 ... it was a black candle yesterday formed, so I exited all at RM2.38-RM2.39. It touched RM2.43 this morning ... at RM2.40 as I am writing.

HuaYang : Bought at average RM2.80, sold part at RM2.88 done today ... was queueing at RM2.89 last Friday and yesterday. It surged today ... great trade. I do keep another half to sell when it hit my next resistance at RM3.05. Well, I won't be chasing if I m not in positions. Many of times, I bought first ... anticipating a surge to sell. Great.

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cohort-10 : I am planning a trading class for those who wish to learn simple basic technical charting on 20th July and 27th July ... 2.30pm to 5.30pm. It will be a two 3-hours sessions. Yes, it is very 'cheap' and certainly worth the money.

e-stock analysis : This is for those staying 'far away', analysing charts thru online. The existing group is full and I am planning for second group next month(starting AUG 6th). If I have the number I will start ...otherwise, it will only in KIV.

warrant-talk : This Sat talk not getting a good response. Only few asking ... and I m not sure if I will continue the idea to share how to trade warrants. Well, will only decide this thu.

So, if you wish to join my trading group ... contact me at

6.30pm : I have sold all HuaYang at RM3.04 ... many of my tratles sold too but at different levels, the best is RM3.05. Many in my stock-watch group sold for profits too.

Have a nice week ahead.


p/s : My site is under-repair. Soon ... all the analysis here will be shown there. Do note.

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