Friday, May 31, 2013

The analysis : MBSB

MBSB : Broken the RM3 level ... at RM3.10 today.

MBSB-wa : Broken RM2.06 ... this is attractive warrant ... trading at RM2.20 today. great breakout ... expire 2016, low premium. Can notice the huge volume there?

MBSB-cl : This is a call-warrant ... attractive for the more upside of the mommy. Trading at 29cents, ex at RM2.35, with ratio 3. Expiring in Oct.

So, if one likes MBSB ... because of BN-gov won election, or because it is owned by EPF ... or perhaps, speculating on more loans will be given for so many property-projects ... or hearing rumours that it will becoming a bank soon ... or what? I dont know ... I do know it is breakout into new high, new era and territory ... so, it is technically a BUY.

So, I bought into her yesterday. Decide to buy/trade is yours.

note : Read my 'free' tips on UEM at 3.15, or KSL at 2.15 ... do not say I am 'selfish' ... but learn to fish it ourselves. I do have many in my groups taking KimLun trades at RM1.90, ok? Ask them.


Financial Support Group

Good morning ... will write about the forming of the 'financial support group' I m trying to form ... amongst my colleagues.

KSL : Gapped up to RM2.35, many in our stock-watch group bought .. it was from 2.14 to 2.24 levels. I was accumulating a lot of it, but sold KSL-wa at 0.90 too early. KSL-wa at 1.03 at the moment I am writing. After Glomac, KimLun, HuaYang, UEMLand, MahSing ... could KSL flying very much higher from the current RM2.38? We shall see ...

Sunway : What a good run ... breaking RM4 today.

I still have two stocks, waiting for them to fly off ...

Tratles-makan gathering : Tonight many of us will gather to Klang for BKT makan, and many will be glad with our recent trades. This is profit-making group from markets now, the minority. I am glad ... and with guidance from some experienced traders ... we share info and profitting together.

Those wish to join my stock-watch group, today is end of May. You may join in June onwards.



Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hari Kaamatan

Nice day to remember Sabah ... selamat hari kaamatan.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ten Good Financial Habits

Taken from Chapter 3 (of George Leong's book)

Ten Habits of the rich

1. Love to dream

2. Love to think

3. Always set a higher standard

4. Be Proactive

5. Take 100% responsibility

6. Delayed Gratification

7. Do what you love

8. Acting with honesty

9. Be 100% committed

10. Ability to turn failure into success

To start young is very important ... to learn about personal finances, from nothing to something you could comprehend ... making financial decisions. It is a MUST learn subject in schools ... or at least at college level, BUT ... unfortunately, majority teachers themselves do not have good financial mindset(otherwise, they won't stick being a teacher, right?)

For that, I wish to help my colleagues-freinds ... so, I am setting up a 'forum' for us to share about their financial goals ... their aspirations ... they financial situations and how they could improve their finances ... managing it well.

EARN .... SAVE ... INVEST ... and continue to do that for 10-15 years .... many of them would be doing well. Imagine, giving free financial advices ... and free ideas on how they could OPEN their financial mindset.

Check point : Am I having some of the pointers there?

1. Dream ... yes, I do have dreams ... so, 7/10

2. Think ... yes, I am always thinking of something ... so, /10

3. Higher standard ... hmm .. not really. Prefer to go at my slow pace. I am still a novice after 5.5 yrs in stock-markets ... so, 4/10

4. Be proactive ... ok, I will always initiate things close to my heart and having purposes to be proactive ... so, 8/10

5. Responsibilities ... well, I never really blame anyone for my failures, mistakes ... so, 9/10

6. Delayed gratification ... being frugal ... yes, towards myself but willing to spend on my wife/kids ... so, 8/10

7. Love ... a stroooong yes ... so, 9/10

8. Acting with honesty ... generally, I am a honest person ... so, 8/10

9. Commitment ... most of the time, just need to re-focus ... so, 8/10

10. Failure to success ... well, many trials ... many mistakes ... failures .. still confident I will prevail ... so, 7/10

KLCI rebound ...

MahSing-wb : Many jumped in when I bought yesterday at 0.78 ... sold at 0.875(half). One person told me he bought 30k units. Wow.

KSL-wa : Bought at 0.81 ... sold 0.90 this morning all my remaining 10k units. I bought 20k units but sold half at 0.89 levels before it corrected to my cost price ...

WCT-wc : 4th time lucky with her ... traded since 0.45 levels, bought 0.625 yesterday and sold 0.69. It is at 0.70 now ... many jumped in too. Great trade.

Pantech-wa : Sold too ... this is smaller profits ... for 5%.

Ivory : Sold ... for 5% profits too.

KimLun : There are still about 6 of them(those who told me la, many quietly bought) holding on to KimLun which we bought at 1.90 levels. Someone told me she sold 2.25 today.

HuaYang : I am not sure if anyone still hold ... as I flashed a buy at 2.25 levels ... it flew to go above 2.20 ... today is a red. Time to take profits.

Daya : Given a buy at 0.20-0.22 levels ... at 0.28 now. Don't know if anyone still holding, many bought.

Salcon : Given when it breakout 0.58 levels, time to sell for profits.

Padini : Given at 1.84 levels to buy ... at 2.15 levels now. So, time to take profits too.

Many more given in my stock-watch page ... bullish market, easier to trade. Done more than 20trades ... all profit so far. Good month.

So, if wish to join my stock-watch group ... do e-mail me at


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

KLCI rebounds

It is lunch hour ... KLCI up almost 10 points.

KimLun : Since broken 1.91, many grabbed at 1.90 levels, I sold at 1.99 for contra gain, and it came down to 1.90 levels ... but failed to grab back. Today, it broken 2.02, the previous days high ... at 2.10 now.

HuaYang : So-called under valued, broken RM3 today.

Property counters still strongly in play ... leads by UEM, surging to 3.40 again. Leaders such as SPSetia, IJMLand, MahSing, Sunway, UOAdev ... many more ..Tambun at new high, Ivory is in play ... GOB breaking 70cents soon ... even EUPE being mentioned. PJDev ... Malton ... the list goes on. So, do ride on the trend.

Welcoming Matrix ... to bursa. Those who got the IPO, congrats.

Construction counters are also in play. O&G in play too ... in such bullish sentiment, many are moving.

Simply too busy to write la, prefer to spend time with my stock-watch group members.  ... buy buy buy ....

stock-watch : those interested to join my group, do e-mail me at

terima kasih


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sabah : A place to be

After listening to a clip "Unexpected Journey : Sabah" ... I will like to promote Sabah again ... I should not, as that will encourage more from over this side of country to move there(and spoil the beautiful nature, if we are not nature lovers).

30th May ... Sabah will be having a holiday, celebrating my b-day ... no, no, I mean .. harvest-festival. Perhaps another reason for me to be in Sabah?

Just visit Sabah ... if you love nature, you will love Sabah. Then, you will understand why I will be glad to stay there ... having simple living ... and nice people there too.

Will write more about what he have shared. Great man, indeed.


Propety Sector : New high

DOW hitting new high ... into a new bull-rally ... 15,400 levels now. KLCI is inching high to 1800, and we might be seeing it there sooner than expected. I have to cover my shorts with huge losses but compensated by good trades in stocks, especially in property-counters.

This is a property-index ... reaching new high ... many property-counters still running without a good rest.

Which property counters are lagging behind? HuaYang at new high, above RM3 ... Glomac at RM1.40 now ... MahSing? IJMLand ...? Perhaps, YTLLand ... which came down from RM2 to below RM1 and now shooting very fast up ... to RM2 again? Catching any of them ... the profits will be good. How about those smaller speculative ones ... such as AsiaPac, KaramBunai, MKLand ... those pennies? They should be able to run faster, right?

sai-lang .... man.

Time to get back to work-work ... as market is opening.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blog for living?

It has been some time I did not blog ... it is an emotional month ... it is MAY. So, basically .. I believe I am losing the flow of writing ... it is not everyone's cuppa to blog, or to write about what is in their mind, trying to be as candid ... and pointing to his emotions. It is not our culture ... MALAYSIANs culture, to wash our laundry openly. It is not a Chinese culture either ... to tell others about our opinions or thoughts. Certainly it is a no-no for a so-called 40+ man to express his emotions ... his daily-moves ... his dairy ... openly and being judged, ridiculed or ... criticised by some(tho few) junks, who have no lives but to check on others.

Anyway ... it is good to be back ... or am I? Hmm ... how is my feeling now? Great ... as I have done about 20 trades, all with profits and the group profitted well due to this kinda-bull-rally. Selected stocks only, actually.

But ... I prefer to blog about everything ... my kids ... my family ... my works ... my thoughts ... my reading ... politics and stocks ... anything that comes to mind whenever I like and whatever I like. Do I have the 'freedom', Zahid? Or ... if I shown any un-happiness about gov-policies, should I migrate too?

Ok ... I have been active in facebook, prefer to hide there ... rather than blogging here, knowing that my blog still linked to i3? Perhaps .. I could create another blog, hide my writings there ... and only followed by few positive ones. Luckily, I do still have many appreciative ones in my group ... that great feelings of being accepted. Without that, we will feel de-motivated ... to do anything for the pleasure of doing ...

How about those bloggers who write for a living rather than pleasure? These are bloggers who write to have some monetary gains ... nothing wrong with that, as their 'job' is to blog ... where the income generated from?

I do wish I am 'paid' to write a blog ... telling grandma stories ... travelling, taking pictures ... and share with 'followers' ... then, I am paid for that. Great job.

Anyway ... till we could be 'free' and 'motivated' to do things for free ...

time for classes again ...

note : will reply some e-mail tonight.


Improve Your Consistency

Improve Your Consistency

If you desire to truly improve your consistency, here are the six things you will need to do:

1.Have A Consistent Daily Routine: Every day you trade (and the days you don’t) need to be set by a routine. We have a lot of work to do daily and the only way you’re going to do the work you need to get done is by having a set routine and sticking to it every single day. You could set a watch every day to what I do to trade (as you can tell by my live notebook) and doing so creates a consistent approach. To develop my routine and my daily habits, for several years I used a simple timer and a written to-do list that reminded me exactly when to do what and when. Over time, that schedule became my natural routine and I do not vary it at all unless absolutely necessary. When I can’t maintain my routine for some reason, I simply don’t trade. Period.

2.Adopt And Maintain A Consistent Strategy: Traders love to tweak and abandon strategies that suffer short-term performance issues. In sum, many make the mistake of placing far too much importance on short-term results rather than the longer-term performance. The way you increase your consistency is to do the same thing again and again and only tweak when necessary. While the elite performers among us will never be satisfied with our current results (after all that’s why we are elite performers) you must learn to temper your enthusiasm for improvement enough so that your approach remains consistent. If you are constantly making tweaks and changes, you won’t have any way to evaluate the changes you’re making and whether they’re are better than your prior methods. Instead, you must make changes only when necessary and only after much testing, tracking and deliberation. Over the years, I’ve been tempted to change my approach many times and by just being a little more patient, I have learned that changes I would have made would have caused more setbacks than progress. Once you have developed a strategy that works, you must be patient with it and give it time and room to work if you desire to improve your consistency.

3.Simply, Simply & Simplify More: Elite performers have simple strategies that consistently work without much analysis, factors, or many decision-making steps. This is something I’ve learned from others, but also have seen the importance in my own strategy development over the years. New and unsuccessful traders have a truly nasty habit of thinking that the more complicated the approach or system they use, the more effective it will become when the opposite is true. The problem with complex systems is that they can be difficult to consistently implement and maintain especially when conditions change and/or when emotions such as performance anxiety come in to play. You must look for ways to simply your approach, not make it more complex. Working harder and making your approach more complex is NEVER the correct answer.

4.Track What You Do Everyday: The only way to be more consistent is to first understand what you are actually doing now and that only comes by tracking everything you do. No, I’m not talking about looking at how your portfolio performed every day, but rather keeping notes on everything you do as a trader and investor. In essence, you need to track everything you do that generates a trade from start to finish for every trade you make. This again is why keeping a trading journal updated daily is so very important. When you track your trading in this way, over time you will begin to notice patterns and habits (both good and bad) and be in the best position to identify areas of weakness and exactly where you need to focus your improvement. Likewise, the more consistent and simple your approach, the easier it will be to see what you need to do to improve.

5.Flowchart Everything: I am a huge believer in using flowcharts to outline a trading and investment strategy. If you have never done that before, this is a absolute must-do. This basically means you write down everything you do for awhile (at least for two years) and then write flowcharts based upon your work flow activity showing in specific steps what you do, how you do it, and every step you take in the trading and investing process. If you are inconsistent, you won’t be able to flowchart anything out because the chart would have too many boxes and not in a straight-forward, systematic manner. However, if you are being consistent in your approach, flowcharting is very simple and straight forward. In reality, the best trading strategies I’ve seen and have used can be flowcharted out in about 15 minutes. If yours requires more time than that to create and/or if you if can’t chart it out because it is too complex or it changes all of the time, this is the best indication of all why you are having trouble with maintaining any level of consistency.

6.Set Your Rules & Follow The Rules: Once you flowchart what you do, you can then develop rules by which to trade by. In essence, the rules of your strategy. Once you have rules, if you follow those rules consistency, you will be more consistent. There’s just no way around that. Now I have to tell you, most traders are very reluctant and some even refuse to set rules for themselves to follow. This is also why they don’t achieve as much as they could. Even those who I personally mentor (which are about as highly-motivated of people you could ever meet) are very reluctant and lazy to do so. For example, I recently had to remove a trader from my mentorship group who couldn’t seem to “find the time” to write down his trading rules and explain why (among other things) after months of showing him why this was so vital to his development as he had no consistency whatsoever. In my experience, traders who don’t want to formulate rules and follow them are also those who consciously or not also want a way to blame others for their trading and investing decisions when things go wrong. Why do I say that? Well, once you have the rules in place and you don’t follow them, who can you blame but yourself for your mistakes? Unfortunately, I see this pattern in far too many traders and most never realize what they are doing to themselves. Again, the key here is to set the rules and follow those rules. At least when you break them (and you will), you can learn and improve when evaluating your trading performance over long periods of time. Without rules, however, you will struggle indefinitely and any level of consistency will be impossible.

Within these six things to do, I recommend focusing on only one at a time and it must begin by working on your routine first and foremost. If you can then later include ways to track everything you do in your trading journal, that will help you later on to flowchart everything out and then make rules for yourself based upon those same flowcharts. This in turn, will provide you a consistent, simple strategy to follow that you can stick with and improve over time.

By the way, those who have followed this advice in my mentorship group have seen significant improvements over time and quite a few are already on their way to becoming elite performers. No, none of this is easy and it takes time and hard work to do, but worth it if you take these steps to improve.

The bottom line is this – if you don’t maintain a level of consistency in what you do, you will never be able to make the progress and achieve the results you desire. This is why so many successful traders talk about the importance of consistency in approach as that has often made all the difference between their success and failure.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Bull Day : A sell day

UEMLand : Many in my stock-watch group collected at RM3.15-RM3.19 ... did anyone reading these line collect and profit? Today is RM3.50 ... hmm ... sold for profits? Good ... hope all benefit from simple sharing here.

Daya : Our group collected 0.20-0.22 levels ... today 0.27 is a sell, to me. So, I asked them to sell 0.26-0.27 to take profits.

KSL : Collected 2.20 ... shot to 2.39 today but closed lower.

I bought Padini at RM1.84 too ... it is at RM2 now and many in the group bought into it too. Sold my MyEg today too as I bought at RM1.23/4 levels. i have sold YTL at 1.78 too last week  ... bought into few stocks today for a change and see how my trades go these few coming days.

All these given 'live' in my stock-watch group.

So, those interested to join ... do contact me at



Thursday, May 16, 2013

Malaysia : Disappointing Growth

KLCI down more than 10 points today due to this piece of news? Tell that to our gov ... we are in HUGE debts and another 10-20 years later ... it is VERY WORRYING.

Budget deficits ... abuse of powers.

We have in-competence leaders, governments and  ... policies made by our governments, the corruptions and cronyism.

We have Proton ... no Hyundai. Good words, TTB.

Take a look at MAS.

DO LISTEN to the clip above for reality above Malaysia's economies.


Teacher's Day

DOW in new high ... KLCI in profit-taking mode ...

Selling : YTL(bought 1.72), Padini(bought 1.84) and MyEg(bought 1.24)

Buying : KSL(2.20-2.22) and KSL-wa(0.815-0.82).

Collecting : UEMLand

Sold : more than 10 stocks since last Tuesday, all with profits so far.

Few more ... written in my stock-watch and sharing in our tratles-group.

Happy Teacher's Day to all educators-in-heart. Thanks to many who have taught me, guided me ... and still helping me in my learning to trade ... and invest. I will not disappoint those have been teaching me ... and my sincere THANKS ...


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Samy Vellu : On UTUSAN and DR M

Do listen ... it is a rare clip I listened to BN's leaders speaking ... as ex-MIC, he is defending himself and speak some truth.

Listen about UTUSAN.

Listen about Dr M.



KLCI at 1788

It is a good trading day for traders today. I have bought many last Tuesday, sold many too ... bought back or more last Thu/Friday ... and selling today.

Anything we buy also will fly ... it is matter of how much?

What stocks were I trading? MyEg, Presbhd, HuaYang ... to name a few.

HuaYang : I was collecting at 2.24 levels, sold Rm2.50 in the morning, but it closed strongly at RM2.60+

CIMBC25 : As HSI down another 200+ points, this ETF back to below 0.90 now. The recent sharp correction could be due to the bird-flu scare ... but now stablized? Gold getting another hit?!

I should be able to write again ... say, by month end or in June once I could clear my mind, to re-focus. I have been doing too many things ... and it is so un-organised. With election-news mood at high, it will takes some time for me to get back into reality.

Do trade cautiously as KLCI at overbought level ... buy into those laggards, example telcos.


Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13th 2013

I was almost 2 years-old and my sis was only 2 weeks old back in 1969, 13th MAY.

Today, we hope and pray for peace ... and we all are Malaysians. Please do not point out racist statements.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's day

Happy Mother's Day!!

I have not been blogging ... as I could not write naturally without pointing to political news happening in our country. I do love Malaysia too much ... and seeing it being ruin by our so-called leaders making me so sad ... so, I choose not to write.

Anyway, it has been a week of 'mourning' ... I hope I am strong enough to clean my dirty closets. i do have many things need my attentions and I know I will slowly cleaning it ... like it or not. I do need to clear many back-log works too.

Starting anew? Wont be easy ... but I will give it a shot.

Failing is not an option ... we only fail if we quit, give up and allow things bring us down for too long. So, I will push myself to next level, knowing my mistakes ... and continue to improve.

Simple as that ...?

Firstly, I need to get over my emotions that are being stirred. let it go ... I could do better.

Till I could find myself to write again ...

Happy Day to moms.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

KLCI at NEW high

KLCI at 1777 level yesterday and expecting to move higher today as DOW reaching a new high. Bullish sentiments will continue, tho we need to be cautious of the political situations in Malaysia.

Analysts are giving us reasons WHY KLCI shot-up so high and we are seeing 1800 ... again. They might revise the year-end target to 2000 if KLCI could maintain above 1800 by month end. Well, sell-in-MAY, and go-away may not right this year round .... as MAY 2013, KLCI and DOW reaching new historical high.

Are we in market yet?

I am into markets for short-trading and managed to sell WCT-wc yesterday but bought back(to sell today). Going for short term contra trades could be very risky. I should know as I have many good/bad experiences on these short-time frame trading.

Waiting for huge correction that never comes ....


Tuesday, May 07, 2013

KLCI : Bullish

KLCI closed at 1752 level yesterday after the bull-running ... it is still up more than 10points today!! What a bull ...


Monday, May 06, 2013

KLCI at HIGH after BN won

KLCI touched a high of 1826.22 ... up 130points due to the good news of BN won the GE13.


Thursday, May 02, 2013

Stock Watch : Star(code : 6084)

STAR : A weekly chart, back to 2.40 level ... today, dropping another 2% plus, broken the 2.40. So, no one reading THE STAR anymore ... or is MCA selling some of their stakes, anticipating MCA to lose more seats?

We shall be watching 2.30 levels, before checking 2.20 ... will we collect the good old-star? Will it shines again?