Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gold is losing its glitters

DOW down 265 points ... gold continued the sell-down. GLD trading at 131.31. So, I shall be watching gold and FKLI for today as I have exited KLSE.

ZhaoJin : A gold-mining counter which I traded last year when it came down to HKD10. Today, it might dive to HKD8, a cheaper price that last year. Be patient ... this is one opportunity for trading.

As HKSE's babes valuation is much cheaper than KLSE, I shared with my e-stock analysis group about HKSE last night in the e-meeting. Well, the risk is there ... and high if one does not know much about it. In general, do not touch what we don't know.

Chart taken from :

Privitisation : I got a few e-mail stating their intention to follow my blog and how to subscribe. Ok, I will NOT privitise it yet ... wait for August, the 5th anniversary of my blog ... and then, more analysis will be placed in a close page at Yes, I do need to move over there ... tho I am very comfortable using blogspot. This blog will still be there to update more of my blah-blah.

Public-talk : I will be giving a public-talk ... about general election and my personal view. It is free and just for sharing with those interested. I will invite my friends too, if they are interested. This Saturday noon 3pm. Those interested, do contact me.

Ok, I do have 8 hours of classes today. Need to reserve my energy for a long teaching day.

Have a nice time seeing market to correct.


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