Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Time is precious

Time = Money.

I hardly could find half-hour to sit here to blog ... tho I m having college break for past a week!! The crazy marking is killing me. Drowning. Stressed. So, this blog is still a place I could hide myself away ... and making some noises. Haha.

I bought the WTF? book ... a property book. Yes, I m searching for a property to buy, with budget below RM300k, nothing much one could buy in Klang Valley. Being a third property ... we need to come out with 30% down-payment = RM90k(cash). So, that will take me a few more years to accumulate that amount, working hard ... converting TIME into MONEY ... and struggle to complete the tasks in hand.

It is in most of us ... busy busy ... and always could not find time to do what we wanted to do(such as spending time, relax ... and listening to songs?).

KLCI at nice 1688 ... may we all in markets prosper well.

1.13pm : KLCI still in green ... FKLI too.

Steel-counters : ON the move today, following timber-stocks. LionInd and Kinstel up more than 10% in active trading. I grabbed one of the steel counter too.

Harta-wa : On profit taking mode, I grabbed 1.35 yesterday and sold this morning 1.40 when I noticed weaknesses.

HuaYang : Broken 1.91 yesterday, shared in my stock watch group and glad many followed to buy at 1.91. I sold all 10k units at 1.98 but it went to touch 2.02. Will check for next entry.

WCT : Dropped to 2.35 ... sold WCT-wc at 0.47 yesterday, bought 0.45.

Many more trades shared in my stock watch group as I am busy trading too, while doing my paper works.

Air China : I bought AirChina at HKD6.20 yesterday, shared in my stock watch too. At HKD 6.50, see if market is recovering from the hiccup of bird-flu.


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