Thursday, April 04, 2013

Those were the years(part 1)

Game & Watch : This is the early version of PSP ... before 'Tetris' too. I do remember we kids(bro/sis) will be fighting to play it ... can't remember who bought it for us, or was it borrowed item from neighbours? We were poor ... so, certainly we could'nt afford these items?

Anyway, I do play 'Parachute', 'Octupus', 'Mickey Mouse' and a few more.

Last night I was in mood to recall those years ... 1980s or when I was younger. I really can't remember much.

TV is like ... only TV1, TV2 ... then only came TV3 with HK's series ... such as Shiong Hoi Tan, Mong Chung Yan ... Bro Chow was very popular then. I do listen to Alan Tan's hits ... and Jacky Chan's kung-fu movies were like ... Snake in the eagle's shadow. Those were the years ... the earlier years before Jacky was those lovey-dovey Taiwanese movies ... by Chin Han, Ling Fong Chiao(Jacky's wife), Lin Ching Hsia ... and I was listening to Yin Hsia's songs!!

Computer games were new back then ... Space Invaders!! We were form 3, went to a friend's house after school for the game. Great memory ... tho it is actually in green colour!!

Tho we kids were not well-off, but those once in a while ... going for movies(no popcorn and such) was our fav ... besides, once a while, we will be to Lake Garden for a play. Those were tough years, with not many toys to play with.

To be continued ...

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