Wednesday, June 19, 2013

KLCI testing 20MA

Faber : Given when it was below 1.70. At 1.80 now, still awaiting 10cents dividend?

Favco : Breakout of 2.64 yesterday, at 2.94 now. Great trade. RM3 becoming the psycho level, as it is reaching for new blue-sky.

Parkson : Do consider to take profits ... I have exited yesterday and asked my group to do so. Resistance at RM4.08.

The P's : As I have cleared Parkson, PWRoot, Presbhd and Pantech well in my list, but didnt take the trade.

Pharma : I prefer Pharma at the moment, went thru the split, and bonus 1:10. As I bought 2k units average RM10, now I do have 2.2k units, at 5.75 at the moment. I am not trading Pharma, but keeping it and will do dollar-averaging on her ... accumulating. I m thinking of AHealth too. Recently, I do read that YSPSah going to give 6.5cents dividend ... so, might as well collect her too.

MBSB : At 3.15 today ... this is slow, given when it breakout RM3.02. Could it break 3.20?

MRCB : Exited at 1.56, bought when it dived at 1.53, not successfully able to have sharp rebound. Hit 1.58 yesterday but with such bullishness, we only see her hitting 1.57. So, I cleared for a free lunch profit.

UEMLand changed name ... to UEMS. Noted.

Plantations : I like this sector now ... time to accumulate.

my groups

tratles : Many dormant there ... some been not hearing from them since a year ago. So, I have created another group, just for active-tratles ... those still in touch to trade and share. We do stiill have weekly e-meeting to share. Tonight, some of them going to M-security at SS2 for a talk. I registered but I think due to marking, and lack of sleep ... I could not able to attend. Also, I hv an e-meeting with other tratles. Hope they will provide me with information, for discussion purposes.

e-stock-analysis : It is end of June soon ... my e-stock analysis group will be having 'last' e-meeting with me next Monday. Most of them continue ... but some 'dormant' ones and few have cordially stopping after 1-2 years with me!! So, I have 6 spaces left ... those interested to join my weekly, analysing of stocks, through online, do contact me.

stock-watch : Ending June too .. I have added few new members(thanks) and many of them will be continuing with the group for next half-year. Some have been with me since last year. I do appreciate their support, motivating me to search for good trading opportunities. So, those wish to join my group, do contact me as it is open at the moment.

cohort-10 : With only 4 in KIV, I m not sure if I will want to start in July, as I will be re-structuring my focus in things important to me and needing my attention. So, I will still keep these in KIV, only to check if I have at least 6-8 to start.

tratles-net : This page is dormant ... will be re-activate in July, and will need to learn how to blog using the page ... will hope to get used to the new settings and my motivation won't die-off due to some frustrations(with the IT ... and stuff).

forums : I am exiting and leaving most of the forums, groups etc etc. I have my own trading group, which will be my focus and priority. Yes, I feel I m lacking in focus ... so, I need to get out of the noises and re-focus in my own readings and being as independent as possible.

financial-group : I will be sharing some financial pointers with some of my colleagues, enlighten them and seeing them as my potential biz-partners. We need to be very patient with teachers as majority of them DO NOT like to talk about personal finances. Not that they do not want money, ok? They just dislike the facts and myths about money ... just like talking about sex with them. It will be awkward? I don't know if I could have the 'energy' to pull/motivate some of them ... with 20+ added in the group currently, I hope I could reduce it to ... err ... 5 of them? Most of them will give you excuses why they should remain as a financial ignorants ... blah-blah ... well, i could understand well as I WAS one of them, merely 5years ago.

lunch time ... tuition class again, and continue to mark. Determined.

11.40am : KLCI in red ... at 1772, testing 20MA at the moment.

TEH ( ... do not write to

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