Monday, April 08, 2013

Top 100 companies in KLSE

Taken from : Today's THE STAR

1. Maybank : better DY than PBBank(2) ... and CIMB(4). PER at similar levels, 14.

2. Axiata(3), Maxis(7) and DiGi(11) are trading at PER 20plus. Still good DY.  I prefer TM(22), personally.

3. SIME(5) with PER 13, IOICorp(12) with PER 17, KLK(18)'s PER is at 18, and FGV(25) trading at PER 16. With SIME's DY highest, could we favour SIME?

Finance, Plantation and Telcos ... three main heavy weightage in our KLCI index. Finance is going into new high but Plantation index is lagging. There are so many stocks in out top-100 which trading at above PER20.

Look at the list for single digit PER, one could check Tenaga(8) and YTLPower(34) as the blue-chips. Well, Tenaga is still surging to new high as of today, speculated that the hike of tariff will be in place after election. Buying into Tenaga is one of the safest investment ... just hold, average down every RM1 down. Do that consistently ... and hold. That is a simple trading strategy for heavy-weights. Sell every levels of 20% profits.

Single digit PER ... hmm ... DRBHCom(56), HapSeng(71), UOADev(81), Sunway(66) ... even MahSing(86) and WCT(85) ... these are few of my likes.

So, keep these Top100 list with us. Delete off those losing money companies or those with high gearings. Also, those without dividends and PER above 20. Try to scope for the stocks in cheaper level during election selling. Just hope it will sell at cheap rate.

PER = price of the stock/earning per share.

The number of shares issued shown it these pages too.


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