Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hazy days ahead

The haze is getting worse ... I have booked and planned for a trip to Malacca but have to cancel the trip due to haze. I drove to Genting instead ... early in the morning, to avoid the jam and large crowds, expected to cramp Genting and few highlands, avoiding the haze.

Genting was ok ... good sunny weather in the morning, misty in the noon ... I left about 4.30pm, when the crowd was so-so huge. Very long queue waiting for the cable-car ... and any games.

Last Friday, some of us tratles have a meeting. Well, there are few stocks being mentioned and shared among us ... to position ourselves for the expected coming events.

Big Caps : As the volatility are expected to continue, buying into lower beta counters is only more logical, for those who could not take the up-down. Buying into blue-chips like Maybank, PBBank, SIME ... perhaps, IOICorp, PPB ... Tenaga, FGV ... those big-caps that in play such as SKPetrol. These were suggested to the group ... if one believe more upside in KLCI, going for these big caps could will do good, without much volatility some could not stomach. Did I missed PChem or TM which I like too? Buy these ... to sleep better. Buy more if any of these dropping 10-20%. Do simple dollar-averaging ... and one should do well(better than Fixed Deposit or Unit Trust)

Blog : Well, I do know I have not been regularly blog as much as I wish ... and I will be back in July. Too many excuses ... hazy is one of the excuse to be used too? haha. To make my blog relevant, I should share some of the trades I have taken or given to my group, winning or losing trades. So ... yes, I am back to my blog here, like it or not :P

Guess after few month of 'chasing away' readers ... it is time to getting in-touch with some loyal-readers and extend the trading-investing networks. Yes, I will be exiting many-many groups added in my facebook and focus only in VERY few good learning forums/groups. And certainly wish to spend my focus in my own groups.

Warrants : Will be doing some work later on these. Opportunities arise.

Have a nice weekend ... and avoiding outdoors activities.


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