Saturday, July 06, 2013

Stock Analysis : Malton, MyEG and MRCB

These stocks, the 3M theme were give to my stock-watch.

Malton : By using RSI ... selling is when stocks are overbought, and buy when stocks oversold. I will be selling around 93 cents. More upside seen.

MyEg : Breakout of 1.70 ... it is a breakout-buy ... for short trade. RSI at high level, be quick to get out if RM1.68 cut-loss broken.

MRCB : The chart is nice ... showing strength to move to RM1.65 levels. So, I bought when it moved ahead of 20MA ... but the reducing volumes need to be watched closely for profit-taking.

Note : all my 3M in paper-profits, with Malton the best performer so far. good.

just came back from tratle's meeting ... a good talk today, sharing about Scable-or and upcoming Sunway-or. Also, introducing warrant's trading to some of newbies, with many experienced ones to guide them.

Need to rest after whole day ... and will update the charts. Do check at

e-mail : Will try to reply some enquiries about my trading group --- stock-watch and tratles-group. will only be functions next week ...

night ...


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