Friday, April 26, 2013

Stock Watch : KNM

KNM : Going back to the low ... will it breaks below 0.44?

Dear YungShen

Sorry for late reply. I do not have time to look into other things. Busy listening to political talks. Anyway, here is KNM for you.

First of all, KNM was a very speculative stocks years back when I was new in KLSE. I ride the roller coaster and out of hell ... in KNM. You may find one of the old post, and I learnt about speculative stocks since then. So, I will avoid such 'empty' stocks ... and focus in trading only good fundamental stocks, or at least some biz-related to the counters, not purely speculative.

OK ... how do we know it is speculative? Hmm ... most of the time, these stocks will be gorenged up with extreme high volumes ... making it one of the most actively traded counter of the day or even for a week. Then, a check on its fundamental, most of these counters making losses after losses ... with a simple research, one may find that some GOOD news were speculated in the media ... and perhaps, when the CEO was out to 'sell' some good news to investors ... it is time to get OUT. If one is in market, we just know a counter is speculative. And when we have the knowledge, we no longer talk about which one is speculative but we check on HOW and WHEN it will be manipulated again. UMA will not give any effect most of the time. UMA is for the formality of events.

So ... KNM is speculative, no doubt.

KNM has nothing much to do with world's crude oil prices. No correlation here, tho if you read some analysis in some papers or some people might tell you that ... that is what the market operators want the retailers to believe. In a way, when oil prices surge ... they could use that as a good factor to push the prices up by providing this good-news, making the sentiment bullish again in the stocks they want to operate.

Can KNM making a turn-around and shoot back to RM1 or RM2.50? Not in near future here, not fundamentally. We are asking if they want to goreng KNM again ... and when will KNM being used again? No one could tell on that ... but yes, it will be gorenged again ... until one day ... the music stops.

What should we do if we are stucked in such counters?

Cut-loss .... though huge ... slap ourselves, be wiser ... and learn to check on fundamentals, learn how operators manipulate stocks ... learn some basic technical analysis(for entry/exit), plan our trades ... while reading more news/annoucements. Time is money ... focus in our own learning. These should keep us very busy for at least 3-5 years. One of the pointer I always share is letting others to know how operators using some forums(i3 too) to spread news/rumours ... so that more gullible punters will believe in stories they are cooking(were u there to listen to JCY's stories ... when a person named Lamken told everyone it will be privatised at around RM4 ... it was at RM1+, ok?) ...

Do something different from what you are doing now. Admit mistakes, growing wiser is the only way we could continue to learn. We all learn in different manner, and basically ... learning to trade take a long time. NOTHING is easy ... and after 5 years plus, I do still consider myself as a novice(perhaps advanced level?)

Ok ... I could not advise what you or anyone should do with their counters or stocks. But, when we in 'lost', we could always re-start ... with a new mindset. A total re-haul needed.

Good luck



u yungshen said...

dear cp teh. in year 2014 knm SMA 200 0.456 already broken. it can reach to 1.000 soon.

u yungshen said...

cp teh the SMA 200 0.450 break already it will move to 1.000 soon.if really want to cut loss early in year 2011. the larger share holder lembaga haji should cut loss frist. because they holding many knm share.