Monday, April 15, 2013

Maniac Monday

As I was off for two weeks, now is back to classes and the craziness resume ... aghh ... need more coffee.

It is a month to go for exams ... then, we will be slightly free with number of classes reduced. I do need next month ... as I could focus in the election-play, buying some stocks again ... and trade FKLI, which I am still in learning stage.

FKLI : I have created a FKLI page for my stock-watch members. Not only to show my trades, profit or loss, but also to let others to see how I am learning ... in very slow pace. I think I do need another 3-5 years to be able to trade FKLI well, before I will consider FCPO or perhaps, HSI-futures?

Stock-watch : I do have few enquiries recently. To brief those new ones, it is only to show my trades ... buy/sell. So, I will only tell others when I took a trade ...and when I sell, it is up to others to sell or hold. When I cut-loss, it is up to others ... if they want to cut-loss or hold.

For example, recently I have traded HuaYang twice due to breakout. And the most recent ones, I took at 1.91 but sold at 1.99. Some decided to hold and some sold at 2.08, some at 2.20 ... the highest I know off is RM2.22. I believe some of them still holding to it. Fine ... that is becoming their trades, as I have sold and will be looking for something else(example Sunway in mind now).

For example, recently I took SKPetrol at RM3.17 when it broke-out ... but it failed and came back to below RM3.15, which is the cut-loss point I have given to all. Those discipline ones would have cut-loss and I cleared the next day at cost price RM3.16-3.17 once I noticed wekaness. I think some may still hold on to it ... at RM3.12 now. I am checking at RM3.08 at the moment(touched that on Friday) but won't take a trade with KLCI at high-end ... and oil down on Friday(commodities like oil, gold were down).

There is not much of learning in my stock-watch. The learning is with my tratles, and e-stock analysis. Yes, I do have e-stock analysis, where the learning is through weekly e-meeting with the group(most from my last year e-tratles group) ... and discuss on the what and why of the trades are taken. Also, on what is next in mind ... so that we could learn to trade independently.

I hope I have explained a little about my stock-watch as it is becoming a FAQ? Hmm ...

Well, I am out of KLSE ... and checking HKSE's babes, especially those mining stocks. I like to take a trade in ZhaoJin again. Great.

Other than that, I will be too busy ... with classes.


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