Wednesday, April 17, 2013

If the Barclays Premier League was a classroom

If the Barclays Premier League was a classroom.

 ►1. LIVERPOOL is a child who is very proud of the academic achievements of his grandfather.

►2. MANCHESTER UNITED is a boy who just performs in the final exams and tops the class.

►3. MANCHESTER CITY is a spoiled child who spends money on expensive books but is never interested in reading them.

►4. ARSENAL is a boy who used to be top of the class but dropped down because he had to sell his books due to financial problems. He tries hard but fails to come out on top.

►5. TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR is a girl who gets decent marks on 1 specific subject. She always finishes behind Arsenal.

►6. CHELSEA is a boy who fails and blames his teachers then his family finds a new teacher for him every year.


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