Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A trap : Hytexin

HYTEXIN : Moved from 30cents to 70cents ... then start to dive ... and from 30cents to 20cents today.

I could not get myself to sleep ... so, I was looking into some charts ... and one of the great loser today is HYTEXIN ... never heard of the stock, so I do not know the biz/sector. it is interesting to see how they trap many retailers ...

Benalec : Hitting resistance 1.56 ... surprisingly many followed me to buy into her at 1.40 ... many sold at 1.50-1.55 today. Some still holding, and we shall see if there is a breakout. This is one of the two stocks I mentioned recently in one of my few posts. Waiting for another one to fly too ... I never know how many bought into those stocks I recommended. So, I place a simple 'survey' in our group page, and many bought into Benalec.

DOW is down by 100 points, and KLCI last minute was pushed up ... i shorted one before closing.

time to rest ... 2.10am ... another loooong 8 hours of classes later. zzzz


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