Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bull Day

It is 7.30pm ... I am still going to have a class at 8pm. It has been such a loooong day ... feeling tired. Many of times, many asking if I am tired ... of coz I am. Aging ... lack of stamina ... lacking of good sleep ... I am tired.

Next month is the exam month again ... the crazy setting of papers, marking ... invigilation plus new classes. Oh yes, next Sat, I will have my cohort-10 trading-class. That will add into my workloads ... and I do wish to rest ... say, end of August?

KLCI up 12 points and I missed the show today as I m too busy with classes. Tmr will be another very long day till 10pm again. No joke ... it is a daily routine, working from morning till night!!

Axiata and Tenaga pulling KLCI up ... sold off my SKPetrol(cw) in the morning. Glad it was done! But the loser is TM ... trading at RM5.38, touched RM5.36. Wait for??

So, what is coming down sharply? Eastland ... going south. It shot up due to some speculation news to trap greedy retailers ... and can't run today. Puncak is another crazy shooting-up stock that most people will talk about. If we do not wish to ride on such crazy rollercoaster, we could look into some less volatile counters, to trade.

Alright ... time to catch short 10minutes nap ...

Will try to write ... during weekend.

Have a nice weekend ahead.



Remnant 888 said...

Have some fresh carrot juice, neat w/o the sugar and ice,,, it will help...
My trades: TA, Pantech..
Sold Malton last week, relook next week.
Engtek: missed at 110..wait for pullback...
AZ: missed at 99..
KPS: sold from 160 to 188, 140-150 a good range to buy back, in technical sense..
All above fundamentals ok, my opinion only..

Wong Jee foh said...

axiata-cs, waited quite long for it to move, at last (y)
now adjusted to near premium, axiata-cu for long term play?