Friday, May 31, 2013

Financial Support Group

Good morning ... will write about the forming of the 'financial support group' I m trying to form ... amongst my colleagues.

KSL : Gapped up to RM2.35, many in our stock-watch group bought .. it was from 2.14 to 2.24 levels. I was accumulating a lot of it, but sold KSL-wa at 0.90 too early. KSL-wa at 1.03 at the moment I am writing. After Glomac, KimLun, HuaYang, UEMLand, MahSing ... could KSL flying very much higher from the current RM2.38? We shall see ...

Sunway : What a good run ... breaking RM4 today.

I still have two stocks, waiting for them to fly off ...

Tratles-makan gathering : Tonight many of us will gather to Klang for BKT makan, and many will be glad with our recent trades. This is profit-making group from markets now, the minority. I am glad ... and with guidance from some experienced traders ... we share info and profitting together.

Those wish to join my stock-watch group, today is end of May. You may join in June onwards.



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