Friday, April 12, 2013

Attitudes to be successful

1. Gratitude : I do feel thankful to many individuals and people who have helped me, directly or indirectly. Thanks a lot.

2. Forgiveness : We have forgive others who hurt us, intentionally or un-intentionally. Then, we could find find in ourselves and find our own happiness.

3. Credits : Credits should be give where is due. If the person done well, we should recognise their efforts.

4. Responsibilities : We should take responsibilities for our actions and our failures. We made mistakes along the way.

5. Compliment : Always remember to give sincere compliments to others efforts. That will motivate the person to do much better.

6. Read : I do read whenever possible ... as by reading, it increases my knowledge about a subject or situation.

7. Journal : I do not have a journal, but this blog could be considered as my journal, in my quest of increasing   my financial knowledge.

8. Talk : Yes, I am very focus to spend my precious time in talking idea, trading idea ... financial idea .. business idea and open to listen to more great ideas.

9. Want other to succeed : I do think that 'success' is subjective ... but whatever want to achieve, we should encourage and help the others to success. If one wish to trade well, it will be my pleasure to share trading ideas to help newbies to be a better trader/investor.

10. Share info : I always believe that we could learn better thru sincere sharing of information. This blog is meant to share my experiences on trading/investing ... and the information I gathered. Only if I have more time, I could certainly share more ...

will continue later(maybe)

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