Sunday, April 28, 2013

Waterfalls list

Annjoo : at new low ... 1.19.

MAS : Back to go below 70cents ... a recent shot up to go above 80cents was for last distributions of funds exiting MAS ... and now, we shall see 50cents?

Sendai : shot up from 1.10 levels to 1.40 levels ... in short goreng period. back to 1.09, low ... will it break 1.09 for the new low?

Smartag : No longer smart as the stock plunged, broken 0.125 ... and at 0.10 now. i do remember it was hotly spoken in i3 forum when it was at 0.20 levels(i think). Since I no longer in the forum, i do not follow on what's happening to many who might bought into it due to someone harping on it? Hope they have exited with a cut-loss.

with KNM posted recently ... many more in new low, tho KLCI at new high. Will you bottom fish?


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