Saturday, June 29, 2013

Warrants Talk

Morning ... DOW down by 100+ points. We might see some retracements in KLCI on Monday after such strong movements in short few days. KLCI up 20points yesterday, a last day of June ... as some window-dressing by funds managers.

Warrants : i will be doing some homework on these ... checking on some warrants I will want to trade and also I will be having a 'warrant' talk with my tratles next week.

Basically, we have to check on the expiry date of the warrants ... the premium ... the fundamental of the mother-companies. Then, if some of them satisfied our conditions, we could placed the in a list ... and do some technical analysis on them.

Where can we get the information? Well, the whole list in The-Star paper!! Check them out.

Warrant-talk : As I wont be starting the cohort-10 next Sat ... I might use the time to give a talk on warrant-play. Well, it will be online ... and those interested, do let me know. A small chargers expected but the knowledge shared is certainly worth it. It will only go on IF I could have 10 of them, at least? Planning one at 4pm?

It is less riskier to trade company's warrants rather than call-warrants. Seriously. To know the differences between them is VERY important, for us to make decisions if we are of 'higher' risk takers. To identify them ... Sunway-wa ... WCT-wc or WCT-wd ... these are companies' warrants. And if you see SKPetrol-ck or Maybank-cw ... these are call-warrants.  They are very different ... and I will share more in my warrant-talk?

SKPetro-ck : Gapped up, hit the 20MA resistance ... shooting with gap-up, I will not chase ... it is a sell. SKPetrol with the good news around ... shot-up on Friday and then ...

so, will we expect another gap-up on Monday?

Note : I have sold SKPetrol-ck yesterday ... bought 0.315 a day before, sold 0.345 ... it went to touch 0.36, actually. I have also cleared Maybank-cw ... bought 0.215-0.22 on Thu, sold yesterday at 0.24-0.245. For newbies, learn ... but do not touch these instruments. Risk is very high.

will update on some warrants I am checking later ...

have a nice weekeeeend ahead.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Stock Analysis : MayBank

MayBank : Well supported at 50MA, RM10 ... psycho-level too. At press-time(like a reporter la), it is trading at RM10.40, which is my immediate resistance(so, I sold part of my CW) and checking RM10.50 to sell ... err ... all?

Maybank-cw : This is a call-warrant, given in my stock-watch too as many may say Maybank at RM10 level too expensive ... or lack of funds to buy such heavyweights. So, how do we trade MayBank when we do know it will move? Buying call-warrants!! But the risk is extremely high!!

I bought MayBank-cw at 0.215 ... then bought more yesterday at 0.215 and 0.22. Many in my group jumped in too ... you jump, i jump? Titanic? You sink ... I sink together?

Call-warrants are for trading purposes. Short-punt ... a gambling instrument and one could get badly burnt, if we do not manage well. So, I will take it short ...

As MayBank hitting my RM10.40, KLCI up nicely about 14points ... rebounded strongly for third-day now ... I sold part of my MayBank-cw at 0.24 ... check the chart.

In money : Someone in my stock-watch told me that SinChew written MB-cw is 10% under-valued. So, I have to do simple calculation to explain to him.

Conversion price at RM9. With ratio 5, and cw at 0.24 ... we are paying RM9 + (5 x 0.24) = RM10.20. So, as the mother share of MB at RM10.40 .. we are at a discount of 20cents only. Well, to calculate the premium ... take the 20cents divide with mother's share price at RM10.40 ... multiply by 100%, that is the percentage in-money-ness ... less than 2%. So, when you read newspapers or anywhere ... do make sure that we know how to calculate ... and that will reduce our doubts/fear.

If you could understand WHY Maybanks chart is so nice, that we could confidently buying into its call-warrants ... PLUS ... we know how to calculate those figures, we will buy into it(not merely punt blindly).

MayBank-cy : Very low liquidity but much longer expiry date leh. But this call-warrants, entry at 30cents is doing better than my MB-cw ... at the moment, it is 37cents ... do your math. 30cents to 37cents is like talking about a stock moving from RM3 to RM3.70 is 3 trading days? It was given to my tratles-group when I done some homework on Maybank's call-warrants. Few of our tratles punted into this one.

Subcriptions : Will you pay me a small amount(say RM10?) to write such analysis for you to read? I will also add on the reasons why. If you wish to check on my trades, then you have to join my stock-watch group ... as the blog will only write what I have traded. Not all(I traded many ... bought UOADev yesterday 2.26-2.30, sold half at RM2.39 done today) ... but those trades with LEARNING value ... so, one could read to LEARN ... plus, could place comments to learn(do not comment in i3, please ... I m no longer there for months).

One day, if I hv enough readers, I could do full-time blogging about stock analysis, many could learn and benefit? And I do not need to run from classes to classes ... teaching? Well, I do enjoy my teaching ... even after 23+ years ... but a relax-time blogging here(i m on break now) ... sharing some analysis will be ... a good change? Will you support me to be full-time market-blogger?

Assuming if I privitise it at RM10 per month, and I could attract 50 readers ... that will be RM500 per month of lots of work ... analysis and time to post do take lots of time, mind you. So, I certainly need more than 50-paid subscribers. How about 500 readers ... that will translate to RM5k per month? That is a more reasonable income? Still wonder if there will be any supports? Hmm ...

Perhaps I could try to generate some income from the ads ... but I really dont know how to go about it?

Join my stock-watch ... anyone?


1. If you not go after what you want, you will never have it.

2. If you don't ask , the answer will be no.

3. If you don't step forward, you'll always in the same place.


End of month blah-blah

Friday morning ... last day of the month as July 1st is a Monday, and new time0-table and schedules start. Last day for the first-half-year of my groups --- tratles, stock watch and stock-analysis group. So, those pages will be deleted today. I have created new pages for those continue to be with the respective groups.

While I do still have a full-time job to look into, with my new tuition classes commencing too ... I will place my focus into these three main group of mine, and many of them been with me since last year. To show appreciations ... I will improve to do better. Seriously, I have too many things in hand ... and it is very difficult to stay focus and do one thing at a time. TIME management is very important and I hv to accept that I need to 'let go' of few things ...

I will not let go of this blog ... it meant a lot to me. I have spent my 5 years blogging here ... yes, by AUG ... this blog will be 5yrs old ... and I may 'celebrate' the anniversary for my blog. Haha ... I used to spend hours reading many materials ... and putting my thoughts here, i dailyn basis. Along the way, I do got distracted ... with only 30+ readers initially ... obviously it grew ... and I could not stop the un-wanted attention. I have managed to drive many readers out of my blog some years back ... but things changed after I do have 'advertisements' and many followers. Indeed, it is an 'honour' to be recognised as a blogger ... and a financial-related blog?

Somehow .. along the way, I got upset ... as I m not a financial-blogger. I am not even a KLSE-blogger ... I m just a person who want to jot-down my thoughts in my own space ... talking to MYSELF. When I said I blog for my own views, some suggested that I might as well put it under 'private' and no one could view? Is that what I want? At a point ... yes. But ... now ... I realised that my blog could generate me some income!!

You see ... there are bloggers ... created blog, writing ... just to earn some money. I am not saying it is not right ... in fact, that is supposed to be? I dont know ...for years, I never bother to monetise my blog ... example, placing a google-ad and earn some 'extras' when people click on the ads. That is how the blog could be sponsored ... and the bloggers being paid!! Another one is to get some companies to advertise in your blog ... they do place conditions etc etc. Yup ... restrictions which I dislike. Already our gov controlling our media, our thoughts ... placing those advertisements with their conditions(example .... I cant blah-blah  ... or wash my laundry in public?) ... and needs to put good front for their products?

So ... I will use the blog to promote my own 'products' ... my group!! Yes, my trading group ... with those learning to trade and sharing ideas together. As I do know I have followers now, I should be more careful with what I am writing ... while I will still talk out-of-trading-topic most of the time, I will still place some analysis ...of some stocks.

You see, it takes me TIME to write an anlysis ... I prefer to write my blah-blah(example my ranting on the haze or the permanent ink?) anytime ... it is more emotionally beneficial for me(but an irritating read for many). It takes time ... and also trading idea ... sharing the learning-corner, with a hope those newbies-novices could learn something worth-while ... reading my blog!! With so many blogs to read out there, who will want to waste their time to read about your personal lives, right? haha ... true also ... haha.

To worth my TIME jotting down those analysis, I will want to take it private. So, last year DEC ... I spent some money, creating a new site( ) but I could not keep up with it. The whole site been dormant for months now ... and I need to wake him up from hibernation. Time to re-start the pages or else it is a waste ... I have attended an internet marketing course too(costing me RM3.2k) last year FEB ... to learn the so-called tricks to market my 'products'. I started my stock-watch group last year Jan and my e-tratles too. SW is ok ... but e-tratles was not well-done, and I failed in that.

Failure : We need to celebrate failure more often.

Actually,I failed quite badly in promoting my blog ... as instead of making it 'friendly' to read ... or perhaps, writing what readers expect to read, I self-sabotaged my own blog? Haha ... I am good in chasing away readers ... and one of my tratle being frank with me said ... 'I no longer read your blog' ... hmm ... but, I have the history of doing that. Only those 'old' readers could know that I have huge mood-swing. haha.

market is opening soon ... I will be writing about the limit-down on 'Coastal' and 'HSPLant' later on ... but those still reading my blog from i3, you need to click on or search for 'my trading adventure', ok?

Yes ... I am going to try to be 'friendlier' ... may be.

stock-watch : If you wish to join my trading group, do contact me at as a new JULY group is starting new week!! All are welcomed.

Off to sell my MayBank and SKPetrol soon.

11am : Market is so bullish ... up 13 points, month-end ... some window shopping ... err ... I mean, window dressing? haha ... whatever, it is bullish.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It never too late to start ...

Late starter making up for lost time By Lorna Tan

 For years, Mr John Goh's idea of financial planning was to squirrel his teacher's salary into a low-interest bank account. A science graduate from the National University of Singapore, he has been a secondary school chemistry teacher for the past 17 years.

 But he has since become a savvy investor too. He said he regretted not knowing how to make his money grow till he was in his mid-30s.

 'No one taught me to manage my finances and to invest. My earnings went into my savings account which was paying a miserable interest,' said Mr Goh, 41.

 Then his friends showed him how to open a trading account to trade in stocks about six years ago. Since then, he has voraciously read many books on the subject. Author Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad had a particular impact on him.

 Inspired, he decided not to depend solely on his job to provide an income, but to achieve different streams of passive income by making his money work harder for him.

 His current investment portfolio comprises properties, stocks and land banking.

 Taking a leaf from the book of Mr Kiyosaki, who made his millions from real estate, Mr Goh sold his landed property last year and bought three properties, two of which are investment properties for renting out.

 He says his is a 'disciplined approach' when property hunting. He looks for homes near public transport like the MRT stations and bus stops that will offer a positive cash flow and that will provide healthy rentals. He will view about 30 units in a chosen area before making an offer.

 His wife Jennifer Tan, 39, is also a teacher and they have a son, Joshua, 12.

Q: Are you a spender or saver? 

A :  I am more of a saver than a spender. I save 30 per cent to 40 per cent of my salary.

TEH : I am not a spender ... but somehow, I do find it difficult to safe up to 30% of my income. If I am talking merely from my salary(main income), I do save more than 30% of my salary ... and I hope I could save up to 80% of my income by next year. My salary is part of my income.

Q: How much do you charge to your credit cards every month?

A:  I usually do not charge more than $2,000 a month. A credit card is a double-edged sword. If you do not pay your credit on time, the penalty fee is going to hurt you badly. I have three cards but use only one actively for easy monitoring of expenses. Almost all my bills are on Giro so I do not waste time on the chore of bill payment, and the bills are paid promptly too. I withdraw $1,000 from the ATM twice a month.

TEH : I do not charge more than RM2000 in a month either. I have cleared my credit-card balances and my wife is helping me to monitor the transactions, payment due-dates and such. Yes, I do use credit-card for monitoring expenses purposes ... example, buying items in supermarkets, dinners at some restaurants, petrol ... I need to monitor my expenses in greater details!! I seldom withdraw from ATM and most of the transactions(bills) are on Giro too.

 Q: What financial planning have you done for yourself? 

 Almost half of my money is invested in properties which I believe is the best way to grow my money. Singapore is, after all, a small island with limited land. I also diversify so as to spread out my risks. It is not good to put all my eggs in one basket. About 30 per cent of my money is in unit trusts and insurance. I like unit trusts that have achieved a consistently good performance for the last three years with more than 10 per cent annual returns. I have four whole life policies, three investment-linked insurance plans and one endowment policy. I'm covered by about $1 million on my life and I have a $200,000 critical illness cover. I pay about $12,000 in annual premiums. About 10 per cent of my money is in stocks. I prefer blue chips that give high dividends; some stocks I have are StarHub, Singapore Press Holdings, SingPost and OCBC preference shares. I select stocks with low valuations and high dividends. About 5 per cent is in land banking and the rest is in cash. My target rate of return for my portfolio is 7 per cent.

TEH : I will be hoping to get a good bargain to buy another property in a year or two. Location is everything ... I have a beach-apartment, abandoned ... and not in good conditions!! It is empty, so a liabilities to me monthly ... so, I hope to clear off the loan by year end. It is just a small apartment, for ... I wish to go back to Sabah, living by the beach after retirement. It is not possible to sell the place as the prices have dropped 50%. Yeah ... not all property appreciate in values ... so, I am learning to pick a good one in future. The current one I am staying has appreciated about 40% in past two years. 

I will never buy unit-trust, tho I do have investment-linked insurance policy. Well, I m only paying about RM5k annually for my annual insurance premium. Perhaps, I should consider to increase that when I am not so financially tight? Yes ... as most of my money is in stock-market, I think I need to shift into longer time frame investment(like buying Maybank) with good dividend yield and growth, while put some funds for riskier instruments. I m re-balancing my funds again ... as July is coming, time to re-structure my portfolios. Cash is placed in ASB, which giving up to 7% per annum, compounding it for past 7 years now, and recently opened a second-line(took a loan from Maybank at less 5%, and to placed in ASB ... earning 2% 'free')

 Q: Moneywise, what were your growing-up years like?

 A: My mother was a housewife and my father was an odd-job labourer. I am an only child because my parents were very poor and could not afford to raise another child. They paid $40 a month to rent a room in an old shophouse next to the current Bugis MRT station. But my teenage years saw things improving. My parents bought a three-room HDB flat at Rochor Centre, and they are still living there. Since childhood, I have learnt that money is not easy to earn and I must cherish what I have.

TEH : My parents are hawkers ... earning not enough to support us kids(6 of us). We were very poor ... and luckily my aunts 'adopted' us since we were young. Yeah ... since young, money is hard to come by ... and I always feel I m the unlucky ones. Never really learn to earn, save, invest ... till I was married and total broke(in debts too). I changed my whole financial mindset ... to see me through difficult times, and to make lives better for my kids. They are my motivators!!

Q: How did you get interested in investing? 

A:  I was in my mid-30s. My friends showed me how to open a trading account to buy stocks. I then started to educate myself on investing, and read many books on it. The books that had a great impact on me included Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki; The ABCs Of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy; Automatic Millionaire and Start Late, Finish Rich by David Bach; and Managing Your Personal Finance by Dennis Ng.

TEH : I started to open a trading account when I was 41. I was totally blind and with zero-knowledge. Today, I am still a novice(advance level?) and learning to trade-invest better. Yes, I read many books and also attended many many talks. Knowing the 'right' circle of people could help a lot too.

 Q: What property do you own? 

 I got married in 1996 and bought my first home, a three-room HDB flat at Rochor Centre for $250,000. It made sense as it was very near my parents' flat and they helped to take care of my son. I 'lost' $50,000 when I sold my flat in 2002 for $200,000. But I took the opportunity to upgrade and bought a one-storey, 2,000 sq ft freehold terrace house in Sembawang Hills estate at a low price of $820,000. In April last year, I applied what I learnt about property investments and leveraging and sold my terrace house for $965,000 to free up cash. I then bought three houses. One was a 21/2-storey, 2,900 sq ft corner terrace in Sembawang Hills estate, bought in April for $1.43 million. The current market value is about $2.2 million. I bought, also last year, in September, a 2,662 sq ft penthouse unit at Nuovo in Yio Chu Kang for $1.18 million. It is being rented out at $4,600 monthly. Finally, in January this year, I bought a three-storey, 3,200 sq ft terrace house at Century Woods in Marsiling for $1.14 million. It is next to the Singapore American School and should fetch a rental of at least $5,500 when construction is completed. I made sure that my home loans are on fixed rates and my investment properties must be able to attract tenants easily, to generate a positive cash flow. This simply means that the rental income that I get is more than enough to pay the bank loan so there is sufficient buffer.

 Q: What's the most extravagant thing you have bought? 

 A: It was the 10-day family vacation trip to Canada two years ago that cost me $10,000.

TEH : I have not earn enough to give my family a RM10k trip, but I do make local-trips such as to Penang. I have not bought anything much at all ... perhaps the most 'expensive' thing I spent on is this pc I am using now, my work-station. It costed me about RM5k.

 Q: What's your retirement plan? 

A: I will not retire fully. Having too much free time is not a good idea. When I have a monthly cash flow of $5,000 from my rental income, dividends and interest from my investments, I will consider semi-retirement in my 50s. I will become a financial literacy educator or property agent. I'll also be more active in church ministry. Hopefully, I will have grandchildren to look after as I like to spend time with children.

TEH : I will like to give market-talks ... giving trading-educations(for free!!). i will continue to blog(I know I will) .. read more non-financial books ... and perhaps, do some charity work(forming groups etc etc). I know I will not sit-down still waiting for days passing me by ... 

 Q: Home is now... 

 A: The corner terrace in Sembawang Hills estate.

TEH : A 930sq feet apartment.

 Q: I drive... 

 A: A silver Nissan Latio.

TEH : A 1.3 Proton Saga(3 years old)

 This article was first published in The Straits Times.

This article motivates me to look into my own personal financial situation.


Proposed : Privitisation of my blog

KLCI was down more than 10points in the morning, only to recover and up ... and in green? Then, suddenly ... by the time I am back from lunch, KLCI is down by 10points ... and all in red again.

Blue-chips : It is becoming red-chips now with many in red. As Armada and YTLPower taken out of KLCI, inclusion of SKPetrol and MISC, both of those taken out in green!!

KLCI is going to fill the gap, so we shall be seeing 1718 levels, for a clearer picture. Those stuck with some stocks, will see more reds to come. No buying when market is diving. Also, those buying into property stocks are expected to experience more downside as it has rallied too fast-n-furious. So, just wait to buy into whatever u wish ...

Hartalega : One of the top loser for the afternoon ...

I am having a week break, using my time to THINK of what is next. As I m moving to, hoping to revamp the pages into simpler one, and more reader-friendly. The blog will be open for public and 'free' ... till i could gather some interests, those feel worth subscribing to read my writings. Yes, I wish to filter those genuine-readers and those a-chi-a-chor type of readers. Blogs are supposed to be free ... and it is supposed to be written with free mind, sharing opinions and making pointers. But, when u have readers who criticize your writings(yet still want to read ... stupid or what?), you will just need to move away or privitise it.

So, it is not a new idea ... and I could be able to write more freely, knowing that I hv only small group of people who support my writings, appreciating the blog as their learning-sharing platform and wont mind paying small amount for it?

Now  ... I am planning two parts : one is my writings in frequent basis ... and if u checked my blog, I do not stop blogging even for a day ... until recently, I 'lost' the momentum due to my very busy schedules for past two years!! I want to write again ... yeah ... even for free, I will like to blog. haha.

Part two is my analysis page, where stock-analysis AFTER I have traded with my stock-watch group will be placed there for references ... and keeping it as my trading journal. So, it will be open to readers, to check my trades --- winning or losing. Also, that will make me more focus in my trades, more discipline and comprehensive details for my stock-watch members. Then, my members will be able to learn from those trades too. Especially, learning from others mistakes too!!

example : Parkson ... given to my group at RM3.80+ and sold RM4 levels. Then, I will keep the records ... example WHY Parkson dived to go below RM3.80(one of the reason is due to lowering of profits in China's Parkson by 29% recently reported) ... and why we could bottom-fish for Parkson(as the share buyback at RM3.75 levels before it formed a base) ... then, I will place any information I read about Parkson there ... for keeping purposes. Now, Parkson dived below RM3.80 again yesterday .. for your info. So, if I am going to buy Parkson again, I will update it in the blog AFTER I have traded the stocks. "live" updates will still be in my stock-watch group!!

Learning Corner will be maintained ... where i will share how I learnt and still learning. It will also be good if I could make it have a platform to 'communicate' with my readers, sharing opinions and such.

What's about this blogspot? Well, I will still write here ... minus the stock-analysis. I will still write here I am more 'comfortable' with blogspot ... well, also it could be used to 'promote' my page ... plus my other trading groups. I do still have sentimental feeling for this blog ... it has been with me for 5 years now ... and looking back at my own writings, say ... 4-5 yrs ago, I have developed well ... but still learning to trade better.

Yes ... my blog will be more on personal notes ... such as the simple post I found in my facebook. And I will enjoy elaborating on them, checking if I improve myself in certain areas.

All these are still in my mind ... what is next?


Monday, June 24, 2013

Bear Day for markets

it is a down-day for whole day ... many property-stocks given away the profits and back to the level before the rally ... could it drops to close the gap ... before election?

KLCI : Closed at 1738.19. The only counter close green is Astro. All red.

KLCI at 1738, a very critical point ... and if tonight DOW closing about 200points lower, expect it to break the current 1738 ... dive all the way to 1720. Now, not many are bullish ... talking about 1800 and above ... as we are heading to 1700 levels. Which side are you in? 1700 or 1800?

UEMS : After a change of name, selling pressure could be seen and at 2.92 today.

SKPetrol : Moving into KLCI 30-component-index today ... but down to Rm4 level. Another one is welcoming back MISC ... broken RM5, at Rm4.93 now.

BAT : A top loser today ... well ... with haze around, not many is expecting to be smoking? So, hence ... we could accept the selling of BAT?

GAB : Dropping 10% ... and today I do see many dropping nearing to 10%. ouch. err ... people dont smoke or drink anymore?

Property : MahSing, HuaYang, Cresndo, KLCC, UOA ... Sunway ... KSL ... Ivory ... or whatever property-stocks that we like, all dropping like bowling pins. MRCB ... KimLun ... where got bullets to buy so many?

Parkson : I have sold at RM4 and asked the group to sell too ... now, at RM3.76 again ...

Well ... Raya sales is around the corner ... guess need to sell more by end of June.

Privitisation of my blog : I have received a few e-mail, wishing to be in KIV list ... I have not think of HOW to privitise it, but I have mentioned about these some time ago. So, I will write to those in my KIV-list. Write to me your intention to continue to read my writings. I might collect small fees. Thanks.

Ok ... market closing. KLCI down 17.66 points, to close at critical 1738. A breaking of this level ... many of those still holding to some stocks, need to clear or hold till Raya mega-sales. Wait for KLCI's RSI below 30, oversold ... be patient.



Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stock Analysis : Faber and Favco

Faber : This was given to my stock-watch group before breakout of 1.64 levels. Then, it broke higher to hit high at 1.85. I've exited 1.79 as the volumes significantly increased. Well, we do not like the spike too-fast-n-furious ... it is a SELL when retailers jumping in. The dividend 10cents is NOT a new announcement. So, nothing to justify the huge spike. 1.64 to 1.84 is about 20cents appreciations, more than the 10cents dividends, right?

Technically, it is supported at 10MA, but I wont touch it at the moment. Watching 1.72 as support, with 20MA at RM1.67.

Favco : Bought at RM2.42, and taken profits at RM2.59. Then,  breakout of 2.64 and I grabbed back at RM2.70 before market closing. Then, it gapped up the next day, I cleared at 1.89, told my whole group ... some sold at 2.90 ... happy with that. But, it shot to 2.99, actually. Supported at 5EMA at the moment, for short trading, this will be good. It might re-testing RM2.99 again.
These two are what I shared here before breakout. So, they are still in my stock-list but unlikely to trade them again after 2 successful trades on them each. I have cleared many too, to stay in cash ... as I am re-structuring my funds and trades.
Determined to change my daily schedules ... and my focus. So, as I will be more focus ... my tratles group, e-stock analysis group and my stock-watch group will be my priorities. I will be back blogging ... hoping to do it more professionally. : Most of my analysis and learning posts will be placed here ... will revamp the pages and taking it private. Yes, besides the analysis, members could learn how to start to analyse ... and it is good for newbies-novices, a platform to get them informed. I will also share some of my readings and such.
It is for subscription and members only. Those who wish to subscribe, do contact me at It will start in AUGUST.
This blog will be used to show few of my trades, for sharing purposes, and also more about financial ideas.
Hope all my 'loyal' readers will join me in ... see you there!!

Hazy days ahead

The haze is getting worse ... I have booked and planned for a trip to Malacca but have to cancel the trip due to haze. I drove to Genting instead ... early in the morning, to avoid the jam and large crowds, expected to cramp Genting and few highlands, avoiding the haze.

Genting was ok ... good sunny weather in the morning, misty in the noon ... I left about 4.30pm, when the crowd was so-so huge. Very long queue waiting for the cable-car ... and any games.

Last Friday, some of us tratles have a meeting. Well, there are few stocks being mentioned and shared among us ... to position ourselves for the expected coming events.

Big Caps : As the volatility are expected to continue, buying into lower beta counters is only more logical, for those who could not take the up-down. Buying into blue-chips like Maybank, PBBank, SIME ... perhaps, IOICorp, PPB ... Tenaga, FGV ... those big-caps that in play such as SKPetrol. These were suggested to the group ... if one believe more upside in KLCI, going for these big caps could will do good, without much volatility some could not stomach. Did I missed PChem or TM which I like too? Buy these ... to sleep better. Buy more if any of these dropping 10-20%. Do simple dollar-averaging ... and one should do well(better than Fixed Deposit or Unit Trust)

Blog : Well, I do know I have not been regularly blog as much as I wish ... and I will be back in July. Too many excuses ... hazy is one of the excuse to be used too? haha. To make my blog relevant, I should share some of the trades I have taken or given to my group, winning or losing trades. So ... yes, I am back to my blog here, like it or not :P

Guess after few month of 'chasing away' readers ... it is time to getting in-touch with some loyal-readers and extend the trading-investing networks. Yes, I will be exiting many-many groups added in my facebook and focus only in VERY few good learning forums/groups. And certainly wish to spend my focus in my own groups.

Warrants : Will be doing some work later on these. Opportunities arise.

Have a nice weekend ... and avoiding outdoors activities.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Limit down : Funds selling?

This happened so fast ... last 10 minutes. The queues becoming weird ... ab-normal.

BKawan : Dropped to RM13.46, down 30%.

BJToto : Dropped to RM3.20, down by 24%.

CBIP : Dropped to RM1.93, down by 30%.

Coastal : Dropped to RM1.48, down by 30%.

HSPlant : Dropped to RM1.89, down by 30%.

TDM : Dropped to RM2.90

All traded with extreme high volumes in last 10 minutes. Why are these things happening? It happened before ... but I do not think so it those fat-fingers or such. Can anyone explain this 'phenomenon?


The list is obtained from a forum and needed to be clarified. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

note : all these are very strong fundamental stocks.

Limit-down : With the 'new' rules of limit-up or limit-down, it would be the max of down by 30%. So, many stocks shown a limit-down of 30% but some stocks only down by 20% plus.


Huge correction on the way?

DOW closed 350 points lower. Now ... with Bernanke talked about QE being pulled out, markets all over re-acted badly, and over-react in this case. GOLD dived below 1300 and we see a huge drop in a day!! It has been long we do not see HSI dropped 600 points!! 

KLCI? Still resilient yesterday ... only dropped about 10points ... but we shall see a drop of 20 points today, to the support ... remember last Thu we have a drop of 30points and it rebounded up ... and we are back to the square now? OR ... perhaps we shall see the gap filled this time ... 1720 is next level. 

Also, with the HAZE ... covering our eyes, we could not see clearer what is hitting us. Cheap sales by end of June ... next week. 

Are you still bullish? 

Luckily I have cleared many when it gapped up two days ago ... and holding to some plantation counters ... and now, with such bearishness ... expect to get stuck for a while, or think of short technical rebound trade. 

melaka trip : Tmr I will be driving down ... it is not a good plan as the haze worsen. Guess I need to stay indoor in the hotel, instead. 

Happy riding down the trend ... 


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

KLCI testing 20MA

Faber : Given when it was below 1.70. At 1.80 now, still awaiting 10cents dividend?

Favco : Breakout of 2.64 yesterday, at 2.94 now. Great trade. RM3 becoming the psycho level, as it is reaching for new blue-sky.

Parkson : Do consider to take profits ... I have exited yesterday and asked my group to do so. Resistance at RM4.08.

The P's : As I have cleared Parkson, PWRoot, Presbhd and Pantech well in my list, but didnt take the trade.

Pharma : I prefer Pharma at the moment, went thru the split, and bonus 1:10. As I bought 2k units average RM10, now I do have 2.2k units, at 5.75 at the moment. I am not trading Pharma, but keeping it and will do dollar-averaging on her ... accumulating. I m thinking of AHealth too. Recently, I do read that YSPSah going to give 6.5cents dividend ... so, might as well collect her too.

MBSB : At 3.15 today ... this is slow, given when it breakout RM3.02. Could it break 3.20?

MRCB : Exited at 1.56, bought when it dived at 1.53, not successfully able to have sharp rebound. Hit 1.58 yesterday but with such bullishness, we only see her hitting 1.57. So, I cleared for a free lunch profit.

UEMLand changed name ... to UEMS. Noted.

Plantations : I like this sector now ... time to accumulate.

my groups

tratles : Many dormant there ... some been not hearing from them since a year ago. So, I have created another group, just for active-tratles ... those still in touch to trade and share. We do stiill have weekly e-meeting to share. Tonight, some of them going to M-security at SS2 for a talk. I registered but I think due to marking, and lack of sleep ... I could not able to attend. Also, I hv an e-meeting with other tratles. Hope they will provide me with information, for discussion purposes.

e-stock-analysis : It is end of June soon ... my e-stock analysis group will be having 'last' e-meeting with me next Monday. Most of them continue ... but some 'dormant' ones and few have cordially stopping after 1-2 years with me!! So, I have 6 spaces left ... those interested to join my weekly, analysing of stocks, through online, do contact me.

stock-watch : Ending June too .. I have added few new members(thanks) and many of them will be continuing with the group for next half-year. Some have been with me since last year. I do appreciate their support, motivating me to search for good trading opportunities. So, those wish to join my group, do contact me as it is open at the moment.

cohort-10 : With only 4 in KIV, I m not sure if I will want to start in July, as I will be re-structuring my focus in things important to me and needing my attention. So, I will still keep these in KIV, only to check if I have at least 6-8 to start.

tratles-net : This page is dormant ... will be re-activate in July, and will need to learn how to blog using the page ... will hope to get used to the new settings and my motivation won't die-off due to some frustrations(with the IT ... and stuff).

forums : I am exiting and leaving most of the forums, groups etc etc. I have my own trading group, which will be my focus and priority. Yes, I feel I m lacking in focus ... so, I need to get out of the noises and re-focus in my own readings and being as independent as possible.

financial-group : I will be sharing some financial pointers with some of my colleagues, enlighten them and seeing them as my potential biz-partners. We need to be very patient with teachers as majority of them DO NOT like to talk about personal finances. Not that they do not want money, ok? They just dislike the facts and myths about money ... just like talking about sex with them. It will be awkward? I don't know if I could have the 'energy' to pull/motivate some of them ... with 20+ added in the group currently, I hope I could reduce it to ... err ... 5 of them? Most of them will give you excuses why they should remain as a financial ignorants ... blah-blah ... well, i could understand well as I WAS one of them, merely 5years ago.

lunch time ... tuition class again, and continue to mark. Determined.

11.40am : KLCI in red ... at 1772, testing 20MA at the moment.

TEH ( ... do not write to

Don't be lazy

nice to read

You either want to experience, to enjoy, to explore and to live, or you’d rather watch as things happen. You either want to be a part of the world or you want to watch from the sidelines — there’s no middle ground. Many of us attempt at reasoning with ourselves, telling ourselves that we are only half lazy, that we can be agile if we would so wish.

 We believe it’s life’s fault for being boring, for not exciting us. The trick is that the world can never excite you. It’s the way you experience the world that can be exciting, not the world itself. You can either live life following one philosophy or the other, not both because such a life would be one of contradiction — which is even dumber.

It is 4.30am ... DOW up 100+ points.

Will elaborate ... as I do enjoy blogging ... at my own time.


Monday, June 17, 2013

blah-blah post #2068

Morning ... Monday morning, a quiet morning as the office is almost empty. It is a holiday break but I m back to office to deal with my markings and also checking on markets. I like the quiet environment, been rushing too much for whole 1-2 years ... and that is about to change. UBAH ... easier said than done!!

The "F"-stocks : I have shared my two "F"s ... Faber and Favco before they flying off(check previous posts). Well, Faber was given at 1.65 levels while Favco at 2.42 levels. Currently Favco at RM2.59 and Faber at 1.76(at press time). I have sold Favco at RM2.59 ... and since I have told the stock-watch group that I have been collecting Faber, it dived last week for me to collect more. Today, I just need to release some, and see if it could go above 1.75 ... then, I will hold on. I may want to buy-back Favco since they are giving 8cents dividend. Faber is giving 10cents ... so, of coz the DY for Faber is relatively higher.

MBSB : Given when it broken RM3.02 and written in previous post too. You may check. At 3.12 now, I do wonder how high it will be pushed up further. With ever increase in salary and bonuses for the gov-servants, we could expect more loans(sure performing loans la, what u mean NPL?) will be taken ... and perhaps the news that MBSB will becoming a financial-banking institution ... perhaps marrying RHB, heck ... might as well EPF taking them private?

Failed trades : YTLLand and WTK recently were my disappointing trades. Have to cut-loss on them. ouch.

HapSeng : Sold her at 1.96, too early as it hit RM2. At 1.93 now, I grabbed back at 1.92 ... and she is going to give 10cents sweets too ...

Parkson : Some in the group bought below RM3.80, waited for a month, some bought on Thu when market/KLCI dived 32 points, Parkson standing tall ... and some bought last Friday at RM3.90. Now at RM3.98 ... I am selling soon (chase at your own risk). Normally, when I sell ... I will tell the group, but whether they are selling or not, I have no control.

Selling too early : That reminded me ... of KimLun. Grabbed at RM1.88, happily sold off at RM1.99 as it jumped a few days later, only to see it jumped to RM2.08 ... some selling at this level, then RM2.18 ... some sold here ... RM2.30 ... and the highest I heard a person said he/she sold at RM2.30+.  That is the 'problem' with me ... good stock picking, but sold for profits too early. Need to adjust on that and be patient to hold.

Another F word : I mean, FOCUS. I have so many facebook's forums/groups/pages ... that I am deleting almost ALL soon ... exiting/quitting/leaving many other trading-investing groups. I admit I do learn a lot from some of their sharings, but most of the time ... forums are very noisy. Learning aside, I need to re-focus in my own trades and my learning pace is very slow ... I am still in learning stages ... so, I do need to focus.

Faber at 1.79 ... don't know if my queue to sell done ...then, i would have cleared 50% of my holdings. Talking about selling too early?

Need to continue my markings ... while waiting for classes.

Have a nice trading day, KLCI in green


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gold : The analysis

It is Sunday morning ... Happy Father's Day to many great fathers out there. I wish to be a great father to my kids too. Yeah!!

Ok, this morning I will share what in my mind ... to buy into 'gold' related ETF or mining stocks. See how far I could focus to give some idea.

Gold : Taken from, a one-year chart ... gold hit USD1800 (in Malaysia, Gold was trading above RM200 for 999) and current at USD1400.

GLD : This is an US-ETF tracking the prices of gold. Hit USD180 at Sept 2011(when markets corrected sharply) and at USD170 last Sept 2012. At USD135 levels now ... one may check IAU too, which was at a high of USD18.5(sept 2011) but at USD13.5 currently.

GLD (code O87) : This is traded in SGX ... but in USD. We are still in the strong downtrend.

HKSE (code 2840) : So the similar chart shown by this ETF, traded in HKSE.

ZhaoJin(code 1818) : Gold mining stocks are much more riskier ... and it can be seen in this gold-mining counter traded in HKSE. Incredible dive ... was at HKD18 high ... hit the low at HKD6.59, closed at HKD6.75 last Friday.

KLSE : There is no gold ETF traded in KLSE ... only one GLD-c4, a call-warrant trading at HALF cent, so it could not go lower? Punt into her, exit at ONE cent, that will be 100% profit, yeah? Sure? Call-warrants do have expiring date and if Gold not receovering any sooner, this call-warrant will be obsolete, means ... we will lose everything(very likely). How about SLV-cw ... which tracking the SLV-etf ... as silver-etf, tracking prices of silver? To me, these call-warrants can't be traded.

Will gold  rebound soon, since Sept is nearing? Will stock dive again ... as Sept is nearing ... again?

Will write the updates ... in SEPT again.

Happy Day ahead, fathers.


p/s : Trying to get my blog relevant, I am writing what I am reading at the moment --- Gold and Silver. For this one, I won't mind it is being shared. Very seldom I could write any sense in my blog these days ... so, hope this simple charts would help ...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rainbow by Jay Chou

 彩虹 --周杰伦




 看不见你的笑 我怎么睡得着

你要离开 我知道很简单
你说依赖 是我们的阻碍
就算放开 那能不能别没收我的爱



from :


 Can someone inform me where the rainbow is ?
Can you return my wish back to me ?
Why is the sky so calm ?
All the clouds have amassed above me...

 Do you have a spare face mask to lend me ?
Because i said too much, now it will not eventuate.
Maybe time is an antidote
or the poison i'm taking right now

 Without seeing your smile, how can i sleep ?
Your voice is so close yet i cannot hug you
The sun will continue orbiting even without the earth existing..
I can walk away without a reason.

 You want to leave, i know it is simple
You said reliance was the major barrier between us
If you choose to let go but don't remove my love for you
I'll just pretend that i understand in the end

Without seeing your smile, how can i sleep ?
Your voice is so close yet i cannot hug you
The sun will continue orbiting even without the earth existing... Orbiting
I can abandon you without a reason
Because i said too much, now it will not eventuate
Maybe time is an antidote... Antidote
Or the poison i'm taking right now


Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day

Friday noon ... KLCI rebounded today. I was busy this morning ... invigilation and went to my son's parents-teachers-meeting.

PTM : "Your son is very 'different' and most unique in the class!! he will always has his own thinking and will even argue his pointers" said the teacher. "One day, the science teacher asked if fishes got legs ... and your son said 'YES'. When the teacher said 'NO', he was very determined to prove the teacher wrong ..."

Well, I knew my son is a curious kid, always asking questions that I can't even answered. Luckily, these days ... we have google or wikipedia ... still, it is difficult to explain to him. He is a smart boy, since young ... i know.

he got position#50 of 174 in his school's Std-1. It is ok to me ... not so worry about his academic achievements ... but his manners.

I am determined to be a good father to my two lovely kids. Something I will be very proud of myself. I never really have a father, so I do know the emotion without parents.

Happy father's day. This is taken from


Thursday, June 13, 2013

KLCI : The analysis

KLCI : Broken 1750 support levels and down 32 points!! Support at 50MA ... should it breaks, we see the gap closed ... and support at 1718. A cool diving ... anyone buying?

MayBank : One of the culprit ... suddenly the huge selling ... foreign funds exiting? If so, more downside to come. Do not catch, yet.

Genting shot up yesterday to go above RM11 ... today ... dive it goes. Those selling yesterday will be relieved but those bought yesterday ... could be seen as 'unlucky'.

At the press-time, 9.40pm, DOW is down another 30 points in early trading and below 15,000 levels now.

Once the 50MA broken, time to cut-loss ... lose a limb or two, and lick the wounds. ouch.

cohort-10 : Yesterday, someone called me ... after I replied his e-mail. That is great ... a nice person, planning to join my trading class next month. I hv 4 KIV now.

A silent reader joined my stock-watch today ... and an e-tratle given me a very good testimonial days ago!!

Going to spend my 2 hours watching the clip below ...


KLCI : Bear Day

KLCI : Hitting 1792 on Monday as DOW closed 200 points last Friday. So, with resistance at 1794, and black candles the next day, it is bearish. Gapped down yesterday, at support 20MA. Failed to rebound from the 20MA support, checking 1752 now, as KLCI dived 23 points lower at the 'press-time' now.

At 1752 now ... do you think this support could hold?


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Should I try to blog?

Morning ... I have not been 'around' ... I have not been able to write 'freely'. Still getting over the election results after a month and tried not to read anything much related to politics. There will be another black-out gathering but I wont be joining in any ... I want to get back into my own life, taking a break in June ... as marking of papers start.

For those new readers, they may not realise that since this blog started in 2008(Aug 8th), I have not paused for even a day ... I will certainly put anything up ... even I hv nothing to write!! It is a routine ... a habit, an interest ... to blog. So, it is natural ... as I was writing to myself, talking to myself ... motivating myself as I struggle my days ... my learning process about trading-investing in stock-markets and ... activities, people I met, e-mail I received ... errmm ... opinions from many and more. I will jot it here, as candid as I could. Not anymore. No longer I have that freedom to write ... no longer that I have only 'loyal' 30+ readers ... where they will be my silent followers, checking on my doings and daily activites. Even when I posted a song, someone will appreciate some of the songs will give comments ... and share the liking of the songs!!

In a way, I missed my blog ... my own writing ... back then. Ever since I have wider readers, I feel the pressure to write ... to please as I will be 'monitored'. Sigh ... how I dislike attention but as my network increases(more and more people adding me in my facebook and trading group) ... I do have to 'entertain' them, so to speak. Well, I have to admit that I got to know so many nice people around, so many who could tolearate my nuisance ... and filtering the good pointers shared. It ain't easy ... on my side, either. I was a loner ... barely 5 years ago, I was NOT who I am today, socially.

I used to be ... by myself. My wife will always said I am 'anti-social' as I do not mix around with her relatives(back in Sabah) or I do not even talk much to any of my colleagues. Well ... people who do not know me will 'judge' me as weird, selfish ... arrogant ... errm ... what-u-say no-so-good words used to judge a person, simply because the person is 'different' from ourselves?! Hmm ... I remembered a reader used the word 'unique' to describe me. Haha ...

This is a public blog, I know. As I said ... I prefer to have genuine readers. But ... who am I kidding? We have all sorts of people ... out there. Those nice one will compliment your good pointers ... majority are neutral and becoming silent readers .. but few who dislike you(or your writings) will jump into their own conclusion to judge ... and criticize.

I used to read blogs too ... that is how I learnt, gathered some information, digesting some of trading ideas. I do appreciate many of the bloggers I used to follow. I no longer reading any blogs .. except for Ben's or Remmant's. I do wish I have the time to read Dali's or Alex's writings ... these are 'guru-bloggers' in trading markets. I do dream ... to be one of them ... being respected as good financial bloggers. They are very proffesional in their writings ... and do not spill their emotions in their blog. I could not.

My blog ... is about my mind. About words in my head, that being a quiet person(I hardly speak in a day expect when I am teaching?) ... I am using my blog as a platform to talk to myself. But .... ever since I got to know so many 'real' human to talk to ... I could not hear my own voices. The noises out there is drowning me, I m no longer able to focus in listening to my own voices. I could not listen to some nice songs ... that I have missed myself!!

My trading adventure ... many of times, I have contemplate to take it private ... means, I just need to click 'private' rather than 'public' ... so, I spent some money to get as a new site last Dec. I told myself to split my writings into two : anything about trading ... place in, anything about your personal's laundry ... put in your blogspot and make it private!! But ... I simply couldnt separate and distinct both, the lines could not be drawn. I am a blogger ... I write better naturally ... not because of I have to write/blog ... but because I wanted to. Sigh ... if one is not a blogger, they could never understand ... I am not even paid in any form to write ... I just need a place to speak to myself, and I found comfort in my own space here.

There are tears of sadness in me ... when I am writing the above. Can you feel it? I want to write freely ... but I am no longer 'free'? What should I do? So ... I didnt write as regular and as frequent as I used to love to do ...

Many of times too ... I have started few lines or paragraphs ... but I didnt not have the time to complete it, or post it ... and so, it will be saved under 'draft' which I never send it out!! I will just delete them. Someone suggested that ... as author, we could just write things under 'draft' and then plan when to post it out!! Wow ... I will never do that ... as why am I planning when or what to speak to myself for? But again ... it is for the audience out there to read? Hmm ... I prefer things 'live' ... I prefer things to be conventional and real ...

So, should I continue to blog? My have been abandoned for few months now, this blog did not see quality postings anymore. I no longer able to 'follow the flow' ... and I feel that there are too many preying-eyes ...

I have not decided what to do with ... most probably I will write my analysis there(if I could remember) ... and to maintain this as my blah-blah-blah blog. Yes, taking this blog private becoming a good choice ... and only allowing those 'loyal' readers who won't mind hearing my stories and console/support me emotionally.

The tratles group grown so huge, out of my initial expectation when it started in Sept2011 with my cohort-1 ... and my most recent cohort-9. I do have few enquiries about my next cohort-10, but I could not promise that I want to continue with it ... I am just very tired. I am glad with my tratles group, as I got to know so many people from different walk of lives ... tho I do not social well, I have to admit that some of them becoming dear friends of mine ... and the thoughts of losing the friendships?

I am emotionally tired. I just need to rest ... and only stay in my stock-watch group. I wish to 'serve' those 'loyal' supporters ... appreciating their supports all these while. Without them, I could not push myself further to improve ... and share knowledge.

my mind is not working well again ... i m losing the lines. off.

At least I tried ... tho I may not do it as well as expected. And I will continue to try ... to blog here.

Thanks for all the nice words and supports. Thanks for listening. I will be back, stronger. :)

Sorry if I offended anyone ... never meant it that way. :(


p/s : As I was writing, FAVCO sold at 2.59 as KLCI down 5 points in opening.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Stock Analysis : Favco and Faber

Favco : At 2.40, div 8cents in Aug. Not a dividend player ... but with the name, FAVCO ... it is certainly one of our favourite companies.

Faber :  At 1.65 levels, expecting breakout today ... given at 1.60 in my stock-watch last week. 10cents dividend announced.

Trade with care.


Saturday, June 08, 2013

Oslo Freedom Forum 2013













I will spend my holiday-break listening to these and more(previous years). I find these very very interestingly disturbing ...


Friday, June 07, 2013

For a good laugh : 听海(改篇版)

请你FAX给我 今夜你想要吃什么
请你EMAIL我 今夜你心情如何
FB已不能说 没有人ADD我
而现在中国 所有人 都在微博

请你告诉我 今夜 点解你会懵佐
上网上得多 行过 乖仔你都冇望我
等我亦上埋线 网上期望可以一见
为何又系我ONLINE先 才可以靠近

仲要玩WEBCAM都三四点 网友大过天
仔女忽略我 至少我很冷静
望吓妈咪 嗌吓妈咪 呆佐甘算点

重要玩ONLINE GAME玩到癫 你还不清醒
SMS留过 就当最后约定

Thursday, June 06, 2013

KLCI : The analysis

This is a daily chart of KLCI. here are some analysis we discussed in our e-meeting last night.

1. The horizontal support at 1667 and expecting KLCI to retrace back to this current level.

2. below 20MA

3. It is forming lower high now.

4. Note a high RED volume(31st may).

5. Technically, the gap will be covered. So, breaking of 1750 levels ... we shall see 1720 again.

With that in mind, KLCI is bearish for coming weeks. Need to reduce and hibernate again?

We shall watch.

note : MHB shown a VERY strong technical rebound and those bought into her below 3.30 (few in my group), I have asked them to take profits yesterday. Still waiting for signals in Parkson, but giving her a skip as I went into something else for technical rebound.

STI : At support, oversold .... nice technically for rebound. So, I will do some homework on some spore's stocks .... time to go down-under.


Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A trap : Hytexin

HYTEXIN : Moved from 30cents to 70cents ... then start to dive ... and from 30cents to 20cents today.

I could not get myself to sleep ... so, I was looking into some charts ... and one of the great loser today is HYTEXIN ... never heard of the stock, so I do not know the biz/sector. it is interesting to see how they trap many retailers ...

Benalec : Hitting resistance 1.56 ... surprisingly many followed me to buy into her at 1.40 ... many sold at 1.50-1.55 today. Some still holding, and we shall see if there is a breakout. This is one of the two stocks I mentioned recently in one of my few posts. Waiting for another one to fly too ... I never know how many bought into those stocks I recommended. So, I place a simple 'survey' in our group page, and many bought into Benalec.

DOW is down by 100 points, and KLCI last minute was pushed up ... i shorted one before closing.

time to rest ... 2.10am ... another loooong 8 hours of classes later. zzzz


Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Saturday, June 01, 2013

The waterfalls : MHB and Parkson

MHB : A nice waterfall ... falling from RM8 to current RM3.20 ... will it breaks RM3?

Parkson : Time to go shopping ... at Parkson.

These are two waterfalls I m watching for past few weeks. Will only consider when it triggers a buy-signal.


Saturday blah-blah

Saturday morning ... today and tmr will be full with classes as exams on Monday. Last minute revisions and asking of questions.

Last night, about 10 of us tratles having makan gathering in Klang. Nice company ... tho I was very tired after a long whole Friday. We will have our monthly tratles meeting next Saturday.

Cohort-10 : I have no intention to start a new class after the cohort-9, which ended about a month ago. I do have 2 persons in KIV list as they shown real interest to learn trading. I will not be able to promise that I will have cohort-10 on ... as I will be very busy with my tuition classes, and still prefer to teach Math ... teach students. Anyway, once I could have the number(10 of them, per class) and I will only consider to start in July ... I will be taking a break in June.

B-day : Thanks for all the wishes, sms, watsapp, fb, e-mail ... thanks. It reminds me that I am getting older and I need to be wiser?

MAY is over ... it was an emotional month for me. The election day, mother's day ... teacher's day ... the rallies/gatherings ... the exams ... the b-day ... I really lost count of days when the emotion-in-play ... and trying to control that when I was trading! It is also a very good trading month for this year(besides a good Jan). Many in my stock-watch group ...patiently waiting for election to be over, and start profitting again.

But ... DOW down 200 point last night. Oh boy ... here we go again ... the roller-coaster. The fluctuations of 10 points in KLCI per day is a new norm now ... the gap up or gap down in many stocks ... it is very volatile!!

Today is first day of June ... what is in mind to trade next week? Will KLCI plunge?

KSL : Gapped up for me to sell half as I was accumulating at RM2.20 levels ... too huge a position, selling half, to take profits. Then, it closed lower ... failing to break 2.40 levels. Might go back to 2.20 levels next week, if KLCI to retrace. Sold KSL-wa much earlier ... to buy more into the mommy, actually.

MBSB : Went into her when it broken the RM3 ... see if it could fly high ... in the sea of reds next week?

SKPetrol : Flying higher ... RM4.50 now, baby.

Pharma : ex-split with bonus issue 10:1 ... yesterday but continue to move higher ... back to RM5 level. Great.

P&O : Some of us tratles grabbed at 1.72 levels after suggested by one very sharp tratle during our weekly e-meeting. I grabbed 5kunits too. It closed 1.80+ now. Good to have those great guys around in the group, profitting together.

Sunway-wa : Many grabbed at 1.19 ... my entry level. At 1.27 now, I will still watching Sunway to break RM4 ... convincingly. Great trade in a making.

MHB : Diving to close at RM3.17 ... touched 3.14 ... heard it will be taken out of MSCI. It will give a good opportunity of moving in ... for technical rebound. Good ... will guide the group for that. It is a sharp knife ... ouch.

need to go ... dont know if I have the time to continue today(doubt so) ... classes till 6pm, then at night will be going to KLIA to fetch my mom-in-law, flying her here as my kids having holiday ... and she missed the kids.

till then ... off I go ... to work and work again.

have a nice weekend. thanks for reading my blah-blah and if u wish to join my stock-watch group, contact me, ya.