Thursday, April 04, 2013

KLCI touched above 1700

This morning ... KLCI touched above 1700 ... 1700.55 to be exact. That is our historical high level so far, thanks to the disolution of Parliment. So, if BN to win(expected) ... KLCI could be seeing 1800 this year. Great bull year ahead ...

It closed 1685, slightly in red. KLK, SIME .. then IOI pulled KLCI up ... and UEM moving higher too ... Sunway breached RM3. So, the johore-construction stocks will moving?

Anyway, this is just to record the NEW HIGH, registered this morning so far. Could be closed above 1700 today? We shall see later

TuneIns : Moving above 1.45 today. Do check it out.

stock-watch : I hv replied to 2 requests and another 2 to reply tonight. Please send any request to if one wish to join my stock-watch group.

This is shared by Joey Yap : Yes ... be a good person. Be a good human. It is NOT easy. Be a person who do not complain, who do not judge ... do not compare lives ... do not discriminate. Be a person .. humble and simple. Be good. Do not critise a human. Do not ignore the needy ones. Do not gossip and spread rumours. Do not be jealous of others happiness or success. Be supportive. Be positive. Do not harm living beings. Do good deeds. Be willing to share. Do not create hatred. Be the loving person. Be real ... and make the world a better place to live.

A reminder to myself.



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