Monday, April 15, 2013

Privitising my blog

KLCI still steady ... HSI dived with many gold-mining stocks down substantially. The risk in having GOLD as 'safe haven'?

Gold went below 1400 ... great. No longer safe having gold, right? Few articles written about gold now ... and same old stories ... do read if you wish to buy that gold-bar soon as it is cheap?

I am thinking of privitising my blog soon ... moving this blog to and only for those subscribers  That will encourage me(i hope) to write in, or else it is being abandoned. It is quiet there ... as I could not even find some time to sit still, writing this blog.

Yes ... my blog will be 5 years in August. So, i should move there in May?

So, i will just do that ... the contents will be analysis about stocks and anything related to financial that I am looking into. I have another 2 weeks to promote my

It will be RM10 per month for a person. Like my writing and analysis, do support my

I have paid for the site, the maintenance and all I need now is TIME to place some input. Being a blogger, I will certainly blog ... it is just me, just my pleasure.

So ... e-mail me( or message me in Facebook if you are interested. Thanks.

Note : I am still in considering mode.


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